CK One Shock for Him (2011)

CK One Shock for Him by Calvin Klein
Bottle Design: Fabien Baron
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CK One Shock for Him (Calvin Klein)
CK One Shock for Him (Calvin Klein)
CK One Shock for Him (Calvin Klein)
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7.7 / 10     320 RatingsRatingsRatings
CK One Shock for Him is a popular perfume by Calvin Klein for men and was released in 2011. The scent is sweet-gourmand. It is being marketed by Coty.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesClementine, Cucumber, Lavender
Heart Notes Heart NotesCardamom, Black basil, Black pepper
Base Notes Base NotesAmbreine, Cashmeran, Patchouli, Tobacco, White musk



7.7 (320 Ratings)


7.5 (231 Ratings)


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5.7 (246 Ratings)
Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 27.11.2018
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Bottle 7.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 8.5/10
Very helpful Review    5
The 1000 volts Shock of CK One
In the last decade of the past century - seems like one million years ago - someone offered me a bottle of CK One. The year was certainly 1994 as that gift was a surprise for me. I never had seen it before in the Duty Free shops, so that flask was certainly a "fresh bread out of the bakery".
By then, all I cared about was Issey Miyake and Kenzo scents for summer days, Tuscany, Eau Sauvage and Paco Rabanne XS for the office and Kouros, Antaeus, Obsession, Boss Number 1 and Opium for a night out or partying. All of them had a magnificent and elegant presentation and had an extremely good performance, as well a very alluring scent... and a high price as a social toll. They were the "créme de la créme" back then, both for juice quality and looks (and price). All of them are still landmarks of the perfume industry.
CK One was a surprise for me and I remember thinking that that fragrance was all wrong. It was democraticaly unexpensive (so it should be a bad scent), with an under average performance (so it should be a bad scent), with a vulgar flask and no cap (so it should be a bad scent), unisex (so it should be a bad male scent), 200 ml volume like a big bottle of a cheap drugstore cologne (so it should be a bad scent), and with a transparent juice (so it should be a bad scent).
I never cared much about that bottle that I later gave away as a gift, not to my father, but to my father in law at the time, as I did not liked him.
To my past century astonishment, Calvin Klein kept on releasing a new different multicolored CK One once every two years or so. Unconsciously I labeled them all as cheap and low quality colognes, as I did before with the original fragrance back in 94. At the same time Paco Rabanne released the inexpensive "infamous" Paco. Oh my god it seem like a spreading disease. I did not realize then that this perfume democratization was indeed very healthy. Due to this type of product strategy, now we have a larger industry with a larger offer, both in quantity and in scent types, and an extremely wider consumer base. With that conclusion in mind, I now admit that CK One was probably the most important fragrance of the XX century.
Twenty years later, older, wiser and with a different father in law, I saw a very positive youtube review about the new not unisex CK One Shock. "The reviewer must be sponsored by Calvin Kein" has been my first thought. Six months and half a dozen "Shocking" reviews later, I bought my first bottle of Ck One Shock for Him. Two years and two bottles later, I'm writing my first review on the CK One Shock fragrance. However so far I have not bought any bottles of the original CK One. For this to happen, I must be older and wiser than I am now.
As everyone knows CK One Shock, I don't need to refresh your memory in this lines, describing its magnificent bracing pepper and cozy warm amber blended with the intense and creamy tobacco notes, the confort of having a family size bottle, and the smiling face I put on whenever I pay twenty and someting Euros for this 200 ml Eau de Toilete.
By the way, have you noticed that this fragrance is quite unique in the [price & scent type & presentation] combo, and if you compare it with way more expensive similar fragrances like Herod, Spicebomb, Pure Havane and Kokorico, they have been released at the same time or after CK One Shock?

And now, the mathematical magic mirror for this 1000 volts Shock:
- Scent opening............9.5 (surprisingly good)
- Scent Dry Down.........9.0 (fantastic but a bit faint)
- Longevity....................8.0 (up to 8 hours on my skin, with 2 sprays)
- Sillage..........................7.0 (sillage up to 5~6 feet; it projects for 1.5 hours... flimsy)
- Versatility....................9.0 (just avoid the hot temperatures of summer days)
- Usability......................9.0 (a scent quite versatile and easy to please. Use it in all situations except beach, gym and sweaty events)
- Compliments..............8.5 (it will please a lot of people. Compliments will happen)
- Uniqueness.................8.0 (I will just mention, as a predecessor, a similar unexpensive fragrance: Bogart pour Homme)
- Quality.........................8.0 (above average quality ingredients; good spray)
- Presentation ..............8.0 (suitable for positioning in the mass market of which it is part)
- Price...........................10.0 (100 ml flask - €22,50 plus)

- Average:......................8.55/10.00 (The only Calvin Klein fragrances I tested with this mark value were Obsession, both men and women)
between 7 and 8 => above average;
between 8 and 9 => recommended;
equal or bigger than 9 => don't miss it;

My conclusion: Gorgeous! 'Nuff said.

Music: "I want you to want me" by Cheap Trick
2 Replies
Bottle 8.0/10 Sillage 8.0/10 Longevity 8.0/10 Scent 8.5/10
Much more than a 'flanker' - a unique and original CK release!
I vaguely remember testing this in-store upon release years ago and yes I was kind-of shocked as it was so different to the original CK One! So in that respect the name is rather apt, this is far from your standard 'freshie'! Fast forward several years and with my new-found fragrance passion I had to try this again...

