Confidential - Gold Incense (2017)

Confidential - Gold Incense by Carolina Herrera
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Confidential - Gold Incense is a popular perfume by Carolina Herrera for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is resinous-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Puig.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Cinnamon, Angelica seed, Tagetes
Heart Notes Heart NotesCedar, Labdanum
Base Notes Base NotesFrankincense, Vanilla pulp, Sandalwood



8.3 (20 Ratings)


8.3 (17 Ratings)


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8.3 (28 Ratings)
Submitted by CPL, last update on 06.03.2019.
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Helpful Review    6
For Christmas there are wooden biscuits with cinnamon
Good evening to you all!
Today I come to a fragrance, or better said to a fragrance brand, which I had seen here so often, but never tried even one fragrance of it: Carolina Herrera.
Herrera... hmm... that almost sounds like Hera. And I don't mean the wife (AND the sister...) of Zeus.
I mean... oh, I shouldn't say that... really not... but since I'm watching the fourth season of it... *sigh* All right, it sounds like Hera. And it reminds me of Hera Syndulla. A cute Twi-Lek from the Star Wars series "Rebels". And before you grumble now or even leave again (stay here!!!), that I'm dying here again and annoy you with war of the stars, just have a look at pictures of Hera. She looks so cute!! Well, at least for a green alien! :DD

All right, all right... i'm coming back to the scent!
So... Gold Incense is now my first fragrance from this brand. Incense means incense, by the way, if you didn't know that, and yes, this scent is really a incense scent, because the incense it contains seems to get stronger by the minute, but in a really good way, because the scent smells wonderful! About as wonderful as the universe of Star Wars, isn't it? Yes, I knew it! D can tell that Christmas is approaching every day. Because the closer we get to Christmas, the more bullshit I'm talking here, argh! Hey he he he.

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with cinnamon and cedar, a combination that may sound a little strange, but is still quite successful. The fragrance is therefore both quite sweetly spicy and woody-herbal. Whereby this could also come from Angelika, who, of course, also provides an additional sweetness. The incense seems to increase the already sweet powdery scent even more and you can smell the vanilla very well.
For a little while it stays the way it started, so you smell mainly vanilla, cinnamon and cedar. As well as the incense, of course, which is getting stronger and stronger. The fragrance is really sweet and airy, and very fragrant. Thematically it fits now especially to the Christmas season and smells wonderful! It still remains so beautifully fragrant, but the cedar now seems to become stronger, as you can perceive its distinctive and tart woody scent better and better.
In the later base the cedar is the strongest note for me. The sweet scents can also be smelled well, but are more a mix of individual sweet scents, I would say that vanilla mixed with cinnamon smells best here, so the fragrance still has a light, spicy note (through the cinnamon). Oh yes, and the incense is also intense for quite a while. Hm, the fragrance has actually been that way since it was sprayed on, it is not too complex, but smells very good.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is gigantic and room-filling at the beginning, and that with just two or three sprayers. And also later the intensity is quite strong, so that the scent can be sniffed very well over a long period of time at one (or at one).
The durability is very good, it lasted over fourteen hours with me, I think even longer, because I could still smell it quite easily on my arm the next morning.

The bottle:
The bottle is cylindrical, with the cylindrical one coming from many individual side faces (and the bottle is a polygon seen from this point of view). The bottom is thick and gold plated. On the front there is a recess in which the black label with golden frame has been embedded. The lid also consists of many side surfaces and is therefore a polygon that looks cylindrical. All in all, the bottle looks quite massive, and also looks good.

So, I really liked this scent here. Cedar wood together with incense and the sweet notes simply smells good and beautiful autumnal and wintery. I think it's great that it smells quite long with quite constant (high) Sillage and is therefore for a good while very well smellable with one. It could be used in small doses for the day, but I think it also looks very nice when going out.

Because of the stronger cedar I find the fragrance better suited for men than unisex, but of course everyone can have a look at this fragrance here, it would be worth it, especially for those who like sweet and woody fragrances, possibly with a nice portion of resins in addition.

Hm... I guess I'll come to the end today, too. Sorry if I got on my nerves with Star Wars again at the beginning, but I'll probably do that again and again, so get used to it :D
... and Star Wars Rebels is just a good series, find it as great as Star Wars Clone Wars (the series, I don't mean the grotty movies,... yes also I find some Star Wars movies terribly bad AND boring!!!)... and okay, now I really stop :D

He he he, then have a nice evening :)
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Darkbeat 22 months ago
Beautiful incense, fresh, sweet and elegant, similar to Timbuktu, but much more expensive and with similar performance...without comments...+2

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