#704 Wild Hunt/Forest (2007)

#704 Wild Hunt/Forest by CB I Hate Perfume
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#704 Wild Hunt/Forest is a perfume by CB I Hate Perfume for women and men and was released in 2007. The scent is green-earthy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Rotten leaves, Branches, Green moss, Plant juice, Mushrooms, Pine, Fir



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Greatly helpful Review    26
Night hunting from Tartu to Tallinn
Wild Hunt' and 'Forest' - apparently there are two common names for the fragrance. So what could be more obvious (at least for a friend of offside introductions) than to link the terms textually and to try a wild hunt through a forest as an introduction? Especially since on the manufacturer's page, where the fragrance walks alone under 'Wild Hunt', an empty field opens when you click on "The Story".... Of course I like to jump into the breach!

Estonia, October 1994: After a visit to Tartu, three German students in an ancient borrowed Schiguli (= Lada) made their way back to Tallinn at the wheel of the chronicler. Slip 200 kilometers - no problem, right? Although the road was, although connection between the two largest cities of the country, sometimes rather a runway, but we had finally completed the way there in one piece.

In the light, though. Now it was already dark and the tranfunzeligen lights of the Gefährts illuminated the way, which led over long distances unlit by the forests, only insufficiently. No chance to recognize obstacles like bigger potholes or branches in time, our speed then melted down to that of a long distance runner.

At some point lights appeared in the rear view mirror, a car quickly unlocked and overtook us at an almost crazy speed. A safety locomotive! With the gas pedal practically depressed, I was heating up afterwards until we reached better illuminated regions. Welding.

Understandably, we had not noticed much of the forest at the time. What's the difference? That was also an offside introduction.

And finally to the scent. It actually smells like a rotting heap of leaves. I turn up a layer of it, below a white layer of mushrooms has settled, whose smell also rises to my nose, gently raised by escaping decomposition heat.

This foliage had definitely made its way from green to brown on the tree. Nix "heat of a summer afternoon", as it is called by the manufacturer under "The Scent" - I like to rework the passage directly with... This is a heap of fallen leaves in the progressive autumn. It's not really cold yet, only the nights are fresh. And this morning, one morning, promising to be the beginning of a dull autumn day, the breath condenses in the surrounding air.

Busy worms, insects and microbes have worked persistently over the past few weeks to transform the worn out leaves back into their original state; at the bottom of the heap the boundary between leaves, compost, humus and soil is already blurred
Apropos mushrooms: Certain parallels to #215 CBMUSK from the same house come to mind, which at times smelled similar - as if mushrooms had settled on a tree trunk that was weathering comfortably in front of them.

That's basically it. The broad palette of indications back or forth, I remain quite predominantly, for hours, with a heap of decaying leaves. It gets a bit milder and more creamy later, the proximity to #215 increases during the day. At least it seems so to me, I had no desire to use the annoying Geschwist comparatively again. The most important difference is the appearance of moist soil or compost in this case. And she also says goodbye during the afternoon. A fragment of a musky-mushroomy something remains, which also has a trace of sweet-sugar coniferous woodiness to the rear. In the evening the fragrance is almost completely gone.

Conclusion: #704 Wild Hunt is pretty lifelike; by no means unappetizing, definitely for a country egg like me. Fun for garden lovers. Not a perfume in the narrower sense, but simply a smell. Hit one topic - and missed the other one.

I thank Bartholomeo for the rehearsal.
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Helpful Review    5
We're Getting Married!
Yes, this is it. I have searched high and low for the perfect dirt, wood, grass, and leaves fragrance. Technically, I was searching for a fragrance reminiscent of a compost pile but this is close enough. Oh dear, this one is giving my #1 stiff competition.I am so in love with Tauer Verdant but this piece of work has me begging for more. Is this legal, to fall in LOVE with an inanimate object?

If not, then I must say that I just broke the law because this powerful dirt bomb and me just got hitched! We will be together forever and live happily ever after.
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Hermesh 4 years ago
Humid soil, moist and rotting leaves and branches, some greenery. Invokes the feeling of being in the forest after the rain.+1

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