CK One Shock starts out fresh with lavender, clementine and some green notes, then transitions into a moderately spicy-sweet fragrance. I detect a fruity cola-like scent, which some call the 'energy drink' note. It could be the fruity smelling 'osmanthus blossom' (not mentioned above) combining with the cardamom, the basil gives off a slight minty freshness backed by a sweet tobacco. I don't find the tobacco overbearing, it's there but well blended with the other notes never hogging the limelight. The dry-down is full of smooth amber and some of those sweet-spicy cola tobacco nuances with a touch of patchouli, whilst somehow retaining some freshness throughout. This is a really pleasant fragrance which to my nose is not 'shocking' at all, it's a nice surprise though!

CK One Shock really could've been a standalone release, it's identity is that strong and full of character, very different from CK One and I guess it's closer in spirit to CK Be if anything, although they have very different scents. At first I wasn't sure about performance (in high summer heat) but I've since worn it in slightly cooler weather and it definitely projects with great sillage (people have told me!), leaving a real scent trail. This will be near the top of my list for autumn/fall for sure, one of my best buys of 2018 so far!

Scent: 8.5/10
Projection/sillage: 8/10 - At least 3 hours of strong projection in mild weather (20c) with decent sillage.
Longevity: 7.5/10 - 6+ hours easy. Lasts much much longer on clothing (24+ hours!)!
Bottle: 8/10: Although nothing new (ck one line) it's very well finished, superb (and generous) sprayer.
Value for money: 9.5/10 (I paid 26 euros + 6 euros shipping for a 200ml bottle-bargain!)

Overall: 9/10

Batch code: F8 0140901116
Ref: 789476
Made in France
Scent 8.0/10
Helpful Review    4
Shockingly good
I think this is an intriguing 2011 Calvin Klein launch. First, for the unlikely association with the One fragrance, which Shock is a kind of flanker for which it doesn't have anything to do with the original. Second, for being, a rarity in Calvin Klein portfolio, a well done affordable fragrance, that has very defined beginning, middle and end, something able to do a nicely crafted synthetic composition in the trend of masculine compositions heavy on tobacco, amber and sweet aromas. And third, the most shocking for me, is that the structural difference between a fragrance like this and some niche fragrances is, maybe, the heavier weight on some certain notes and a more concentrated version for the niche option, which leaves very clear to me that in some cases (it's not possible to generalize in any of those segments) in many times what you paid expensive is the exclusive factor, a more elaborated presentation and something a little bit more powerful. But considering the price-benefit, certainly Shock is a great amber tobacco for someone that is not willing to pay so much. It's that kind of tobacco accord with a darker nuance, smoky one, with a nuance of almonds and sweet vanilla and a luminous amber rounding the main fragrance aura. You can see some of the other notes listed contributing in a minor and secondary way, to shape this tobacco accord, to make it less crude but without going out of the successful main idea. I can see some peppery touches, a slightly rubbery floral aroma which makes me think of osmanthus and a creamy combination of musk and lavender. Overall, this is a fragrance that reminds me mainstream perfumery may produce a lot of poor perfumes but that it must not be understimated in its ability to create good products.
Very helpful Review    4
CK One Shock For Him
Probably my favourite offering from Calvin Klein. Most Calvin Klein creations these days are so boring and generic smelling. This one has some personality! At first I just liked it but over multiple wearings, I've grown to love it. I know it's a flanker but frankly, I like it better than the original. Calvin Klein really should have come out with this scent and made it an original creation instead of being in the same line-up as their CK One. It's definitely good enough to have stood on its own two feet. This scent is perfect for Fall and Winter with its amber, cardamom and wood notes. Those are the notes that stand out to me on my own skin. It's got a touch of sweetness but it's balanced very well and not sickening at all. Thankfully, the tobacco is done well here also. I usually don't like tobacco in scents if it's too strong but it's just right here and not overwhelming. This fragrance feels modern and youthful which is not an easy task for Calvin Klein considering some of their more recent, less than stellar attempts (Encounter anyone?) Don't underestimate this scent just because it's by Calvin Klein. Give it a chance, I guarantee it will surprise you!
1 Replies
Bottle 2.5/10 Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 6.0/10
Helpful Review    2
Nice surprise
This is a big surprise from this house.

Heavy oriental, it has nothing to do with original CK One and other CK fragrances.

If you like 1 Million, 212 Vip, you'll love this one... heavy lasting power, sillage and projection.

Sweet amber and tobbaco are the main players here.

Not very unique, but very good. Thumbs up!

Updated January 2014


Carlitos01 130 days ago
CK Shock is different from the usual CKs. As a flanker, it's miles away from the original CK One! We thank god for this fragrant miracle!+2
Bottle 7.0
Sillage 7.0
Longevity 7.0
Scent 8.5
JoaoMartins 56 days ago
Meh. I have it, wore it 1 time and it feels super cheap and artificial.+1
Bottle 2.0
Sillage 5.0
Longevity 5.0
Scent 4.5
AmberScent 94 days ago
This is for sure the best CK One to date, probably because it's not a flanker of any other CK One. It's a damn good sweet spicy fragrance.+1
Bottle 7.0
Sillage 7.0
Longevity 8.0
Scent 8.5
DPArtist 111 days ago
'Pleasant surprise' is a more apt name, not as catchy though! Begins fresh, then sweet & spicy, amber & light tobacco dry-down. Very nice!
Bottle 8.0
Sillage 8.0
Longevity 8.0
Scent 8.5

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