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For about 8 years, Howard Jarvis has been producing fragrances from high-quality materials in small quantities at his independent perfume house. The focus is on one-offs, made on behalf of his customers for special occasions such as parties, weddings, anniversaries and the like. His goal is for people to indulge in the magic, the magic of quality perfumes that lead away from the mainstream of slick, retort fragrances.

The creations are sold in simple refill bottles and can be decanted into their own flacons. Handmade to order in Australia, refillable glass bottles, which Bud Parfums also offers on its homepage, add to the individuality of these fragrances. The idea behind this is to avoid wasting packaging materials and keep manufacturing costs within reasonable, traceable limits.

Howard Jarvis has gathered the ingredients for his creations over 40 years. Among them are some rare rarities that can no longer be found and rare Australian oils, such as those from the emu bush or lemon myrtle. A slowly growing number of organic farmers plant and harvest them in Australia, where they are also distilled. Thus, the raw materials are bought at reasonable prices in the country itself and do not have to be imported.

Howard Jarvis wants to emphasize the individuality of each person with his fragrances. IFRA guidelines are observed, but far more important to him are the quality of the ingredients and the end result. He flirts with his status as a rebel, and lives non-conformism. He discloses very little about the ingredient list. He would rather his fragrances be understood as inspiration, moods should be accompanied or evoked. For him, this is part of the magic; he wants to awaken the wearer's imagination and curiosity about the mystery of the fragrances.

Currently, 23 fragrances, still traditionally divided into women's and men's fragrances, are available in limited availability. Sample fillings and quantities of 10 ml or more can be ordered via the homepage. The transaction is done via credit card or PayPal and shipping to Germany is relatively fast - between 7 and 10 days can be calculated. Custom-made products take longer according to the development time.

A special feature offered is the Rent-a-Scent system. A specially and individually made perfume according to the customer's specifications can be paid in advance on an installment basis. After full payment, it is then delivered on the agreed date.
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