Mr. Burberry (2016) Eau de Toilette

Mr. Burberry (Eau de Toilette) by Burberry
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Mr. Burberry (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Burberry for men and was released in 2016. The scent is fresh-woody. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGrapefruit, Tarragon, Cardamom
Heart Notes Heart NotesBirch leaf, Nutmeg, Cedarwood
Base Notes Base NotesSandalwood, Vetiver, Gaiac wood



6.3 (110 Ratings)


6.2 (92 Ratings)


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6.7 (101 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 25.08.2019.

Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is British actor and model Josh Whitehouse, photographed by Steve McQueen.
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126 Reviews
This Will Ghost You
Reading some other reviews on this scent, I have detected that I don't get the notes delayed in stages -- the notes hit me all at once. That's strange, but especially strange for this fragrance, because they show up in force and then flee. In four to six hours, I have been ghosted. Where did Mr. Burberry go? I'm left pondering the question like someone after a crush moved without saying a word. However, this all began better than it ended. Let me explain.

Mr. Burberry shows up suave. This is a scent with presence -- not a powerhouse scent, so nearby windows are safe -- but a wrap-around you kind of silage. To my nose, it is subtly orange, with baby oil and a hint of pepper -- masculine and refined without exuding machismo. The orange is mostly aromatic and warm, not strongly individualistic. As time goes on, the scent alternates between soapy/clean and heavy, creamy, cozy/spicy. The baby oil is there, but I'm holding my fire, because the overall effect works.

By hour four it has amped down to vanilla. Not much later, Mr. Burberry has split apart -- one wrist has a creamy/vanilla scent, while the other wrist radiates orange. This is an unsettling ending, much like the confusing end to a relationship. There's no closure here, and even those into weird scents like I am, will probably find this unsatisfying. Mr. Burberry started off strong but lost his way, like he had wandered off into the woods to repeat phrases at greater and greater distances away. What went into the woods is not what eventually emerged.

If you're into the spicy/clean/soapy style scents, try Endymion (Penhaligon's) instead.
7.0 3.0 4.0 4.0/10

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British chemistry set
Burberry - actually known for its expensive twist - also tries its hand at various scents. But with Mr. Burberry, they've got a lot of frittery going on. A pungent chemical odor spreads when sprayed on, the whole thing smells very cheap. When the mist clears again, the scent quickly becomes very close and rapidly weaker, leaving an unscented, indefinable mass of freshness and chemistry. I can't smell any real scents either, there's just nothing natural about him. Sorry Burberry, you can safely leave the scent on the island :/

Luckily it was just a sample that came with a different scent and even I will give it to others - just wondering who I want to do it to.
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You get what you pay for
Mr Burberry, in my humble opinion, is getting off relatively badly here. What's the reason?

Even though I feel more at home with niche scents myself, I still have a few mainstreamers that I still like to sluggish and Mr Burberry is definitely one of them. Now, of course, it always depends on what is expected of a middle-class fragrance. Many of the previous speakers have noticed boredom, a lack of individuality, interchangeability, despondency and so on...... and yes, the fragrance neither completely blows you away, nor is it something that has perhaps already existed elsewhere in a similar way. Still, I think he's doing a solid job
The prelude is short and fresh, then it quickly turns into the real wood, with the fresh one remaining discreetly in the background. A very discreet muscat note then smoothes the transition to the woody base note.
The shelf life is in line with all other fragrances in this price range and at the end of the day naturally a bit depending on the dosage. If two to three sprayers are enough for high end niche perfumes, you can go in the direction of five to six. Then also after 10 hours at least directly on the skin a remaining perception is to be registered.
Sillage, well, as already mentioned at the beginning, nothing that completely blows you or others away, but it's not made for that either. Discreetly perceptible, I'd say.

Yes, Mr Burberry is such an everyday thing, but from my point of view a quite successful one. It doesn't always have to be the big screen. The world is not super exciting every day :-) And the price-performance ratio I find absolutely okay.
Could be a classic for Christmas, if it may/should/must be a fragrance
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Good idea - bad/false implemented
Actually the drydown is fine but only if it starts to fly away. The initially unbearable synthetic smells like a burst tyre in rainy weather.
If the smell of the Drydowns immediately after spraying on to smell would be then there would be a 10/10 from my side
9.0 6.0 7.0 10.0/10

255 Reviews
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The Ugly Duckling
At last, the big egg did crack. "Peep," said the young one, and out he tumbled, but he was so big and ugly. The duck took a look at him. "That's a frightfully big duckling," she said... He himself was a swan! ... Other swans said "The new one is the most handsome of all. He's so young and so good-looking." The old swans bowed in his honor!

