Beauty (Eau de Parfum) by Calvin Klein

Beauty 2010 Eau de Parfum

28.06.2022 - 08:08 AM

Lives Up to Its Name

This scent comes alive in the heat. There are not many scents that can stand up to extreme heat, but this can. I happen not to like this fragrance in the winter or cooler months. It doesn't smell good to me. The jasmine comes off as slightly metallic, the opening is too peppery, and the ambrette is completely MIA on my skin. The composition as a whole takes on a woody stiffness from the cedar. But apply this on a hot day, and it becomes a whole different fragrance. The jasmine sparkles; the ambrette adds a delicate muskiness; barely discernable cedar a solid base; and the pepper note, so sneeze inducing before, adds a subtle contrast between the sweet jasmine and the sensual ambrette. Then this fragrance really lives up to its name - Beauty!

Delicate but not shallow; minimalist but not simplistic. A clean, elegant scent that is deceptively complex despite the limited note profile. I just love it this time of year.
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