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M/Mink by Byredo
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M/Mink is a perfume by Byredo for women and men and was released in 2010. The scent is synthetic-woody. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Manzanita Capital.

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Heart Notes Heart NotesFrankincense
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5.6 (75 Ratings)


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162 Reviews
Beauty within the strange and exotic
M/Mink is the most original and strange perfume that has passed through my hands, it is rare, but within that rarity, there is an exotic beauty, almost hypnotic, that is difficult to explain. I compare it to the Chihuahua dog breed, the uglier they are, the more we like them, because they seem funnier, because this perfume is the same, despite its eccentricity, not ugliness, it has something that I love and could not say It is, but I like it.

It has an almost linear aroma, from the beginning it smells the same, a mixture of natural ink and the fresh sap of a freshly cut plant, a warm and sticky sap, with a lovely resinous tone. I do not know how to explain it, it is complex to describe, it could be one of the most difficult perfumes to explain that I have found. This scent of the beginning, remains almost all the life of the perfume, except that, in the output is very intense and as it develops, it is wrapped by a warm tone, which makes it more warm and enveloping, and very cozy.

Sometimes I get the image of a mortar full of plants crushed with a pestle, and that green smell, fresh and undefined, is what floods my nostrils. Others, I smell the ink of my printer, with that metallic touch, I suppose, for the aldehydes, and although the description of the odoriferous sensation is not very cozy, the aroma has something that hooks, it is a subliminal beauty that whispers to you Heard a spell, so that you fall before it.

The performance of this perfume is very good, I put it this morning around 9:00, right now it is 6:45 pm and I still perceive it clearly, and wake is not bad at all, being very diffusive from the beginning.

It is a nocturnal perfume and cold and temperate climates, winter and autumn could be your best allies, although, on a cold morning, like today, you can enjoy it, perfectly, this goes, according to the tastes of the consumer.

A risky perfume and not suitable for everyone, but if you have the opportunity to try it, do not let it pass, because you could find a lost treasure.

72 Reviews
"fresh aldehydic floral waxy watery" (!?)
The title (the contents of the quotation marks, that is) is a direct copy & paste of the ¯odour descriptor¯ of ~aldoxal~ fræ the data sheet of same of the website of the ~Good Scents Company~. Somehow, I think the notes-list given herein is a little ^incomplete^, to say the least! I'm sure this stuff ^must^ have civet, or something like that, in it. Or oil of cypriol - why didn't I think of that in the first place. Yes, it's a very °oil-of-cypriol-y° 'fume, this one! even if it's not actually that that does it.

I was also surprised at how camphoraceous the aroma of this stuff is. I normally ^do not want^ my 'fume to smell camphoraceous; but in this case I'll make an exception: it has so much other °goodies° in it, I'm willing to abide a little ¯camphoraceosity¯!

This is pretty-much what I expected (unlike ~Sécretions Magnifique~, by which I am just baffled). It's a thunderously skanky, almost ~industrial~ brew: I think ~industrial skank~ might even be the best figure for it - it is the best I can think of so far; & I unequivocally (apart fræ the camphoraceosity) love it. It ^does indeed^ thoroughly requite its ~controversial~ label.

484 Reviews
Helpful Review    6
M/mink gives you two choices.  Read the story and believe the myth, or smell the perfume.   I'd recommend smelling perfume.  It's wonderful.

The story goes that, in lieu of a traditional brief, the perfumer was asked to translate a block of solid ink into a perfume. I’m cynical enough to believe that this sort of premise is intended more for its ex post facto story value than for any actual artistic impetus. The block of ink might have been a motivating factor in the conceptualization of mink, but it is a fallacy to believe that the perfume continues to be 'about' ink. For the wearer, the ink bit is just a back-story.  After the fact, such stories actually make a perfume appear contrived or a producer pretentious, and to get hooked into this sort of narrative even before you’ve smelled the perfume is limiting for the wearer.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm a fan of M/mink. I simply disagree with everything I've ever read about it starting with the PR from Byredo. I don't find it linear. I don't think it's an assault on the senses. I don't find it anything like Sécrétions Magnifiques. It does share a cool, object-like quality with Comme des Garçon 2 Woman. While it does have a matte sweetness to it that suggests an inky quality, this is just one of its many abstract attributes. Like Bvlgari Black by Annick Menardo, M/mink is a successful creation of a new, beautiful scent that neither imitates a botanical scent, nor attempts to to offer you a recognizeable fragrance.

from scenthurdle.com
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Blkbrd 2 years ago
Smoky, sweet & stygian. Closer to incense than leather but unlike either. Like a pet who loves only you, it's cozy but unfriendly. Gorgeous.+3

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