Euphoria Amber Gold (2018)

Euphoria Amber Gold by Calvin Klein
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Euphoria Amber Gold is a new perfume by Calvin Klein for women and was released in 2018. The scent is oriental-woody. It is being marketed by Coty.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesMandarin, Purple plum, Rose
Heart Notes Heart NotesGelée Royale, Orange blossom, Iris
Base Notes Base NotesDry amber, Vanilla bean, Labdanum, Sandalwood



8.3 (10 Ratings)


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7.7 (14 Ratings)
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Interesting Facts

This scent is exclusively available in the Middle East.

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Greatly helpful Review    27
A gem from Calvin Klein
After the wonderful and enthusiastic comment from user Profuma, I had expected an in between thing from Obsession and Venice. Two fragrances I love very much
The description of "Profuma" was very euphoric and had led me promptly to a blind purchase. Their description is also true, in a sense, because Euphoria Amber Gold is a balanced, round, soft and delicate Oriental. He doesn't smell exactly like Obsession or Venice, but he is definitely a close relative of both, but not an unimaginative copy.

I've loved Obsession and Venice for ages. Opium and obelisk. Christmas spices bewitch my senses and twist my head.

Euphoria Amber Gold is a very delicate oriental for my nose and certainly very suitable for women who do not (yet) dare to use extremely strong spicy oriental scents or only like very discreet and quiet orientals. If you know and love the vintage versions of Opium & Obsession (like me), you will certainly want Amber Gold a bit stronger and the Sillage stronger.

The top note is a bit noisy, but then the fragrance quickly dims down to a subtle level and sticks very well to my skin for a few hours. The base note is particularly beautiful, vanilla, cinnamon and sensual with a hint of caramel. The composition contains royal jelly according to the pyramid, but fortunately the sweetness of Euphoria Amber Gold is not sticky honey-like, but very subtle.

My nose is used to spicy oriental scents all my life and therefore I may not perceive them more than so strongly. Perhaps other users perceive Euphoria Amber Gold as a powerful fragrance. I don't want to be the measure of all things. In any case a harmonious, beautiful Oriental, whose pleasing composition I like very much.

I can't smell the plum either. More sensitive noses that don't quite like plums as much as I do may perceive them. I think this fragrance from Calvin Klein is very successful and appealing. For my taste the most beautiful Calvin Klein fragrance for years.

No nuance wants to dominate or interferes with the course of the fragrance. Everything is extremely skilful and harmoniously coordinated. This fragrance is successful, pleasant and cuddly. Ideal for late summer and the coming winter months. But also easy to wear at high temperatures. The bottle is also very attractive: the warm bronze colour matches the fragrance perfectly and the bottle design is very artistic. A beautiful piece in every perfume collection.
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8.0 10.0 9.0 9.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    12
Obsession in Venice
A spray and my thoughts run storm. The head and nose cinemas are running at full speed. In the brain, brownish shreds with one matt and one bronze shining side each swirl wildly and cause blinking and blinding speed cameras. Almost as dense as the "snow" that used to be seen on television on the screen at the end of the programme. And this monotonous noise. Today bronze snow and sh...
It takes a moment until I can express in thoughts and words what is flashing me and at the same time polt the brain cells to the end of transmission.
So after the quite elaborately designed prelude for nose and brain, I can finally arrange my perceptions too. The plum and some ripe mandarin already open here with a strong amber punch, although this should appear rather in the course. Nevertheless this one is already program and gives the master. Everything is loud but pleasantly gourmandig, sweet but not too sweet. I do not perceive the rose as such, nor do I miss it. There are scents where roses fit better and don't get lost in other loud notes. She could have been left out here with a good conscience. With the prelude the first confused and stop-seeking thoughts come with the Déja vu aspect. How the first fog clears up something, I come up with what EAG reminds me of so much. It's Calvin Klein Obsession and Yves Rocher Venice. As if these two fragrance stones had found their way into the perfume cosmos and were fused together in love. It smells exactly the same to me here and the longer the following molecules that carry orange blossoms and a concentrated load of vanilla with wood shavings last, the clearer this impression becomes for me. The fact that Labdanum also contributes a syrupy resin coating reinforces this all the more. In addition, both contain some common and similar fragrance ingredients in their DNA. EAG is for me the better and richer obsession and by the way it brings some Venice DNA back to life. The result is a really dense, thickly flowing and syrupy flowery amber juice, whose sensual aromas move towards caramel rather than vanilla. You have the feeling that you have to spoon the scent hard to apply it, rather than pump it through the tube. Somehow my perception of time shifts through this impression and the minutes become longer. The fragrance is so pleasurablegourmandig and so massive that it simply can not be faster than syrup or resin, or very thick but clear honey. One literally loses oneself in the thoughts, the wafting fragrance curtain and the idea of a drop of it running leisurely down the bottle. Very slowly. Dark amber. On his head the small star-shaped reflection of an equally tiny golden light. Time almost stands still. The scent, however, remains. It even survives time here. In cooler seasons or simply on a fresher day, I think its whole spectrum really comes to light. Sweet cats will get their money's worth, nostalgic perfumers will find themselves transported to times long gone by and newcomers can spend hours here finding out and enjoying.
For everyone who indulges in this fragrance experience, their own thoughts and feelings are released.
If I wanted to write a love story and if I were under the influence of Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold, then its title would be "Obsession in Venice"...

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