Prima T Perfume Oil

Prima T (Perfume Oil) by Bruno Acampora
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Prima T (Perfume Oil) is a perfume by Bruno Acampora for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-animal. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesNarcissus, Violet, Galbanum
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmine, Rose, Mandarin orange, Lily of the valley, Lily
Base Notes Base NotesMusk, Penang patchouli, Amber



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Submitted by Andi136, last update on 28.08.2020.
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Vintage Artisan of the highest quality...
How can one describe a fragrance that resembles an almost divine olfactory revelation?

As I sit here and try to squeeze the grace, the essence and the beauty of this essence into the tight corset of language, I realize that words alone can never do it justice......that they can always only diminish, or even lead on the wrong track.....

After all, what would the inclined reader think if I were to speak of the "absolutely most dreamlike urinary note ever"? A galbanum tidal wave...? Of almost oppressive Indolic flowers...?

Most people would probably turn away in horror, if not slightly disgusted, at such a description.....

And that's where the rabbit in the pepper is now......

Although all these descriptions are true on their own, the whole is much more than the sum of its parts...

The animalism inherent in this fragrance is not a dark......not a male.......not a sweaty, dirty is "light" and distinctly one must not think here of civet, beaver horny, deer musk or even oud anal....

As a distant but quite similar comparison, I would like to use the "CHANEL 19 Vintage Extrait"......the "Prima-T" vibe resembles it in an amazing way.....mind you: ONLY the Vintage Extrait...!
Basically, "Prima T" for my nose is a musky-flowery chypre, which comes with a concentrated charge of galbunum at the beginning.....the first impression is slightly soapy and very oldschool.....

Within a short time this first impression diminishes considerably and the flowers enter the stage.....dense, rich and opulent.....Bruno Acampora speaks of a "diadem set with precious stones"....sparkling, radiant and worthy of a queen......

With the appearance of the blossoms, the previously mentioned "dreamlike urinary note" also sets in......and even if this sounds a little daunting now: the interaction of all the fragrances now involved is a revelation...!!

And there are so many of them! Far more than listed above.....I learned this in the correspondence with Bruno Acampora.....

Like all the fragrances in this house, "Prima T" is an olfactory journey that lasts for hours and always brings new fragrance experiences. The quality of the ingredients used by this house are of the very highest quality....and this is "smellable" at any time.....and......financially noticeable ;-).....

"Prima T" is certainly not a "simple" fragrance....not a so-called "crowdpleaser".....but for me it is definitely the top class of perfumery.....especially the vintage Artisan perfumery...

So if you just can't get quite warm with the ingredients used in this fragrance, I recommend you also take a look at the other Acampora fragrances...

I at least have found my very personal great love in "Prima T" ...

PS: This evaluation refers to the ESSENCE.....the EDP is also very beautiful, but less dense, and more volatile....
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