Bibliothèque (2017)Eau de Parfum

Bibliothèque (Eau de Parfum) by Byredo
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Bibliothèque (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Byredo for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is fruity-leathery. It is being marketed by Manzanita Capital.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPeach, Plum
Heart Notes Heart NotesPeony, Violet
Base Notes Base NotesLeather, Patchouli, Vanilla



7.5 (129 Ratings)


7.3 (110 Ratings)


6.8 (107 Ratings)


7.7 (99 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 24.01.2020.
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The wardrobe of a Grande Dame
At the start I think: One like many others...and some disappointment spreads. Such a plum peach team with vanilla I have already sniffed umpteen times so or similar. Aaabut who is concerned with fragrances knows that in the following minutes and hours still some things can be done. This Byredo is certainly one of those varieties. Come out and pretend you're ordinary. Dance petty in the air, waving the veil of scent around your nose, studying the face around which you are laying your scent molecules and grinning smugly, because your face shows such zero enthusiasm but you know exactly that you will make it. Mischievously the particles let pass a few minutes, in order to give said face the necessary time to accept even more bored traits. But shortly before the big yawn the fanfares are drawn! It's gonna be a real bump in the bucket! So that your eardrum almost flies out in front of the volume. We're going to have a fireworks display! A deep red rose firework! What the fruit compote with vanilla powder had previously revealed to boredom, is now being provided with rose power from one moment to the next in such a way that it just cracks. Violet takes place on the edge, Rose is the Actrice, the Grande Dame, who steps onto the scene here and degrades the opening notes to extras and looks down on them with a decisive look. With them she also leaves the scenery after the play is done. Doggishly devoted, they all dackle bent after the rose, but their heavy velvet coat and dark veils waft over it again and again. The roles are clearly distributed. In her wardrobe she lets the violet bring her the leather slippers. They are made of the finest and softest material and smell gently. Even in them the Odeur of the Rose can be perceived. What she once touched bears her traces. Everything shall smell of her deep red soul. Violet brings as always the freshly brewed Patschulitee and hands it with a long vanilla pod to stir. Now finally the Grande Dame can bring herself an almost friendly smile. The more the day turns into night, the softer it becomes and the milder and kinder it becomes. The tea brings her deep relaxation and satisfaction. While she finally listens to the midnight beats of her pendule in the wardrobe of her heavy armchair, she finally releases her entourage outside into the night...
What remains is the scent of Actrice.
The fragrance in the wardrobe of a grande dame...
6.0 6.0 8.0 7.5/10

469 Reviews
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Human contact
Chantal's been looking for a long time. Among other things, she is looking for this particular perfume, which she could spray on herself in order not to appear vulgar. In a blog for professionals it said: "The customer appreciates it when the service provider wears a fragrance that is of high quality"
In the noble perfume - department she lets her eyes wander over the different offers. She doesn't speak French, but she knows what "Bibliothe-que" means. Library.
A salesgirl comes running up to me right away.
"What kind of brand is this," Chantal asks.
"I've never seen it before."
From Sweden.
I see. Pippi Longstocking was Chantal's favorite show. And the book "Pipi auf Taka-Tuka -Land" was not bought by her mother because it was available in the school library. "We have no money for books. Go to the loan desk."

"Why the strange name?"
Oh, I see. Not the first scent to simulate a library in a bottle. There are others... i used to have a scented candle here.
"Do you like books?"
Chantal hasn't read since childhood.
Just her cell phone. Sometimes something about hip clubs or fashion trends. The weather report. Megan Markle's wedding.

"Would you like to have a sniff anyway?"
Yeah, what else? Give me that.
Plums. Plums for sure.
"It starts relatively fruity".
Okay. Okay. So intellectual fruit. Then soft smell of leather.
Some customers wear these things.
Mostly those who talk for hours.
Someone once ordered her to his penthouse. There he wanted to be tied to a clothes stand between two bookshelves and some strangely untidy moving boxes. Chantal should do it with a woolen scarf. It smelled a little like mothballs.
"Patchouli! Does that mean anything to you?"
Well, she's not that stupid.
"In the drydown. Hence the Library Association."
Just because?
"What's he evoking in you?"

"I don't know, I don't know. I mean, he smells... fine? What do you mean?"
"You must like him, not me."

Chantal closes his eyes for a moment. If anyone asked for the name, it was cool.
"Biblio-the-que". It'll work, it'll sound smart. Plums and leather don't go together for her, but she still likes the result. When she stows the plain bottle in her Guess bag - a blatant contrast.
Your IPhone is ringing. Next job. The customer is waiting in the lobby of the Frankfurter Hof. Quick the library - buy fragrance and ab.
This time it was not a banker, but the boss of a company that manufactures intelligent milking machine robots.
These can replace the veterinarian nowadays.
But that's exactly why, according to the customer, he likes human contact. It's enough for him if he has so much to do with robots on the job.
"By the way, you smell very different from the other girls," he says to Chantal. "You're kind of a smart one. All you need is a book in your hand. Next time, meet me at the library. I've been dreaming about this for years...".
"That's an extra charge. Fancy places, public places and such...".
In the shower, she thinks of Taka Tuka Land. One day she wants to go there.
15 Replies
6.0 6.0 8.0 9.0/10

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Very helpful Review    13
The exciting journey to inner peace
Yeah, I'm a country bumpkin!
The city with its lively alleys, its narrow streets, the hectic rush of people, who on top of that often embody more appearance than being, and all their impressions that collapse on me, make me extremely nervous these days. What used to be all too familiar to me now seems strange to me and sometimes a little strange. As if the pulse of the city would irritate my own heartbeat and bring it out of rhythm...
But there is a small oasis in the middle of all this bustle, an Eldorado for "Coatis", a small niche for niche fragrances.

When I first got wind of it, I got all tingly.
A feeling comparable to traveling to a gold mine located in the heart of a jungle full of threatening shadows and mad trails.
Could I dare?
After a dear perfume, of which I was sure that he had certainly already staked his claim in the said Godgrube, assured me on my cautious demand that it would always be worth it, I gathered all my courage and set off.
With trembling knees and a fluttering heart I made my way through the normal everyday insanity of the city centre. Not worth mentioning for everyone else, but for me a fight with the panic rising in me. But then, finally, my destination was in sight and I literally piked through the front door of the small shop in safety.
There I was, completely flooded with stimuli and amazed, but above all HAPPY! Arrived in every respect!
The shopkeeper greeted me very politely and asked what he could do to help me. When I made my request, namely to find an autumn scent of which I did not yet know which direction it should take, he kindly referred me to his employee, who immediately tried to question my scent preferences. No 3 movements later she presented me 2 fragrances, namely "Oud Palao" by Diptyque and "Bibliotèque" by Byredo.
Both quite fabulous, but "Bibliotèque" was able to do something at that moment that "Oud Palao" could not. It brought me to peace. The waves in me smoothed, peach and plum were sweet and soothing, the peony velvety and enchanting and the leather chord (for me clearly suede) bright and friendly. Patchouli and vanilla round everything off harmoniously and give the whole a certain cosiness and depth. For me a feel-good scent like it is in the book.
Wrapped up in the protection of this fragrance as in my own little sphere of peace and serenity, the noise around me could not harm me any more and I promised myself to come back to recover the next treasure sometime.
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Itchynose 68 days ago
Much closer to a candy shop than a bibliothèque in my book. Smooth and comforting after the drydown but with a mind-numbingly sweet opening.+2
Jssfranch 3 years ago
First impression, a bit cloying?+2

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