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Interesting Facts

The company with the sonorous name was founded in the early sixties by Louis Henri Bousquet in Nîmes. The founder borrowed the name "Cacharel" from a species of bird native to France.

So "elated" the rise of the company to an important name in the world of fashion and fragrances then did not take long. It began with the impressive, surprising creation of a very specific type of blouse: the gauffered bousquet blouse. This was a solution for women that transformed a simple shirt into a chic, exciting garment.

The world of fragrances was conquered with the perfume "Anaïs Anaïs", which stood out for its original naming alone. This fragrance for women, thanks to its success, was very soon followed by the first fragrance for men and many other creations. "Amour pour Homme", "Amor Amor", "Loulou" and "Eden" are some of them.

Today, Cacharel belongs to the luxury division of L'Oréal.
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