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Bvlgari Man In Black by Bvlgari
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Bvlgari Man In Black (Bvlgari)
Bvlgari Man In Black (Bvlgari)
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7.6 / 10     354 RatingsRatingsRatings
Bvlgari Man In Black is a popular perfume by Bvlgari for men and was released in 2014. The scent is spicy-woody. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesTobacco, Rum
Heart Notes Heart NotesTuberose, Orris absolute, Leather
Base Notes Base NotesBenzoin, Tonka bean, Gaiac wood



7.6 (354 Ratings)


6.9 (271 Ratings)


6.5 (275 Ratings)


7.5 (285 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 20.02.2019

Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is French model Patrick Petitjean.

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Bottle 8.0/10 Sillage 6.0/10 Longevity 6.0/10 Scent 7.0/10
Sweet Tobacco
Scentrack: Heather Nova – Gloomy Sunday

Bvlgari is mostly known by for clean and fresh fragrances, but when they launch a darker composition one could expect something to remember. Bvlgari Black was an iconic release, and it is so sad to see this gem discontinued. In 2014 Bvlgari launched Man in Black. It was created by Alberto Morillas, the perfumer that has defined most of Bvlgari’s fragrance portfolio. Master Morillas is famous for his fresh creations, but somehow I more prefer his darker side.
By the note list of Man in Black, one could expect a very dark, dense and niche-like creation. However, Man in Black is not so black. To my nose, it is more like burgundy. Man in Black is an extremely balanced creation. Dark, yet partly fresh. Full bodied, and again, not overpowering. Sexy, but also office friendly. It opens with a solid amount of spices. Easily recognizable for every nose, but hard to isolate a particular note. To my nose this complex and mellow spicy kick is made of pepper, cardamom, nutmeg and with just a touch of cinnamon. The boozy character is also present, and again hard to define is it a rum, Cognac, whiskey or schnaps. Tobacco is one of the main players in this composition. It is very mature, warm and dark. In the heart is accompanied by almost a feminine touch of flowers – iris and tuberose, and soft suede. The base is woody with some resinous accords. Very nice. Sexy and again easy to wear. In fact, the whole composition is extremely easy to wear, although it is dark in its nature. In flanker of this creation – Man Black Orient, the whole composition is more niche like, with a strong kick of feminine tuberose and leather. Oriental to the bone. Other similar fragrance; there are some. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb, but Man in Black is far superior. I also find some similarities with a hidden gem – Lalique pour Homme Equus. Equus is woodsier and transparent, but possesses similar sweet vibe (I cannot wait to review Equus).
To conclude, Man in Black is a very offering from Bvlgari. It has some mysterious character, and yet suitable for every occasion (except gym). Extremely balanced and likeable. Unfortunately with spotty performance. A perfect gift for your dad or husband. Nothing to dislike here.
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Bottle 9.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 9.0/10
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Rum for the cold days
Bvlgari Man in Black starts very sweet with a good shot of rum. This almost exaggerated sweetness, however, already decreases after a few minutes and settles down on a - at least for me - pleasant level. After a while a bit of leather and a hint of iris are added and the fragrance becomes a little softer. But not much more happens. The fragrance doesn't really change until the end, so the course of the fragrance is rather linear and predictable.

But this "monotony" is exactly what I like about this place. I was immediately taken with the top note at the first test and am glad that it remains almost unchanged. It is definitely a perfume for the colder days (or rather nights) of the year. The only point of criticism is the durability. It's not bad, but it could be better.

The bottle looks very valuable and despite the gold accents not too ostentatious. However, the spray head emits a jet rather than a fine spray mist.
Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 8.0/10 Scent 8.0/10
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Spicy, warming tea
.. I often drink tea in the evening. Always a different kind. This begins with simple, but tasty-sour rosehip tea, continues with various black teas or herbal blends with ginger and extends to special spice teas. And I think of one when I sniff Bvlgari's Man In Black. A warming tea with floral notes, cinnamon, clove, coriander, cardamom... etc.
Sweetened with forest honey and very, very tasty. But according to this fragrance there is no spice in it at all!!???!
Anyway, my nose immediately associated the perfume with such a wonderful tea mixture, which smells almost exactly the same, when I first tasted it.
Yes, "warming" on cold days is "Man in Black" in any case and although it is a so-called "mainstream fragrance", I like it very much and can imagine wearing it. The only "shortcoming" during testing was the spray head of the bottle (tester), which was a bit cumbersome to operate, and then came out too much. Whereby I hope that it is not so with the smell, should I get it once.
Nothing destotrotz a very pleasant warm spiced tea companion.... with good durability and radiation.
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Bottle 6.0/10 Sillage 8.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 9.0/10
wear this one with a leather jacket
This is a spice, sweet, boozy and leathery bad boy. Very manly, elegant, sophisticated.

