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Le Gemme - Rubinia by Bvlgari
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Le Gemme - Rubinia is a new perfume by Bvlgari for women and was released in 2018. The scent is sweet-creamy. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Fragrance Notes

Mandarin, Sandalwood, Tonka bean, Copaiva balsam



8.3 (55 Ratings)


8.3 (50 Ratings)


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Submitted by OPomone, last update on 12.09.2019
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Helpful Review    11
Powdery-sweet gemstone
Hello my dear snoopers and welcome to a new comment from me :)
(Unbelievable, after all this time and many commissioners I am still read!.... :D)

Today I describe the great fragrance Rubinia from the Le Gemme collection of Bvlgari, which is one of the higher quality and more exclusive fragrances of this brand. I got the sample from a very dear perfuma, and apparently I had to test the scent, because she said something like "Test the scent or you'll get the bottle thrown at your head", which was probably like a delicate threat that she'd break my head if I didn't test this admittedly great scent. So it seems I have no choice but to talk you through it here. You see, it's not always my fault when I have to talk all the way to you (...incredible, talking all the way to the top is now also written with three "L "s... :DD).

So, Rubinia it is. You know that the Le Gemme scents are supposed to represent a certain gemstone, which is why they also have names of gemstones and minerals (or the names are based on them). Rubinia comes from ruby, a gemstone that comes from the mineral corundum, which contains some chromium. Chromium-free corundum minerals have the same other colors like blue or green (by iron, titanium or something else inside) and are then called sapphires. Anyway, ruby is colored red and is considered to be the strongest healing stone ever (how very fitting, if I get my head bashed in by wild perfumes... :D). But a ruby also has many other magical qualities, at least in esotericism, and is also considered a stone of joie de vivre, strength, vitality and, of course, above all love. And... well, you should read more yourself, because the stone actually seems to have a lot of properties. Whether one believes in it is another thing, but interesting everything reads nevertheless very much :)
But now I finally come to the fragrance description!

The fragrance:
The fragrance starts slightly fruity and sweet with a mandarin, but I would not have found it immediately if it wasn't in the fragrance list, even if you can smell that the beginning is quite fruity. I quickly smell beautiful, sweet-powdery vanilla, which harmonizes very nicely with this mandarin. In addition there is a light spice, which should be the saffron indicated, but which quickly fades into the background again. Also in the background I smell a light, clean soapy component.
You can still smell the great fruity-sweet mix of tangerine and vanilla later on, and there are also balsamic notes that make the fragrance even softer. A little later this softness is further enhanced by the tonka bean. The sweetish notes also seem to come from jasmine.
Towards the end, the fragrance actually remains as it is, mainly powdery and sweet with vanilla, tonka bean and balsamic notes, but the fruity scents go back a little and the fragrance seems to become a little more gentle. All in all a very beautiful and very feminine fragrance.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
I think the Sillage is pretty good. It could be that the power of the fragrance doesn't really come across at the beginning, but it soon develops better, so that one is wrapped in a nice, even bigger fragrance cloud, which is good to smell for others. The shelf life is enormous, because the fragrance lasted ten hours with me.

The bottle:
The bottle has a cup-like shape and is black with golden accents. The foot of the flacon is smaller, so that it could shake or tilt easily every now and then when touched, so you should be a little careful. The disc-shaped lid is, as always, the highlight of the bottle, as it is also black-golden, but also has the colour of the respective gemstone, in this case ruby-red with a great golden decoration in star shape. A very beautiful and noble bottle.

Wow, so I think Rubinia is one of the most beautiful Le Gemme fragrances I've tried so far. It smells sweet, powdery and gentle and is therefore a very feminine fragrance that comes across very passionate, sexy and elegant (and in these cases always tempts me to want to bite a woman who wears such a fragrance, aaaaahhh.....!).

The stronger sweet and powdery notes make the fragrance slightly heavier and therefore best suited for autumn and winter. Applied a little it could be used every day, but even better it is suitable for the evening to simply appear heavenly, elegant and above all seductive (and of course... you know me and know what comes now... especially tasty :D). It's just so perfect for going out or dating (of course not with me... *sigh* meanness!) and just for it, so that all noses that perceive the smell on one can only say "WOW"!

So I think that this fragrance is definitely worth a test! To cut a long story short: You ladies would be really stupid if you didn't try it at least once :))

Yes, with that I have arrived at the end and wish you a nice evening, until the next time :)
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9.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

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Helpful Review    8
A cup of happiness and rubies
I was more familiar with Bvlgari as the "mainstream operator".
When I was sneaking through the city the week before last, looking for a new fragrance (my wallet doesn't like it at all, but what the hell), a saleswoman recommended me to test the Bvlgari "Le Gemme Düfte" and before I could refuse, she sprayed Rubinia on a test strip and handed it to me. Inside I already twisted my eyes and thought to myself "I'm sure it's a 0-8-15- Bvlgari water again (sorry to all Bvlgari lovers ;)

I accepted the test strip and ... and ... and... was like enchanted...!

"What's his name again and what's in it?"? "
This scent smells like a chalice full of luck and rubies ;) WOW!

Of course, I couldn't take a vein and had to try Rubinia on my skin right away...

