Landscape Scents - Muga by Bravanariz

Landscape Scents - Muga

19.04.2019 - 06:43 PM
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Unplain Plains

In the Bravanariz portfolio, Muga belongs to the trio of landscape fragrances. As with Juniper Ridge & consortia, materials are collected in the wilderness to be composed into 100% natural perfumes. Unlike JR, Barnaby Black or Firn Fragrance, Bravanariz comes from Europe, namely Catalonia. This is noticeably reflected in the different scent impressions.

First of all: The complete Discovery-Kit with the three fragrances is great! Both in quality and lastingness. However, they are not all easy and certainly niche, far away from mainstream.

Muga challenges me the most. Immortelle and I are anything but friends and so I could well do without its savoury spice, which accompanies the scent for hours. Nevertheless, there are a lot of counterparts here that contribute to a balanced picture. Muga starts almost medically bitter, the alcoholic note dries pale and hot with a green camphorous forest impression. After a few minutes we are already in sunlit fields, warm and goldenbrown.
I could have sworn that oakmoss would come in afterwards, and not exactly little of it. But according to Ernesto - an excellent and lively contact by the way, to which I will write more in the description of Bosc - it is not included. Labdanum it is! Not listed in the pyramid directly, but nevertheless implicitly contained, extracted from the components of the cistus rose. Sharpness and smokiness are now in the foreground.
I wouldn't have been surprised if Muga slowly smoulders out in the same way, but after 8-9 hours (!) an almost honeylike sweetness slides under the dry base. This is where I enjoy the fragrance the most, this is where all the ingredients are found and shimmer harmoniously across the plain. Minimal floral to powdery aspects contribute sparingly to the peaceful overall feeling.

Muga means "river", but this perfume stands for the plain. The river winds its way out of the mountain and crosses the dry land, which blooms thirstily. Plains ... plain ... may stands for "ordinary". Here it's anything but. Not the tamest of scent, but rivers are rarely tame either. Interesting!
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