Love the Tobacco and Rum opening (wish the tobacco was stronger), the drydown is sweeter but not as interesting as those first notes (benzoin and tonka are found in 8 out 10 fragrances now adays).

Very well balanced, creates a statement about whomever wears it and if some reviewers compare this to Spicebomb then I’d suggest this may be an edgier version of Spicebomb.
Bottle 9.0/10 Sillage 8.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 8.5/10
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Simply deliciously perfect to the leather jacket
Jacky Coke to breathe in. Leather, Schnapps, slightly smoky, slightly sweet, gourmandig. Not suitable for everyday life, perfect for going out, perhaps not everyone's thing, some dates will certainly like it others will find it all, intrusive, masculine, open-minded and fun
Man in Black
This is my video review of Bvlgari's Man In Black. Released in 2014 and created by the prolific Alberto Morillas, this fragrance has often been compared to Viktor and Rolf's spice bomb. Enjoy the review

Bottle 5.0/10 Sillage 9.0/10 Longevity 9.0/10 Scent 9.0/10
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Sweet, bitter, leathery and sensual signature scent for the evening which becomes softer and rounder as the evening progresses. After a while you only notice (brown) rum, iris and leather notes, the other ingredients evaporate quite quickly. For stylish, strong characters in a black suit or similar certainly a good choice. Very good Sillage and above average durability with low consumption.
Bottle 9.0/10 Sillage 5.0/10 Longevity 6.0/10 Scent 7.5/10
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Helpful Review    3
Sugar, sugar gets me high
Sugar, sugar gets me high...

And insulin takes me back down. My pancreas doesn't suffer much from MiB now but it could have been a little less sweet. The beginning is dominated by the sweet rum
Bottle 5.0/10 Sillage 4.0/10 Longevity 5.0/10 Scent 4.0/10
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Very helpful Review    15
No Alberto!!
Young boy boy, this scent is so uninspiring, that I can't really think of a story about it.
A great framework action would have been possible, be it from pirates, or something else. Instead only yawning boredom.

If you expect an exciting comment now, I have to disappoint you, that will unfortunately only be a miss.

It starts with the top note, I don't like it at all, I'd rather take Dark Rebel when I want to play pirate, it has wumms.

Wet tobacco with cheap fusel that is sold as rum. Plus something indefinable sweet that doesn't fit in, that stings. So Em Eukal moderate.

Then the rest is somehow squeezed together and noodles like that. A bit of leather here, a bit of wood there and you also have to hurry because the scent is gone relatively quickly. All in all, it seems unround and bumpy again and again. I don't see anything of Iris.

But there's one good thing, because now I know why I can't handle brands like Bvlgari, Armani, D&G and Versace at all and that's the name Alberto Morillas. Except for the Mugler Cologne and the M7 / M7 Oud Absolue (which he didn't design alone) I can't cope with his scents. He was also the godfather of the venerable CK One, but here he only took the substances from the cellar. Maybe the Guilty Absloute was funny, but then it was. By the way, I can't speak for women's fragrances here.

One my friend, with us it won't be anything in this life anymore. You may have your followers and also followers of your scents and that's ok too. Besides, I don't want to step on the tie of anyone who thinks it's good or has his perfumes in his collection, I know how fast that works here, if you say something negative. I am adjusted to a Shitstorm.

So no offense, I'll be happy to see you get along with these scents.

So this realization had still potential for me to write a comment, otherwise it would have become for me only a statement to another pale smell.

However, I wonder, is the other also like this? Or similar to other perfumers?
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Bottle 9.0/10 Sillage 6.0/10 Longevity 8.0/10 Scent 10.0/10
Very helpful Review    5
The goddess poured Ambrosia over your head
"I dreamed the goddess poured ambrosia over your head—out of a ladle." Oh man! Could I have this nectar forever? A symphony of boozy-smoky prelude, a floral-leathery interlude, which turns into a sweet-powdery postlude!

