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Ooh La La by Bud Parfums
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Ooh La La is a perfume by Bud Parfums for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is still available to purchase.
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Howard Jarvis

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FrangipaniFrangipani VanillaVanilla Tea treeTea tree



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Submitted by DeGe53, last update on 02.04.2020.
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Discreet, not opulent
Whenever floral ladies' fragrances are underlaid with vanilla, I become suspicious. Lovely flowers need contrasts, their sweetness and opulence must not additionally be emphasized with sticky vanillic notes. There are bad examples: in “Gardenia” by Micallef, this thrilling flower is turned into conservative fussiness by the means of vanilla. So what does Howard Jarvis do to the frangipani?

The fact that Ooh La La opens with a strong citrusy note leads you down the wrong track. The first impression is that of a classic citrus cologne such as Blenheim Bouquet or even Monsieur Balmain. But already in the head note you can see a different picture – and a most beautiful one – if you just refrain from sniffing the fragrance directly at the spot where you sprayed it. Only a few inches away a wonderful triad of lemon, vanilla and the floral note appears.

The citrus does not last at all – it is completely gone after 5 minutes. That is extremely quick. Obviously, Howard Jarvis completely abstained from using any fixing agents, and this also sets the further direction of the perfume. I dare say that the beautiful composition is the major focus, not problems of longevity. This unwillingness to compromise means at first that one has to accept a quick development towards the base, and secondly, one has to accept that almost nothing stays from the formerly strong citrus note. Such a fleeting lemon can be irritating – either, because you may expect it to keep going on, or you may dislike it and wait for it to end so the “real” fragrance finally starts. In this respect Ooh La La asks for a certain understanding and empathy. Supposedly, it is not a beginner's fragrance.

With the citrus note backing out the area is filled mainly with the very fine frangipani note and the vanilla. But this cannot be all – there is also something fresh, and towards the base note, I think I can sense some woody notes, maybe also some powdery musk. As it is right and proper for a ladies' perfume, the woodiness is very discreet.

But is Ooh La La a mere ladies' fragrance? I am not so sure. The vanilla-frangipani-combo is highly discreet. Everything is rather fresh than opulent. Exactly those aspects of a typical ladies' perfume are missing that men would shy away from: There is no real sweetness, no headiness, and no exceeding amiability. Even the vanilla is tender and obviously has been used with caution. The usual vanilla impressions of custard and creams are completely out of place here.

Ooh La La is a light fragrance, and, I would say, it works on my skin. It is even a bit sexy! This very light perfume is also wearable for men. Besides that, it appears to me that this optimistic, light fragrance might fit a little bit better to people with a pale rather than a dark complexion.

Knowing some of the Bud Parfums fragrances, I would not have expected such a light and discreet fragrance among them. Being both discreet and uncompromising, Ooh La La invites us to have a closer look.
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