Hero by Burberry

Hero 2021

07.08.2021 - 12:39 PM

Nice but...

As a good Adam Driver fan, I've been to the local perfume shop to smell Hero by Burberry, finally!
I’ll be honest, I expected much much more. Probably it’s because it’s 1 year that I’m exploring niche perfumery so I’m used to other kind of stuff even if I don’t disdain commercial perfumery... but this was so...”anonymous”/generic?
Like yes, it’s without doubts good, but it’s something I’ve already smelled. I’ve tried it both on the mouillette and on my skin, I 100% prefer the smell that leaves on my skin but it's not a perfume I'd buy (for me or as a gift for a man).
Plus even the name is not appropriate in my opinion, you can't call Hero a fragrance that is really normal/average and could be worn by everybody on every occasion, maybe in the office so you don't bother anybody.
Then you show me Adam as a centaur in the ad, nope! Not a centaur frag :'D It's obvious that I have expectations after that!

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