Mr. Burberry is like the ugly duckling. with its dark and shaded grey bottle and black hat. It can't be all things to all people... if you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one. And Mr. Burberry is a pleasure for many but not for everyone. After many Brit flankers, Mr. Burberry is a nearly recent new release that heavily deviates from those flankers, both in the look and in the smell. Mr. Burberry smells clean, meaning this in the literal sense.

It opens up with some imperceptible citrus grapefruit, which has an undertone of synthetics, blended with some warm creamy-minty-spicy tones that I speculate are cool cardamom combined with spicy tarragon. This stage really awakens the senses and the fragrance is permeated by an aura of masculinity.

Gently, the citrus and herbal evanesce and Mr. Burberry becomes woody and smoky. To me, the fragrance seems to have a clear presence of wetness. It smells like a city after rain, which is not by chance that drizzly London was such an inspiration. You can still feel the mist in the air mixed with the smell of smoke and soil from the street. The scent comprises a wide and sturdy heart, whose classic fougère structure is masterfully reinterpreted in an extremely contemporary key. An accord of birch leaves gives a warm aroma to the essence, while cedarwood adds strength and balance to the sparkling top notes.

A while later, Mr. Burberry turns very soapy. It reminds me of shaving cream, the one that my dad prepared each and every morning with a shaving brush. The soap smell makes Mr. Burberry an excellent choice for occasions when you want to smell good without being noticed. Birch leaves contribute to the greenish facet of the heart, and a little freshly grated nutmeg adds the right touch of spiciness. The light and glowing base is a true celebration of the lively nature of vetiver. Improved with guaiac wood, it flows into intense smoky notes that do not endanger the clear aroma that evokes the smell of the earth.

It lasts on me many hours, even though it is barely detectable after four hours. The dry-down is a combination of pitches, roots, moss, and woods. It stays transparent and slightly sweet, yet fresh and green. There is a slight synthetic tinge to it, which I don't mind. It transitions smoothly from one stage to the next, herbal then green-spicy then woody-resinous, notably are the sandalwood, the cedar wood, and the gaiacwood.
To my flavor, it could be worn anywhere, anytime, it works for any occasion, any age, and any weather, yet my preferences drive me toward spring and summer days. The woods and resins in it might work in cold weather like early fall, but I have not tested it yet.

Hence, what is an ugly duckling to the hype, it turns to be the most handsome swan to me.

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516 Reviews
Abort, abort!
By far one of the most irrelevant, pedestrian, nonsense new launches I smelled in a long time. If something like, say, Dior’s Sauvage seemed like that for you, then Mr. Burberry will make your nose explode. Someone on Basenotes’ forum mentioned an Axe deodorant, and I now regret having used that same term of comparison for scents which compared to Mr. Burberry don’t really deserve that. Because in fact, in my experience Mr. Burberry is the scent which absolutely went the closest to that. Actually it even went further and below– no kidding, the 2,50 EUR deodorant I carry in my tennis bag smells more appealing, nuanced and rich than this garbage.

Basically this is a truly nondescript, extremely artificial, puzzingly uninspired sort of a counterfeit Bleu de Chanel meeting a sport deodorant with a drop of Interparfums’ irritating signature musky-tonka base accord (Armani Code all over again- please fix that time machine, Interparfums!). There’s some synthetic citrus, some extremely generic woody stuff with a pointless sort of subtle minty-creamy nuance (a bit as in Paul Smith London), something sweet-spicy, and that’s it. I’m using the term “something” not out of laziness but because it’s truly the best approximation I can use – I read the composition, but none of the notes mentioned is remotely detectable here for me. It would be a joke to mention cardamom or vetiver here. It’s just woody stuff, spicy stuff, citrus stuff, cheap lab replicas of some “idea” of woods and spices. The same exact materials you find in supermarket deodorants in fact. Just a big generic “something”. And it’s so vastly nonsense that I can’t even think of a possible audience for this, neither can I understand how could Burberry approve to invest money for something so desperately unappealing and cheap.

So shortly, if it wasn’t clear enough, my opinion is that this is a complete depressing trainwreck on every level – quality, inspiration, identity. And if you want to understand better how it smells, I can’t really describe it better than I did above – I know my description sounded generic but this is truly how this scent smells. I’ve never been a fan of Burberry but I’ve always (kind of) respected Kurkdjian’s work on commission, even recently – for example, Carven Homme from 2014 was quite good, and if you compare it to Mr. Burberry you can definitely sense the immense gap of budget and efforts that separates the two scents. This is on the contrary easily the worst scent Kurkdjian ever put his name on, and one of the worst scents by Burberry ever.

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Elysium 19 months ago
I seem it's a clear presence of wetness, it smells like a city after rain, and is not by chance that drizzly London was such an inspiration!+3

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