Le Gemme - Nylaia (2018)

Le Gemme - Nylaia by Bvlgari
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Le Gemme - Nylaia is a popular perfume by Bvlgari for women and was released in 2018. The scent is powdery-floral. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Fragrance Notes

Blue orris, Jasmine sambac, Benzoin, Ambergris, White musk



8.6 (64 Ratings)


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8.6 (69 Ratings)
Submitted by OPomone, last update on 18.10.2019.
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Greatly helpful Review    15
I would just like to inhale more..
Since I am interested in both Iris and Le Gemme fragrances in general, I was already very excited about "Le Gemme - Nylaia"
And all the more so since the comments so far sound more than promising.
Thanks to Cafenoir I was able to receive my bottling the day before yesterday, but due to an acute sun allergy I was only able to spray the scent onto fabric.

"Le Gemme - Nylaia" immediately evoked an association, and as described by Serduszko, I was reminded of "1904 - Madame Butterfly, Puccini". I then tested both of them in parallel (at least on stripes) and didn't find them as similar as I thought except for the top note. "1904 - Madame Butterfly, Puccini" is in comparison quite "clean and smoother" and also a bit herbaceous, while "Le Gemme - Nylaia" already gives me a good load of dust powder in my nose. In "Le Gemme - Nylaia", I also smell the jasmine quite strongly, which has something slightly stinky about it when I sniff it directly, as always. Well, I don't have to press on my nose, in the projection I don't notice that anyway
Shortly afterwards I had "Luxury" from Mizensir in my head and then I could read that both fragrances came from A. Morillas. Then I was a little disappointed because of the lack of originality. Also other iris scents, especially the Prada iris, came into my mind.
Likewise I could also not perceive any warmth or ambergrisism.

Today then finally the smell was allowed also on my skin and wow, I had not counted on the radically beginning change of mind Right from the start I perceive the warmth described by Cafenoir and yes, this combination is also new for me. I know iris rather than just cool scent.
Iris still hisses brightly and freshly powdery in the air, but immediately gets a pleasant grounding counterweight from the jasmine. Soon afterwards a very special interplay with the ambered notes already mentioned several times is activated.
Fortunately, I can perceive the scent in this way well for hours, so H+S on me can definitely call it good.
He envelops me, plays around with me, flashes me again and again, I can't get enough of him anymore. I would like to inhale only more, to be able to smell him constantly ;-)

Oh yes, and the bottle is of course a dream. Despite its impressive size, it lies well in the hand and offers a pleasant fine, easy to dose mist.
I personally like this design even better than the limited editions made of Murano glass (although I don't think that's available for "Le Gemme - Nylaia" yet)
Thus also the wallet can "rejoice", because that a Flakönchen will move in, is now fixed.
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10.0 7.0 7.0 10.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    14
The bride's mother
First I feel like Cafenoir.
I think, well, another dry iris scent.
However, I can already guess the amber notes while spraying. After about half an hour I can smell them on my skin and am delighted. Now the flattery begins.
This Benzoe-Ambra-Basis is sooo soft, the musk brings with me only still more softness and beautiful powderiness.
On this basis the iris still rests and shines as if it were shining.
I do not consciously perceive jasmine, it may underline the glow of the iris.
The whole thing is however (apart from the first 15 minutes) very very very close and quiet
Now to the picture, which develops in my head:
At this wedding party where Calaluna is for me the scent of the bride,
nylaia is the fragrance of the bride's mother.
She wears a dark blue, shiny silk sari.
Her amber eyes watch carefully over her child,
protecting she holds her hands over them.
The music of the wedding party is cheerful, Mediterranean sounds fill the room.
Delicately the flattering smell surrounds them.
She's taking it all back because today is her daughter's day.

No, I don't want to compare the fragrance with Calaluna, at the most to the extent that it is just as filigree, the iris clearly recognizable and you just notice that the fragrance comes from the same house.

I am really in love with this fragrance, but it only gets a 9. Normally I only rate Sillage and durability in the respective subitems.
With this fragrance, however, I would like to let the Sillage flow into the fragrance a little bit, because as wonderfully beautiful as I find this fragrance, the Sillage is so very close, that the price/performance ratio here even for me as a lover of discreet fragrances, somewhat questionable.
One more drop would not have harmed the beautiful base.
This extremely discreet but has a normal, mediocre durability.

For me, it's still a "favorite fragrance."
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10.0 6.0 7.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    19
2 sprayers on wrist....
.... nothing more, I was able to spray them today at Bvlgari from the freshly arrived test bottle. And since a few perfumes are already excited about the fragrance, I report my first cautious impressions.

It starts with a blast of iris. Well, just another iris scent, I think, fortunately nothing you have to have. Very dry is this iris, and absolutely unsweet.

Very soon, however, after 30-45 minutes, a warm note is added. Ambra? With Iris? I have never smelt like this before, but it fits somehow and makes the fragrance directly more extraordinary and interesting for me. And also more beautiful. He also gets a touch sweeter, not really sweet, but since I wrote 'absolutely unsweet' earlier, I'd like to mention that. In fact, I suddenly imagine that I am aware of all the fragrances that have been mentioned, although I usually, or at least mostly, do not consider this to be one of my talents. Musk, in any case, is something I perceive a short time later. Only jasmine doesn't show itself to me directly. After 1 hour the fragrance develops a beautiful warmth. All notes perfectly interwoven, so he should stay for me.

But he's not. Gradually, the musk portion becomes more and more important. After 2 hours I feel Nylaia as musk scent with iris. And, yes, something jasmine-like could also be in it, at least a little bit of floral. Since I have the impression that not much will develop now, I simply set the comment.

Like all fragrances from the Le Gemme series that I've tested so far, this one is rather close and discreet, apart from the first few minutes. Personally, it doesn't bother me at all. Is he worth his price? Probably only if you include the bottle, which alone is a kind of piece of jewellery that wants to be paid for.

Additional information on 17.08. after 2nd and 3rd test:
I still find the base the most beautiful, which fortunately shows up very early, after 1 hour at the latest. The iris in the scent is too dry-herb for me, I perceive it especially at the beginning, or when I spray the scent on clothes. On my skin it is fortunately, as soon as the fragrance "sits down", no longer dominant. I also find the musk, which I found too strong in the first test, more discreet and pleasantly interwoven. Benzoe is also responsible for the warmth I feel, which I hadn't mentioned before.
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