ClownCake by Carnival Wax
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ClownCake is a perfume by Carnival Wax for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is gourmand-sweet. It is still in production.
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Submitted by Flavorite, last update on 21.11.2018.

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The scent supposedly smells like a buttery vanilla frosted birthday cake with boozy, honey-whipped cream filling.
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240 Reviews
Clowns will Eat You
Carnival Wax is a urban niche house that takes swashbuckling pirate/carnival Funhouse/Steampunk/ Cirque-du-freak genre to a new level with their collections of appropriately ridiculously priced perfume oil concentrates. None the less, I was enraptured by their dark- mysterious Funhouse website and ordered some samples. The parcel arrived in handsome rustic brown paper with intricate silk-screen printing cryptic symbols, tied with twine like a map to a secret treasure and I was immediately transported into their cool, dusty, dank and dangerous dungeon world. I can not resist such counter cultural phenomena such as steampunk/ retro pirate fashions just as I can not pass up anything that references the tales of Edgar Allen Poe. ClownCake is indeed a buttery concentrated oil, as in it is literally a butyric top note blended with a fluffy vanilla birthday cake center piled high with too much buttercream frosting to be remotely healthy and covered with pastel colored sprinkles then drizzled with honey ice cream, I imagine. And yet, ClownCake is not cloying and is what I hoped Serge Lutens "Jeux de Peaux" would reveal in the vein of a buttery gourmand pastry accord. What makes ClownCake noteworthy, is the total lack of any synthetic fixatives or diluents, differentiating it from any other sweet cake fragrances I have previously sampled. It melts into the pores and becomes truly edible. I can not say this fragrance oil concentrate would be appropriate for work unless you are a professional clown, Kindergarten teacher, pixie, exotic dancer or a unicorn. But it is truly delicious and natural, in spite of everything. I love it for its aptly named and humorous take on the circus funhouse atmosphere. Ultimately I wouldn't pitch in for a full 1 oz. bottle of this for a whopping 220 usd...unless I was tanked on a bottle O'rum and wanted to bait Stephen King's Evil Clown in the novel "It" into having me for dinner, but I give this scent high marks for buttery sweet cake goodness without the calories.
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