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CP is a perfume by Caren Pfleger for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is sweet-spicy. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Submitted by Joe, last update on 18.02.2019
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Very helpful Review    10
the mysterious number Seven
The former "Fashion Lady Miracle" Caren Pfleger puts my nose and my "whole perfume wisdom" to the test, which I try to master here.
Because "CP Caren Pfleger" is very mysterious, very discreet: there is no information about it at all; this is also how every search went in nothing.

Caren Pfleger entered the international fashion stage together with Margaretha Ley and Jil Sander.
Her career on the catwalk was not enough; she went her own way as a designer: with her first own studio in the basement of her parents' villa in Cologne. Cologne is, by the way, still their home next to New York.
In 1980 she presented her own collection at the "Münchner Modewoche" (Munich Fashion Week), which was of very high quality in terms of materials, and made a name for herself in a world still dominated by men.
I still remember very well that in the mid-eighties I was very impressed by the charisma of this woman. She was then "the face" for her own grooming series.
Even today Mrs. Pfleger looks sensational: deep, strong, seductive!

The number "seven" seems to exert a special attraction on Mrs. Pfleger (this is also the case with our Can777!).
She caused a sensation in the industry with the first "business suit"; she created a "seven-piece set of the successful woman": a compilation with which she is always well dressed.
This must have been a dream of many men: seven pieces only - how small is the space this collection takes up in the wardrobe!
(However, this did not include accessories and bags and shoes! Ladies: so there is no reason to predict the end of the world!)

Also her book "Charisma - The Seven Pillars of Beauty" is based on this number.
There you can find in the chapter of fragrances the hint that women have a much greater sense of fragrance than men.
This is no surprise: which mother does not smell when her loved ones are sick?
I can only confirm that this sensitivity increases with age: it is not always comfortable to live with it.
A part probably also consists of the personal memory of scents!
The wealth of experience is with increasing life years considerably larger than in the youth, so the sense of smell speaks correspondingly: he remembers!

According to my sense of time, Caren Pfleger's fragrances must have come onto the market in the second half of the eighties.
Jil Sander had already conquered her place back then; we know a lot more about her fragrance creations.
Pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the friendliness of the representative of "Klimt Parfums Salzburg", I tried to get more information via Mrs. Pfleger's contact address.
But they thought there was no need for an answer.
Okay, so my own nose and her memory must act as a detective
"CP Caren nurse" lights up in the beginning; so I suspect the aldehydes typical for the time.
I also find bergamot and lemon here.
"White bloomers, like tuberose and a hint of jasmine, seem to be there. Certainly the noble gardenia.
It would be printed here in a fragrance pyramid: it dominates pretty much.
(We both have slight difficulties with each other, so of course the recognition effect is great.)
Also the light spice of the carnation waves very quietly in the background.
It's a very noble fragrance creature that grows up to here on my skin.
It elegantly strides towards vetiver and light woods: both bring a certain stability to the fragrance.
I think I perceive a little moss; I don't want to exclude Patchouli either.

The extent to which my personal "fragrance discoverer" is now right remains open. We'll never know.
But that doesn't change the fact: "CP Caren Caregiver" is a fragrance, so very much like my heart: flowery and a little bit woody-brown with green shimmer.
I feel it as a kind of cashmere on the skin and also in the hair: warm and ladylike, flattering and yet self-confident.
Just as the fashion collections are still based on the colour beige, this fragrance composition is also neither conspicuously loud, nor does it contain boldly coloured fragrances: style dominates!
The durability is adapted to the general appearance: some beautiful hours accompany me "CP Caren nurse" through the day; gladly also through the evening.
The success at an evening performance is certain for this fragrant lady: she attracts the attention of the senses - unspectacular, but very emphatic precisely for this reason.

"CP Caren Nurse" remains a creature of this woman.
This fragrance is also a child of its time; a time when fashion designers who were on their own brought a collection of fragrances to the market with more or less success.
Many of them are forgotten today; many have been adapted, sometimes even "docked" (they have had their "soul" taken away, for whatever reason) and yet relatively few have survived.
There then remains the memory of one's own life and that of the accompanying scent partner.
And fortunately the personal fragrance depots remain, which still make it possible to enjoy these fragrance creations today.
Therefore I thank Gerdi especially for this generous bottling: I will keep it in honour
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