Man In Black is fairly bold and masculine, but I find, as we move into autumn/winter, it is not overpowering and can be worn for both day or night, a darker type of fragrance, In my opinion, three essential notes make In Black unique. The first is amber rum, one of the top notes, a pure natural extract obtained by highly precise extraction techniques that provides the initial wave of fruity, amber notes. Where many amber rums are characterized by excessive sweetness or harshness, this one has the rich flavour of rum and complexity more typically associated with a fine whiskey barrel for a spirit full with the aromas and flavours of vanilla, strong caramel nuttiness, and rich minerality, made from molasses and sugarcane juice, with a lingering finish that brings sweet notes of butterscotch, balanced with earthy tobacco.
This is all about the boozy, spicy, and smoky opening. I love how the slightly sweet amber touch is being enriched by the spices and how these balance the irresistibly gorgeous rum note.

The second is tuberose, and here we are in the middle notes, a feminine flower prized for its narcotic opulence that adds an ultra sensual, manliness dimension. Once the flower heart starts to come out, together with the sweet and buttery orris absolute, it reveals the gentleman in this man who drank a bit too much rum and smoked a tad too much tobacco on the first place.

The last, but not least, is the understated allure of leather, its sweet, smoky, woody tobacco notes imparting a faintly oaky, natural, light tone. The harmonious blend of the different ingredients like woods, spices, leather and amber give life to this cologne. When the fragrance opens up, you can already smell some hints of leather notes, tuberose, spices, rum and iris.

In Black has an intense scent and strong composition. It actually depends on your choice as to whether you want to use it for daily use but many find it best to use for business occasions or special events or at night time. Its longevity is simply amazing. If you want to use it for daytime wear, you will be surprised that the scent still lingers after the day ends. It is boozy, spicy, and slightly smoky with a nice degree of warmth for the cooler weather. Projection wise, it isn't all that powerful. It is a decently heavy cologne but it doesn't project like a beast. It is also a more mature kind of scent, so, I’d recommend it for guys in their mid-twenties and up. It is masculine and kind of sexy but it would work more as a casual type of cologne.

Overall, is Man in Black worth it? Yes, this is a really well put together fragrance for guys who like darker/spicier kinds of scents. I really enjoy how it smells and it does have good longevity. I do wish that it was a bit bolder, however, if you need something that is understated, Man in Black will do the job. One last thing, despite of the very different opening, In Black smells nearly similar to V&R Spicebomb especially in the middle and final stages.

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Bottle 10.0/10 Sillage 8.0/10 Longevity 8.0/10 Scent 10.0/10
Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present you "THE FRAGRANCE "!
It's a monument to the Italian designers. It's the Taj Mahal of perfumery. It's one of my signature fragrances.
It does have one of the most good looking bottles in the market, besides a very rudged construction and an excellent sprayer with a very smart lock.
The juice...
It's very intense (an EDP), quite aromatic, with very good quality perfume essences and a manly scent. It smells expensive and classy. It's a bomb ! Only Spicebomb comes close, but why use Spicebomb when you have BVL Man in Black? (I use both actually)
This is clearly an Oriental fragrance quite aromatic, boozy, spicy and a bit sweet.
It opens with a punch of spices and rum. You become either Barba Rossa or Jacques Laffite. You feel like a powerful pirate. Everybody fears you and recognize you power and strenght.
In the middle notes you show your dominance with a fantastic leather tamed by flowery notes. You reign among your subjects but you also show some smoothness and sweetness, due to the flower notes.
In the base notes you consolidate your power over the crowd by an incredible mix of the fainting leather, Guaiac (called "saint wood" in some parts of Africa and Brazil), vanilla and tonka. And it laaaasts for a long time (8~10 hours longevity with 2 sprays in the back of my hand).
You must wear it among people who like strong scents. Most people will love your sillage but may become uncomfortable with close proximity. You should use it in classy parties, weddings, classy clubs or alone for your own pleasure. Humphrey Bogart used this in Casablanca for sure. Unfortunately it is just to strong for close encounters, but who cares... It's so marvelous in the propper occasions.
The nose behind it? Mr. Morillas of course.
Related scents / vibes: V&R Spicebomb, Insurrection II Dark, Bvlgari M.I.B.Orient and Maison Martin Margiela Jazz Club.

My rates for BVL Men in Black:
Scent Opening: 10.0
Scent Drydown: 9.5
Longevity: 8.5 (well above average)
Sillage: 8.0 (above average)
Uniqueness: 9.0 (I take off 1.0 just due to Spicebomb)
Wearability: 8.5 (Fall and winter - day and night; Spring at night)
Versatility: 8.5 (you must get the other people to apreciate this wonder fragrance)
Compliments: 9.0 (very good, but not the best)
Quality: 10.0 (very good quality ingredients; rudged box and handy eficient sprayer)
Presentation: 10.0 (one of the best looking bottles in the market)
Price: 8.5 (A bit on the expensive side at 45 Euros per 100ml, but it's a fragrance king)

