Café Gourmand - Pavlova by Brocard / Брокард

Café Gourmand - Pavlova 2018

12.03.2019 - 04:22 PM

A pink fluffy cloud of muskus decorated with red berries

"Pavlova" is a pink fluffy cloud of transparent muskus decorated with red berries. Not the smell of the "Pavlova" dessert itself, but a sensual representation of it. Strawberry juice, an echo of "Strawberry in cream" (a popular candy from the USSR times) and a layer of sweet and sour jam from red berries. The muskus cloud here is not something I smell. I rather feel its presence as a sense of transparent fullness within the smell. A scene for the berries to play their role. It also remember similar musks as a feeling of pink mist from some aquarel-like perfumes of roses and peonies. An lovely light and airy fragrance...

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