Ambre Noir (2011)

Ambre Noir by Brecourt
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Ambre Noir is a popular perfume by Brecourt for women and was released in 2011. The scent is spicy-oriental. It is still in production.


Emilie Bouge

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Magnolia, Myrrh
Heart Notes Heart NotesAmber, Orris root, Labdanum, Sandalwood
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Musk, Vanilla absolute



7.7 (142 Ratings)


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Very helpful Review    8
a somewhat more discreet family member on a flying visit
Granted: I love ambergris!
From the golden shade to the deep, almost black anthracite - this fragrance simply fascinates me.
Since I discovered him for myself a few months ago, I've almost fallen for him.
And this, although I'm really more of a flower/flower woman optically.
(Don't worry: I'll stay that way too!)

Now ambergris cannot be worn inconspicuously; all fragrance creations around this magician known to me so far are not exactly unrestrictedly suitable for everyday or business use.
They smoke and hiss and scratch - in short: they come along with a lot of fuss and sometimes even leave deep traces!

"Ambre Noir" seems a little quieter to me; as if this fragrance creature in the large amber family comes along on quieter soles.
Well, as always, I can only talk about my experiences and feelings here.

I admit right at the beginning: a little less musk would be more pleasant for me; but this is an old topic!
For musk doses near vanilla, the ball could be "kept flat" because of me.
But only marginally!

The delicate magnolia and the resinous spice of myrrh get along very well: they feel good.
The bergamot freshness irritates me a little. She seems a little strange to me in this "Menage-à-Trois"; however, she quickly goes her own way again.
Ambergris and Labdanum meet at eye level after combining with the initial seasoning.
Beautifully resinous, a little smoky, now develops "Ambre Noir".
The violet-like floral aroma of the iris root, known as aphrodisiac, becomes an impressive, slightly powdery carrier scent for sandalwood and the sophisticated "goddesses" of the base note.
These appear here with a large cast: Ambras smoky resinous beauty, the warm erotic vanilla and - final and long lasting - musk!

Admittedly: even "Ambre Noir" is not a "little girl's scent"; it already has a certain lure in it, can cause unrest.
But the seductive note is limited here.
Or should I encounter the phenomenon of my "fish blood" here again? Some fragrances do not develop as planned because I lack the necessary body heat.
This could explain the mentioned "suitability for everyday use", which I feel here, and possibly even lead it ad absurdum.
But also the durability stays within limits; "Ambre Noir" is a little bit "weak on the chest".
What has accompanied me for a long time is musk. But I already mentioned that.

"Ambre Noir" is a cleverly composed fragrance: warm, cuddly, appealing and wearable.
For me it has, already by the high musk portion a smaller well-being character, than many of the scent creatures known to me Perhaps the depth, the darkness, is missing here; the devil certainly didn't have "the tail in between" during the development of this resinous beauty. I'm afraid he wasn't even around!
"Ambre Noir" is actually quite well-behaved and may therefore also continue to travel.
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8.0 6.0 7.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    9
Even if the pyre threatens...
Magic and witchcraft, the dark knowledge of the primal powers. Summoning them and igniting passion was the witches' skill - those lonely women who are still surrounded by an aura of fascination. The witch and her dark, tough dripping tinctures, mixed to bewitch the senses, to draw the lover into obsession, to force return love. In the dark forests, surrounded by thickets and ancient trees, once hid those women who were said to have had power over the living and the dead with the help of the devil. On secret paths came to them those whose souls twisted in flames. Unrequited love and desire usually drove women to turn to a knowledgeable person in order to push fate in the right direction. How tempting the prospect of throwing someone into desire before whom there is no escape! For this the seekers sacrificed jewellery, gold, valuable possessions and not least their fear of God.
The room is dark, smoky and full of mystical objects. Dry herbs, grasses, flowers, lumps of feather and blood, resins and stones surround the fireplace - heart and soul of the witch house. The supplicant is torn between fear and trust, between the urge to escape and the prospect of success. The longed for is only one spell away - and yet the witch is like from another world. She puts the kettle on the embers and her nimble fingers crumble in all the strange stuff that is needed to rob the man of his senses. Smoke rises and it hisses. The witch mumbles and calls the elements. The poor lovelorn can't avert her eyes from the embers. The name of the lover floats a hundred times over the kettle, dances with the smoke, whispers, invokes the rough voice of the witch, the voice of a woman who rarely speaks. The odours are strange and never smelled, and yet they touch deep inside. The witch swings back and forth, her lips forming the secret words, her eyes blazing like the embers under the kettle. There it bubbles, labdanum and amber melt, myrrh twigs, flowers and splinters of wood sink into it. The shape of the seeker is only a shadow in the smoky space. Her mind is bewitched, confused, detached from fear and reality. She's not the way she is anymore and she's getting more and more the way she wants to be to him. The witch scratches the tough cooked lump out of the kettle.
It is dark brown, velvety soft and it smells as it looks - of forbidden desire, of dark magic and of the devil of its power. The witch wraps it in green leaves.
- When the moon gets full and the night lights up, go to the creek at midnight. There wash three malls and rub a small piece on your breasts, thighs and stomach. Let your hair dry in the moonlight and go back to the village. Stir a small clot into sweet wine. Wake him up and let him drink. Be with him.
The woman nods her red eyes and pulls out a gold coin from under her warm breasts. The witch reaches for it and urges her to leave:
- Take that path under that old oak tree up ahead. Put your scarf deep over your face. And be careful! Nobody should know where you've been!
The woman walks quickly between the bushes and only a few moments later her steps are no longer audible.
The witch rubs her irritated eyes and goes inside to prepare for the next supplicant. Even if the pyre threatens, desire is always stronger than fear
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5.0 5.0 5.0 7.0/10

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My favourite from Brécourt
"Ambre noire" opens with a strong and harsh note of lavender combined with hesperides. Some glimpses of galbanum add to the generally fresh impression of this boisterous start. Since the fragrance is called "Ambre noire", I expected some deeper notes in the well-known, even notorious "amber style" to take over, and indeed, after 15 min, I smell a woody-ambery heart blended with pine-wood and cedar plus a touch of incense. The drydown features those cedar-notes from the heart which linger on for a long time - all in all a fine scent - well done! Not as hackneyed as I expected when I read the name. Like it a lot!

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