Winter Petal No. 1315 (2009)

Winter Petal No. 1315 by C.O. Bigelow
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Winter Petal No. 1315 is a perfume by C.O. Bigelow for women and was released in 2009. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Jasmine, Peony, Freesia, Winter fruits



7.6 (4 Ratings)
Submitted by Sherapop, last update on 05.10.2014.
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Perfectly Pleasant Peony
For some reason peony perfumes do not usually sit well with me. A couple of them I swapped away to get them out of my house because they were impossible to wear. My problem is not the scent of peony, which strikes me as perfectly innocuous, if not very exciting. My peony problem involves whatever is used to mimic the scent of peony in the vast majority of mainstream peony perfumes.

Given my checkered peony past, I was happy to discover that C.O. Bigelow WINTER PETAL NO 1315 is a perfectly pleasant peony perfume, and entirely wearable by me. The bad news is that it has been discontinued! The good news is that the bottle in my collection will serve all of my peony needs for the foreseeable future, since peony is not my favorite floral scent. This composition is light and fuzzy with only a touch of fruitiness, so I'd call it a true peony soliflore, rather than a fruity-floral fragrance, which has been most often the case with the peony compositions I've encountered before. It may be that freesia is contributing to the fuzziness, but mainly this smells like peony to me.

I'm not sure why WINTER PETALS is called "winter" petals. The peony seems like a perfect springtime flower, and while this perfume is certainly wearable year round, it lacks the sort of richness and complexity which I tend to favor during wintertime. All in all, it's a perfect all-occasion fragrance for donning before dashing out the door to the library--or anywhere--without having to worry whether it may offend anyone in my environs. WINTER PETALS is an excellent example of the office-ready inoffensive fruity-floral frag--except that this one has less fruit than most and is perfectly wearable by me.

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