#305 Burning Leaves (2005)

#305 Burning Leaves by CB I Hate Perfume
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#305 Burning Leaves is a perfume by CB I Hate Perfume for women and men and was released in 2005. The scent is smoky-woody. It is still in production.

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Burnt maple leaf



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240 Reviews
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Burning Rubber Leaves and Ketchup
This smells like burning rubber and liquid hickory smoke expertly blended and at a premium price. My main issue with this is that after an initial tuft of smoky notes I get a distinct sweet tomato ketchup (Katsup) and intense burnt rubber without the spicy vanilla that makes burnt rubber tires appealing in Bvlgari's "Black" masterpiece. I really love the smell of burning maple leaves, birch tree wood and anything woody & smoky, but this just doesn't do it for me. I think the "Fireplace" fragrance by Demeter (Christopher's more economical Line of eclectic fragrances)is a much more realistic and wearable representation of the smoky Autumn vibe. I also think Mona Di Orio's Nombres d'Or Vanille, Ava Luxe's "No.23" and "Palisander" and Comme des Garcon's "Wonderwood" are all better smoky oaky Fall scents in the same category.
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The long, hot summer days seem but just a memory now. Fall has arrived with cooler temperatures and shortened days. The trees exhibit their amazing bright and dramatic fall foliage. Eventually, the colorful pieces make their way to the earth for a short rest on the yellowing lawns. Out come the sweaters and light overcoats keeping the cool days at bay. The labored task of raking leaves can sometimes be converted to fun and frolicking for children and adults alike. I remember as a child growing up in the city, it was customary that leaves be gathered into great piles at the curb so they could be burned. The smell of smoldering maple, ash, oak and birch leaves filled the air and permeated your senses. Even after all the fun had ceased, the smell lingered on for hours in the night air and for days in your clothing. It seems my favorite scent memory is now permanently captured by an unusual and unexpected fragrance called "Burning Leaves" by CB I Hate Perfume and its mastermind Christopher Brosius.

"Burning Leaves" is a linear translation of the smell of sweet, golden maple leaves gently licked by flames. The simplicity of this fragrance triggers memories of cool Fall days and the addictive scent of burning leaves lingering in the air. This is not a fragrance of complexities, transitions or development but a fragrance of an experience, a sweet memory perhaps. Everyone has their favorite things in life, and the smell of burning leaves is one of mine. For some, these smells bring back childhood and undemanding times. I thought the idea of capturing my childhood in a bottle was an amazing concept, and I'm glad that the perfumer seems to share my sentiment. I enjoy the simplicity of reliving this amazing Fall event by merely going to my perfume cabinet. Christopher Brosius has made the prospect of time travel possible for me. His interpretation of "Burning Leaves" is a dead ringer for the real thing.

Many people don't understand the significance of a perfume of this nature. Yes, I've worn it but under the absolute correct circumstances. I find it best used in casual outdoor situations. You might get unusual comments, or asked if you smell something aflame, but it's worth the reactions. I find "Burning Leaves" a bit nostalgic, humorous and comforting. This fragrance is also available in a home spray. I guess you could use it just before your insurance adjuster arrived. It could be very convincing.
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10.0 9.0/10

300 Reviews
Very helpful Review    3
bonfire in a bottle
What a lovely scent! It's a three-dimensional depiction of burning maple leaves. While I sometimes don't get what I'm supposed to from the CB fragrances, this one perfectly gives me the cozy happiness of autumn bonfires. I often put on a little dab of it before going to sleep to make me feel cozy. The absolute is very intense, and I've used less than half of my 15 ml bottle despite using it often over several years. (051910)

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