Rose Goldea Blossom Delight (2019)

Rose Goldea Blossom Delight by Bvlgari
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Rose Goldea Blossom Delight is a new perfume by Bvlgari for women and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-sweet. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesViolet leaf, Green papaya, Jasmine absolute
Heart Notes Heart NotesRose, Rose leaf, Rosebud, Lily-of-the-valley
Base Notes Base NotesBulgarian rose absolute, White musk, Amber



7.9 (19 Ratings)


6.4 (15 Ratings)


5.9 (15 Ratings)


8.4 (28 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 28.10.2019.
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Helpful Review    6
Rosige times in summer
Good evening, you nice perfumes. Well, I just hope you're nice, but you never know... :D
Once again I am here tonight and once again I talk and describe a fragrance. And today it's about the brand Bvlgari, where I thought earlier, much earlier, that Bvlgari would actually be pronounced Bflgari because of the "v" in the name... well... one was just a bit stupid :D

Anyway, today I come to Rose Goldea Blossom Delight, apparently a flanker of the normal Rose Goldea, which I don't know and therefore can't compare both scents. But no matter, it doesn't matter, after all you have to read what I'm showing you here, according to the motto "Eat what you want on the table", mu ha ha ha.

Or at least I'd be happy if you'd open your glubbers and read this. Oh, or not, that's up to you, but... maybe if you didn't read it, you'd miss something. Because the scent here is not bad, it is even quite beautiful, even if it should come across a bit banal, but also only because one had such rosy-floral scents surely already often under the nose. But this one is one of the better of those scents.

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with a beautiful, slightly acidic rose fragrance with fruity notes, which can also be recognized as the indicated papaya, which is beautiful and gives the fragrance a small, exotic touch.
In addition there are sweet notes, which probably come from the violets and lilies of the valley. In the background it smells nicely soft, slightly green and a little clean to soapy powdery, which should also be the "work" of the violets.
Later, the fragrance becomes a bit more bitter and flowery. The scent of roses remains, but the papaya becomes weaker and weaker, but now it begins to smell a little like musk. And so the scent remains mostly to the end, except that you can smell some stuffy flowers from time to time.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
So the fragrance can be smelled, but it is still not very strong. In the beginning, of course, it will radiate best and then quickly lose some weight, so that later it will only be perceived at close range. The shelf life is about six or seven hours before it becomes too weak and hardly radiates anything.

The bottle:
The bottle is bellied, rounded and pink in colour. No label is visible, so the name can be seen directly on the front of the bottle. Very beautiful is the neck of the bottle, which looks like a piece of jewelry with its turquoise colored areas, which look like inserted stones. The lid is golden-pink and has been integrated into a transparent disc with pink edge. All in all the bottle looks beautiful!

Sooo, so I liked the smell. Although I'm not a big rose fan, this fragrance smells like well made rose scents (though it hardly differs from most well made rose scents) that come across nice, lovely and feminine. But you can see that you have to like roses to wear such a scent, otherwise you really can't do anything with it!

Anyway, this is a scent of the day here, because it seems to be too weak for the evening. In addition, it is quite loose and light, so I recommend the fragrance only for spring and summer. The only thing I didn't like that much is the slightly stuffy scent, but you're used to it anyway, that I often write something like that with flowery scents, so I'm sure it won't bother you any more!

Yes, the fragrance is very nice and very feminine. I also have the feeling that the fragrance makes the fragrance wearer come across nicer than... uh than she really is? Hey hey, I don't know, but something like that. But you ladies must be nice anyway... OR? I hope so, at least I've only been smashed in the face by a girl once so far and that was really only accidental! :DD

That's it again. All have a nice evening and see you next time :)
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9.0 5.0 5.0 8.0/10

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Very helpful Review    7
Delicate summer rose
When I was looking for something new three weeks ago, I stumbled across "Rose Goldea Blossom Delight" in Türkisenen. The normal Rose Goldea has been on my wish list for a long time, so what could be closer than spraying Blossom Delight on and comparing, so far I have not been disappointed by Bvlgari yet. Now I stood in front of the shelf and searched for the tester - but unfortunately nobody was in sight far and wide. So I asked a saleswoman who was rushing by and got the answer that this was unfortunately not included, but will definitely come soon. A little disappointed, I left the turquoise again. Anyway, a good reason to stop by again ... and I did yesterday. What should I say, I came, sprayed and 30 minutes later I bought a bottle...

...because I really like this scent! The first time I sprayed on it, I immediately stood in a beautiful garden, I wore my favourite summer dress; the wind let it gently blow around my legs. Somewhere nearby there must be a jasmine bush, because the scent of it immediately got into my nose. Not heavy and oppressive, but light and tender. As if the flowers had just opened and received the first warm rays of sunshine. The whole thing mixes with the smell of my ice cream I'm holding in my hand: Papaya. This brings a citric - fresh - fruity note to jasmine. Violet leaf I don't smell.
But I smell after about 5 minutes of lily of the valley: Wonderfully refreshing, light lilies of the valley, which smell almost as natural as those in the bed around my terrace. I'm thrilled! The lilies of the valley stay for about 30 minutes, then they disappeared for my nose. As the lily of the valley slowly fades into the background, the rose develops! It is a light, fresh and yet very powerful rose with a cool tendency. I love the smell, I'm all over the place and form a few dewdrops on velvety yellow petals to see.
After approx. 2 1/12 hours the rose is almost gone and the scent becomes very close to the body. It remains a warm, delicate, sweet smell (amber?) with a hint of rose over. I can still perceive this smell on my skin for about another 1 1/2 hours, then it also disappears.

Altogether a, for me, very nice summer scent, which can also be worn at 30° and more without causing headaches. The Sillage would be described as medium to weak, which doesn't bother me at all with summer scents! The shelf life was about 4 1/2 hours, which is not necessarily very long, but not unusual for Bvlgari fragrances. In my opinion these are not characterized by a very long durability. I find the bottle very beautiful and handy. I find "Blossom Delight" to be an airy, lighter variant compared to the big sister "Rose Glodea". I will still buy Rose Goldea for autumn and winter and wear "Blossom Delight" in spring and summer.
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