In the first moment I could clearly see the tangerine... but a creamy and not so fruity tangerine (?) and somehow cherries... Red juicy cherries, something like Amaretto... (I know, it's not in the fragrance pyramid, but I felt that way).

I'm not really a fan of fruity scents, but Rubinia is somehow fruity, but somehow also "unfruitful". I don't know how to describe this exactly... strange, but strangely good!

The saleswoman gave me a sample and I left the store...

After a while there was even more creaminess, Tonka bean played clearly and then it became powdery with me! I love powder and Rubinia is really great... not dusty powdery, but creamy powdery

Again and again I had to smell my wrist..

Rubinia smells unsweet-cherry-creamy-powdery with me... insanely great and very extravagant, as I could not notice it before with a smell...

Days later I tested Rubinia again in peace at home and had the same impressions as at the first "test"... "unsüss-kirschig-cremig-pudrig"

I was thinking about the price... 350.- Swiss franc... whoo, I'll certainly get into a fight with my wallet... But I could get another sample? (shame)

So I went back to the store and started talking to the Bvlgari salesgirl. "Today is 15% on everything" she told me happily and then I didn't torch much longer and took my goblet full of luck and rubies home with me ;) Oh how great, I have my Rubinia :)
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9.0 7.0 9.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    18
Soul scent and the thing with half a glass standing up
Since the first test sprayer Rubinia was on my wish list and since the day before yesterday in my collection. This is the reason for my comment, although I can't describe any completely new impressions or impressions that deviate from my previous commentator.

The scent touches something in my soul, so I have a need to write about it. I gave it a 9.0 rating, although I can't even say that I fully and exclusively like it. This may sound strange to you readers and will hopefully become a little more understandable as you continue.

Besides the perception of scents, attributes go through my head as special and special and different, sometimes even peculiar. This is due to an exotic note that blends into the otherwise predominantly balsamic almond scent. I still do not know whether it is primarily due to the copaiba balsam, because I have not yet encountered it in its pure form. It's probably just the interplay of a lot of things. This many is for me:

- Tonka almond
to the same extent
- Sandalwood-creamy
a little less
- Jasmine flowery and mandarin fruity
and in between
- creamy- powdery

I don't notice an essential course, the scent is quite constant on me, apart from the powderiness, which occurs only temporarily for me and which I perceive much more strongly at warmer temperatures than at cool. For me it is a fragrance for the coming season, autumn, possibly also winter. Plus 100% feminine, I can't imagine him in a man. The durability is in contrast to the other Le Gemme fragrances I have gotten to know extraordinarily good. I always find it difficult to evaluate the sillage, but what I can contribute is that I can perceive the fragrance well myself over a period of up to 10 hours. 2-3 fine sprays are enough for this.

Rubinia for me is more a scent of well-being than a perfume. So I don't even know if I want to wear it in everyday life, during activity, in company. Certainly not to smell good for others. No, I wear it when I feel like deceleration, security and peace. Then Rubinia gives a pleasant feeling, as Gandix has already described it in her apt commentary with'familiarity' and'balancing-harmonising'.

However, for me it is not a sofa-cuddle-smell, nothing to loiter in the jogging pants, a piece of ready-made pizza in my hand. Not at all, because the other qualities I attribute to her are a kind of sublime beauty and elegance. Rubinia does not want to please, she "is". I combine wearing them with a well-groomed evening accompanied by relaxing music, on which you dress yourself, even on your own, perhaps casually but carefully. Or by visiting an art exhibition at a time of day when only a few visitors can romp around and enjoy in silence.

When I started writing the commentary, I didn't feel I could say much, especially not much new, about the fragrance. Then this line from a song by Reinhard Mey came to my mind "What I still had to say takes a cigarette and a last glass standing up". Strange that one remembers some songs from earlier times that one never hears again. I then looked up the text and think many lines from it fit quite well to this forum. I would like to say goodbye from the comment then times with these:

"... I thank you for the time I have chatted with you'
And for your patience, if there was more than one opinion
For never asking when I'm coming or going
For the ever-open door I'm standing in now..."
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10.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Helpful Review    12

for dessert there was fluffy almond cream
the almond note at the beginning even slightly marzipan,
which turns into pure almond cream, but maintains a minimal bitter pinch quite slightly.

I lie on a blanket, next to it a few flowers bloom, delicate, fine;
the little daughter her head close to me.
I can smell her light make-up quite discreetly.
She stretched her arm slightly away from herself How nice to smell that familiar smell of your own child,
No more baby, no more child, one adult woman,
but still familiar.

Your friend, a bit next to us, eats a mandarin after a while
a balanced, harmonious family afternoon.

Until here. then Master Teint de Neige passes by for a short time, with powder in his luggage.
Not by a long shot like at home and more almond powder,
but a little memory is there.
Fortunately, he doesn't stay long and disappears again.
All that remains is a pleasant touch of him. Actually more creamy again, like at the beginning.

I almost think I perceive some vanilla blossom, the tonka bean is quite discreet. I don't perceive any wood.
The copaiv balsam together with the mandarin is said to have a balancing and harmonising effect. This is quite successful here.

I sprayed a lot today, the Sillage is good to see and also the durability is quite good.
Altogether I like the fragrance very much, only the short touch of Teint de Neige remembrance could be left out.
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