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Garden Roses by Burberry
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Garden Roses is a popular perfume by Burberry for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-fresh. It is being marketed by Coty. Pronunciation
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Bulgarian roseBulgarian rose Italian lemonItalian lemon VetiverVetiver


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Submitted by OPomone, last update on 30.09.2021.
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The Bespoke collection can only be purchased in Burberry stores. Each scent is available in varying concentrations, tailored to customer's preference.
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My own rose garden with a curious cat
Hello there, you people who like to spray yourselves with all kinds of scents! Well, I'm not really different, but I do all this just to entertain you and to pick up some women here! While the first one seems to work quite well, the other one doesn't work at all... I think I should get another hobby... you're lucky that I have a few more samples here, so I'll write some comments here before I leave insulted! D

Soo... one of these samples is "Bespoke - Garden Roses" by Burberry, which is one of the slightly higher quality or more exclusive Burberry fragrances. All right, roses it is. This doesn't necessarily increase my interest in this fragrance, as I'm not a big fan of roses, but maybe this is something for you ladies, even if even among you ladies not all of you like roses. Hmm... Note to me: It's best to never give a clichéd rose to a lady, but to choose something different and unusual. Well, because of my disgustingly bad botanical knowledge I can't think of anything else you could give a lady... a spiny thistle maybe? You must admit, thistle does look rather nice, doesn't it? :D he he

Anyway, let's look or rather let's sniff how the scent smells like this!

Roses are one of the main scents here, but they turned out weaker than I expected from the name of the fragrance. The slight sweetness is indeterminable, but it smells nice, unobtrusively loose and goes with the rest.
Slightly rosy, herbaceous, green and slightly sweetish, it continues in the heart note. The creamy notes weaken the herbaceous and scratchy scents somewhat, making them look very beautiful, so that the fragrance simply feels good.
Later or to the base it smells of roses, which now also smell a little more bitter. The sweetish notes are still a bit powdery, but now also a bit stronger, as if you would smell tuberoses or something similar. In addition, it is a little herbaceous and also bitingly harsh (at the beginning of the base, the herbaceous even seems a little bit biting, but this subsides in the further course of the fragrance). So the scent is not a pure rose scent, but is quite varied and therefore quite good.

The silage and durability:*
The sillage is okay, neither strong nor weak. I think the scent will be able to smell it for a while from a not too far distance. The shelf life is okay too, because it lasts for six or seven hours before it gets too weak.

Yes, Garden Roses is a successful fragrance for spring and summer, which you could use well during the day and in your free time, which can also "cause" a good mood. Despite the unisex statement, I would still recommend the fragrance more for the ladies, as it also appears creamy and soft and therefore comes across as more feminine to me.

Well, I would recommend a test here, although this is apparently only possible in Burberry stores, where you can buy the fragrance with different fragrance concentrations.

And with that I have now also come to the end again and end with this, in which I wish you all a nice evening and much health. Well then, see you next time :)
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