Overall rating: 9.05/10.0
up to 5 = avoid it;
between 5 and 6 = under average;
between 6 and 7 = average;
between 7 and 8 =above average;
between 8 and 9 = recomended;
bigger than 9 = don't miss it;
Advice: You should not miss this one.
3 Replies
Alberto Morillas finally hits the nail on the head
Upon initial spray, I am reminded of Boucheron's Jaipur pour Homme.
However, unlike Jaipur which morphs from " old - womanish " scent to awesome oriental, Man in Black starts off with testosterone guns a -blazing.
Comparing with Alberto Morillas' other creations, this one is loud, unapologetic, and lasts the longest. Basically tobacco, rum. leather and spices. But the result is a complex masterpiece. 8/10
Bottle 10.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 8.0/10 Scent 9.0/10
Rum, leather and spices delight
Now, this is one hell of a good fragrance! Warm and cozy yet powerfully sexy and manly.
I must say, the bottle replicates exactly what you will smell, love that design so much!
I'm not a big fan of spicebomb (actually it gives me some weird feelings in my stomach), on my skin at least I don't understand why people compare MIB to Spicebomb, maybe the opening with the spices but that's all I think they have in common, to me, MIB is a more sophisticated scent, more mature, and that mix of rum and leather, and I do get some tuberose which give it a very sensual yet very masculine vibe, wonderful.
Greatly helpful Review    6
~ Rum & Spice ~
~ If I was to write a review that is a so called review only I would simply say MIB is, 5/5 stars for scent and 3/5 stars for performance and "I Love it!" then walk away from the keyboard. But this is so much more and deserves words to bring it alive for those searching for that next worthy true perfume purchase! Yesterday all day while testing this sophisticated man on one arm I had another gent on the other a Mr.GPH2 both refined and beautiful spicey similiar cousins. This Bvlgari man is pure boozy intoxication swirling in it's opening rum note held by a gentlemanly warm leather glove. I envision a suave mature man in a smokey jazz club with a rose in his coat pocket, glass in hand with the sillage of an alluring balmy noir scent discreetly projecting from his presence. There is something smoldering here wafting in a faint burning accord that's not off putting but rather very alluring. A touch sweet in it's vanilla and tonka notes the drydown borders on almost gourmand'ish. I am glad this is an EdP and while not a projection bomb it does offer respectable longevity in it's stay. For me this is a must have designer along side La Nuit and The One. Perhaps even in some ways more complex and niche like than even those two respected scents. So yes I do give this a 5/5 for being such a handsome masculine scent and am proud to have this Man on my shelf and as my sotd.
Kind Regards, Plat ~
Greatly helpful Review    4
Man In Black shares a strong resemblance to Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf. However, I believe Bvlgari's quality renders this creation more adequate. The opening is spicy and somewhat boozy due to the rum note. Honeyed spices unite with leather and velvety white florals. Benzoin and Tonka bean contribute to sweetness, but in the faintest manner. If Lancôme produced a men's "La Vie est Belle" I imagine this is what it would smell like. To be realistic, as the fragrance warms it becomes something between Spicebomb and Maison Martin Margiela Jazz Club.


Golcher 50 days ago
Pro: very masculine and seductive. Con: Not versatile at all

it’s amazing, wish there were more circumstances where you can wear it+1
Bottle 6.0
Sillage 8.0
Longevity 7.0
Scent 9.0
2 Replies
DavidBraz 91 days ago
Sweet alcoholic leather. Strong and very good smelling. I would love to fell more powderiness and less sweetness. Classy and mature+2
Carlitos01 148 days ago
It's very intense, manly, quite aromatic and crafted with very good quality essences. It smells expensive and classy. It's a Bvlgari bomb.+2
Bottle 10.0
Sillage 8.0
Longevity 8.0
Scent 10.0
Jazzy76 158 days ago
So warm, so pleasantly smoky, so unexpected for its tuberose touch: yes, sir, I tested it on my feminin skin and it smells wonderful!+2
Bottle 8.0
Sillage 8.0
Longevity 9.0
Scent 9.5
Mkpunk 16 months ago
This is a really mature scent. I got a Scentbird of it and I love it. I really will need to get a bottle of it when I am done with it.+2
Sillage 6.0
Longevity 6.0
Scent 8.0
Elysium 24 months ago
Oh man! I wish it could last forever. A symphony of boozy-smoky prelude, a sweet-leathery interlude, which turns into a powdery postlude!!!+2
Bottle 9.0
Sillage 6.0
Longevity 8.0
Scent 10.0

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