Morning Glory 2003

Morning Glory by Calgon
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4.3 / 103 Ratings
Morning Glory is a perfume by Calgon for women and was released in 2003. The scent is fresh-floral. It is still available to purchase.
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240 Reviews
The Popular Girls Shampoo Floral
Morning Glory has past in and out of my collection several times over the years, since it is available at practically grocery store and pharmacy in the US. It's extremely popular with the 12-25 crowd, I would hazard a guess that it is the most popular of the Calgon fragrances and it's just a little bit unusual. For those of you that have not encountered this brand, Calgon EDPs have about 1/2 the projection of a typical "Department Store" Fragrance line such as Estée Lauder or Bvlgari, for example and about 1/3 of a typical Lancôme fragrance's strength. Just last week I was at the pharmacy and a woman, who was clearly greater than 12-25 at all stood next to me and I recognized the distinctive spritely freshness of Morning Glory in layers of the soap, lotion, body spray and EDP on her hair, clothes and skin...everywhere really. Which if you wanted anyone else to notice you were wearing this, would require that you apply all of these layers, it is intentionally weak, watery and transparent, although surprising persistent, lasting a good 6-8 hours on skin and longer on clothes. It dries down to a lovely clean white musk, with a bit of violet, sandalwood and oakmoss. There is other stuff in there apparently, but that is what stands out for me. This is also one of my go-to light mist scents for hair, because it really does project that shampooed fresh hair smell. If you asked me what notes I detect in this scent, really I pick up a happy light tart bit of green apple, and a mélange of geranium, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and violet. I don't really find the rest of the notes popping out, but it combines to make a very relaxing pleasant clean scent for young women and girls. I can't see this appealing to men young or old, but then again I did notice that my father was stealing my "Tickle" brand deodorant in Lemon Sorbet Fresh scent for Girls back in the late 70s...some things are better left unpredicted or pondered.


BlkbrdBlkbrd 4 years ago
Geranium, soap, & aquatic notes up front; more floral backup w/ time. Sharp, pretty, barely sweeter than eating a soapy geranium would be.

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