Sophia by Bud Parfums
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Sophia is a perfume by Bud Parfums for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-powdery. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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Howard Jarvis

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Submitted by DeGe53, last update on 21.11.2018.
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Just violet as ingredient is a big understatement
Sophia is a goddess.
She is the mother you run to.
She gives comfort.
She is brave.
She is wise.
She is relaxed.
She is understanding.
She has a temper but isn’t bitchy.
She knows what she wants and most of all what she doesn’t want.
She is loving.

You read violet and might think, o.k., a flowery scent. Wrong.

This Sophia is earthy, voluminous, but also fresh in the background. It starts surprisingly dark with a patchouliesque aroma. There could be orange or tangerine in it as well, since the patchouli here doesn’t come across dusty, more succulent. From the concept the scent reminds me a bit of the creations of Les Néréides, whereas I still wouldn’t consider Sophia an oriental, the typical spices are missing. The scent is not as powdery as you might expect from a violet. This violet is fresh, succulent, just in bloom and dark purple. A breeze of caramel lies deep underneath. The added earthnote I associate with thick, freshly dug up farmland, moist and dark brown.

This all may sound quite “country” – but it’s not. Sophia is full of expression, for down-to-earth ladies. No frivolity here, straightforward directness and open gaze. The secret surrounding her draws you in her spell, but you’ll never notice that you're caught. That’s why you want to be around her, don’t want to loose her out of sight, and if it’s just to be comforted by her aroma.

Sophia Loren supposedly was responsible that this scent was created. I can understand that. She impersonates exactly the type of woman veiling herself in “Sophia”. She’s a happening of a women - like in the movies “La Ciociara, Franzesca or the marvellous Prêt à Porter (with Marcello Mastroiani).

If I can’t look like that at least I can smell like that. And I do call her my own and favourite right now.
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