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Satyr is a perfume by Bud Parfums for men and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-green. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Howard Jarvis

Fragrance Notes

Orange blossomOrange blossom
Australian flame tree



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Submitted by Waterboy, last update on 10.06.2018.
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23 Reviews
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Temptation in the forest
This is for the „sweet“ guys! I’m not saying Satyr is a gourmand scent, not at all, but there swings a discret sweet note underneath which could be to much for persons who dislike gourmand scents.

But let’s start slow…young Satyr dishes out one by one what he brings along. First of all he obviously dashes along the creek in the forest on Naiad territory. I clearly smell moss, green leaves, fresh forest air accompanied by a light wood. The chap probably broke a fresh twig about to flirt with the Naiads after he took a dive into the creek, water still glistening in his hair. But it is not only the fresh Naiad impression I get, there can already a warm-woody almost balmy touch with light spices be detected. And distant pale flowers. I suspect gardenia or tuberose but don’ nail me down on that since there is a light sharpness distracting me.

In between whispers a fresh medical something, but only very faint. Young Satyr switches to even more flattering tones. He wants to cuddle and only frequently swings his light wooden twig, almost a bit dusty now. I like this faint dusty note reminding me vaguely of Patchouli Antique from Les Néréides – in a very subdued manner of course. A tiny aroma of hey drifts by the balmy resins, reminding me of fresh cut grass drying in the hot sun for a while. Now our Satyr is warm, round, satisfied and still delicate.

He has visited the Naiads in their rippling creek, dashed through the warm summerforest, took a break on a cushion of hey and languorously humming he enjoys the last rays of a warm evening sun.

This is how I see the chap and he can not be compared. Montales Boisé Vanillé comes to mind, whereas Satyr is sexy and Montale brings out more the cuddle factor. As said before, Satyr is very sexy and not necessarily meant to be worn in the office, except maybe by creatives. And it is definitely not for lovers of fresh-green or aquatic scents.

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A Floriental For Men?
One of Howard Jarvis' newer releases is Satyr – which looks like an old friend of mine. I think I already know the base note or something reminiscent since Howard let me have a sniff at one or the other project he has been working on.

Although the fragrance notes indicate a chypre blend, it is rather the white flowers – jasmine and orange blossom - that Satyr is focussed upon. The base note which Howard apparently has fallen in love with reminds me at the multiple fragrant impressions that one gets in New Age book stores – where all kinds of incense impregnate the paper. I find this accord particularly resinous, opulent, quite blond and somehow oriental. It is a courageous decision to put both together into a gentlemen's cologne.

Well, niche perfumers are allowed to do many different things. The naming of this perfume is not easily comprehensible. Animalic attributes that this mythological figure has can hardly be found in Satyr. But if we take Satyr – being part of Dionysos' entourage – as a representative of relaxed and carefree life, then it fits. After all, a white flower fragrance has no place in the world of labour and sorrow. To me, this Satyr is cosy and gemütlich – but not too lively.

Sorry, but I do not want to follow Howard along this path. To create a floriental for men is an ambitious goal but it does not make too much sense to me. I do find the topic white flowers for men highly interesting but I would prefer a completely different frame for it.

Satyr is best smelled not directly on skin. In some distance the floral notes are beautiful in front of their warm background.

Experiments are useful and necessary – I'd love to read what others think about this one.
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