#401 M1 Narcissus 2004

#401 M1 Narcissus by CB I Hate Perfume
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#401 M1 Narcissus is a perfume by CB I Hate Perfume for women and men and was released in 2004. The scent is green-floral. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Nearly there Narcissus
Yesterday was such a fun day! I arrived in England (as I try to once a year for the Ballroom Champs in Blackpool) and as my flight landed in Manchester really early and I could only book into my hotel in Blackpool in the afternoon, I met up with an internet fragrance buddy and spent a delightful afternoon over a long lunch and two bottles of wine! The lovely 'J' surprised me with a goodie bag overflowing with samples and FB's, including a sample of this one which I am trying this morning.

This is my very first encounter with a Brosius creation and I must admit that I am a little lukewarm to it. Not having anything else from this house to go on I am probably being prematurely harsh, but the first thing that sprang to mind upon applying M1 Narcissus was " Oh … is that it?".
Even more baffling is that fact that it leaves a strong oily residue on my skin, which would lead one to believe that this should be really strong. Unfortunately it isn't. M1 Narcissus is a very mild mannered and timid little floral which hovers about a centimetre above the skin in a bashful sort of way … keeping its beauty hidden, or so to speak.
What there is of this fragrance is charming … a lovely green-ness, wet stones and the sweetness of Narcssus smiling through, but it is definitely something that is going to be for one's personal enjoyment. No one is going to comment on this as there is minimal projection here. I am all for fragrances that only I can enjoy … but at some point I am a bit of an attention whore too, and love it when someone comments on the way I smell without having to stick their nose in my neck. On second thoughts, I like people sticking their noses into my neck too LOL.

I doubt that I would ever buy a bottle of this, but I am enjoying sampling it. If you work in a perfume-phobic environment then this one is definitely for you … no one around you will realise that you have it on!

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