Landscape Scents - Cala by Bravanariz

Landscape Scents - Cala

19.04.2019 - 06:38 PM
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Cala Laudanum

When I tested Cala in a Berlin store, I immediately thought of "Sola Laudanum" by KoRo Perfumes. Both pure natural perfumes. It is clear to me that this fairly unknown perfumes cannot give reasonable orientation to most of the folks here, therefore I'll list the related attributes: Dark resin, sticky in smell as well as on the skin (compare Norne by Slumberhouse), almost dark to resinous fruity (plums? raisins?) base.

In my second test at home, this impression is confirmed, but shifts far to the rear.
Instead, I take the top note as aromatic spicy, somewhat herbaceous with rosemary, resinous spicy camphor / menhol, sour sage. This sounds confusing and is also unusual for the nose, which shifts between the warm and cold melange at the same time. In aromatherapy, this contradiction can already be found in camphor alone, which has a cooling effect on the skin, but at the same time promotes the flow of heat through the stimulated blood circulation. Here the higher temperature impression is probably reinforced by the drier-seeming herbs. I find the muse described on the web page (cooling sea breeze in the sunshine heat banging on the cliff caves) appealing and appropriately converted.
It only takes minutes until a sweet anise note appears. No doubt thanks to fennel and soon clearly smelling of liquorice to me. Polarizing - I love it! This dark resin liquorice aroma gives Cala its delicious heart, perfectly balanced with a tiny mint freshness.
In the heart any liquorice action loses itself and Cala changes as described above into the more resinous, fruity darkness. Maybe we have already retreated into the cave here.

I like Cala through its whole evolution. If you like dark fennel themes and natural perfumes, you should take a look here.
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