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Statements with exclusive character. Extravagance, but with style. What makes Carolina Herrera's collections stand out is their poise and jet-setting beauty.

Born in Venezuela in 1939, the New York designer's clothing and accessories still echo until this very day. Keeping in mind that she never studied design, but rather lived it.

Since her first collection, "Carolina Herrera New York," in 1981, Herrera's elegance has inspired the North American fashion scene and far beyond. And with the launch of a new, uncomplicated line "CH Carolina Herrera" in 2001, she presented an unparalleled lifestyle for everyone.

Numerous awards can testify to her creative power and importance in the fashion and fragrance world.

Complementing the designer collections, wedding dresses have been part of the range since 1987. As early as 1986, Herrera made a name for herself with Caroline Kennedy's wedding gown. And in 2011 she proved her versatility by designing the wedding dress Bellas in an episode of the Twilight Saga.

In 1988, a new era in the company's history began with the first perfume "Carolina Herrera for Women", which was completed in 1991 with an eau de toilette for men.

These successful fragrance creations were followed by many more, always lush and harmoniously composed. The popular "Good Girl" series has been a smashing success since its launch in 2016 - meanwhile complemented by the masculine "Bad Boy".
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