Contre Pouvoir (2011)

Contre Pouvoir by Brecourt
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Contre Pouvoir is a perfume by Brecourt for men and was released in 2011. The scent is spicy-woody. It is still in production.


Emilie Bouge

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Grapefruit, Cardamom
Heart Notes Heart NotesElemi resin, Licorice, Mate tea
Base Notes Base NotesAmbroxan, Sweet-clover, Tobacco, Vetiver



6.9 (50 Ratings)


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6.9 (35 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    21
A coincidence?
Even a person who does not believe in providence cannot ignore occasional coincidences: Two days after reading the commentary by DasguteLeben, there was a small box on the grave table of the Hamburger Hof Parfümerie: 50ml of 'Contre Pouvoir' at a three fifth price. Briefly tested, found to be good and taken along. He had an easy time, liquorice comes in with me open doors.

And the same is then also heart and core of the fragrance for a long time. I can't see much of the course anyway, rather a gentle shifting, gradual moving aside. Throughout the day the acidifying components of the supposed top note are more or less noticeable - until one day I notice that they are, I suppose, at least supported by vetiveryl acetate à la 'Molecule 03', if not imperceptibly substituted.

On the other hand, Ambroxan's flattering, smoothing contribution is inseparable from the very beginning. In general, I am not a friend of synthetics that develops its own ambitions instead of remaining a servant spirit. I can therefore only agree with the previous speaker: The Ambroxans "helping hand" gives the fragrance an enveloping aura, grinds off potential edges sufficiently to ensure universal wearability.

Only around noon do darker and stronger nuances seep in. Again, one claim can be easily traced, and that is tobacco. Later, smoky aspects seem plausible to me, I had already puzzled about them during the day. First they all gather around the liquorice as spiritus rector, before the fragrance finally becomes the primary vetiver (yl acetate) fragrance in the evening.

The very low radiation has rightly been pointed out several times. I, on the other hand, do not perceive it here as a deficiency for a change - the reason for this is a strictly pragmatic one. There are days when a notationally very coarse in this direction going firecracker - '20Mars2022' from Rundholz, one of my favorites! - is not displayed. With 'Contre Pouvoir' I am very well served with such (and all others), because an evergreen with liquorice was simply still missing to me.

Conclusion: No "big one". But a good one.
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Very helpful Review    8
Against power
Contre Pouvoir I do not understand in this case as a counter-power, i.e. an energy wrestling with all its might against another force, but as a principle "against power," as the achievement of its goal and the attainment of greatness through the refusal of power. The triumph of this fragrance lies in its supposed paleness. In it he is similar to Aventure of Il Profvmo, this study of transparent masculinity. Contre Pouvoir, however, is dedicated to the theme of male powderiness. I often don't like powdery scents very much, especially when they tend to be soapy-fougy; in combination with citrus and spice, however, they fascinate me again and again (e.g. in the case of Burberry Brit Men). The accidental Ebay snap of Brecourt therefore unexpectedly aroused my interest (in contrast to the simultaneously acquired, disappointing Calone-Dihydromyrcenol Monster Garrigue from MPG).

The fragrance PR advertises with insignia of classic masculinity: club, cigar, leather armchair, but I don't like that at all. For me, Contre Pouvoir is a dandy fragrance in the Brummel sense: not exalted in baroque style, but unobtrusively elegant, but that right up to the tips. Thus Mme. Bouge's creation becomes an effective shield against fog and sweat, especially in the summer heat, which unrelentingly but unflinchingly exudes its fine iridescent aura of exotic (cardamom-related) citrus, powder and spice and ennobles the wearer with it. This concept of a masculine "skin scent" is much more convincing than some attempts to cover up body vapours with screaming citrus aura. It is always a pleasure when a perfumer does not overdose Ambroxan, but uses it skillfully as a softener and binding agent; despite all the modernity of the notes, the handwriting of this eau de toilette is classicistic at all - interwoven instead of singular, balanced instead of front-heavy, but also no excessively complex development. The citrus component is surprisingly persistent, the fragrance seems to me to be quite linear as a whole, since the heart and base are also immediately perceptible, and even the perhaps clearest single note of liquorice is strongly embedded in the chord. Apart from the cardamom, nothing else stands out here in a really concise way, in full unfolding perhaps the Vetyver interpreted in a contemporary way. This Brecourt fragrance doesn't look like a typical conveyor belt niche fragrance to me, neither from its composition nor from its pricing, but rather like the update of a typical somewhat higher quality designer fragrance of older school - the Van Cleef & Arpels, Cacharels and other pour hommes of my youth. I like that and I will probably have to deal a little more intensively with the oeuvre of Mme. Bouge, despite some harsh judgments of esteemed fellowforists.

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