Pour Un Homme de Caron Millésime 2014 (2014)

Pour Un Homme de Caron Millésime 2014 by Caron
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Pour Un Homme de Caron Millésime 2014 is a popular limited perfume by Caron for men and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Cattleya Finance. Limited Edition

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Richard Fraysse

Fragrance Notes

Lavender absolute, Lavender, Vanilla, Musk, Amber



8.7 (33 Ratings)


8.4 (30 Ratings)


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7.7 (42 Ratings)
Submitted by Rivegauche, last update on 08.11.2019

Interesting Facts

This variant of the original fragrance was launched to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Pour un Homme.

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Very helpful Review    8
Time - and boundless pleasure

Ladies, I'm amazed: zero statements from you, zero comments, none of you have this beautiful fragrance - none of you have it on their wish list. Pooh, but now I am relieved, there are at least some who put him curiously on the watchlist!

I strongly recommend all lavender lovers to give the fragrance a chance!

Since "Lavande" by Monastère Notre-Dame Ganagobie is emptied, my "Gris clair" by Serge Lutens only gives off lean droplets under his wheezing and "Island Lavender" by Caldey is coming to an end, my search for a new lavender scent has suddenly got a boost. I mainly use lavender scents as a sleeping scent, but I often wore the "Pour un Homme de Caron l'eau" last summer. I have the original "Pour un Homme de Caron" on my "absolutely test it" list for a long time, the only thing that deterred me a little was the prominent mention of vanilla. Vanilla and lavender always appear in front of my inner nose like "Mon Guerlain", which is simply too sweet for me - and generally vanilla is a delicate topic for me.

I found the Caron l'eau beautiful - but it could have been a bit more lavender for my taste. The descriptions here at the "Pour Un Homme de Caron Millésime 2014" sounded so perfect, that one day I took the chance and simply struck in the souk. In fact, this fragrance fulfils everything I dream of from a lavender fragrance. Whole arms full of dried lavender - for hours on end.

Most of the lavender scents that I know have evaporated rather quickly - or the lavender only takes a short place in the opening to be quickly dominated or replaced by other notes. It's different with Millésime. The start is herbaceous, almost harsh. A little like an overdose of Herbes de Provence. But only a few minutes later it is a floating lavender scent, delicately supported by a dark ambertone. I actually smell vanilla only minimally - and fortunately it is not sweet, sticky or sugary. The fragrance has an amazing shelf life - even if I just spray it on the skin. On the pillow or on clothing it can be smelled even the next morning - as a delicate clean scent with a still distinct lavender note.

Although I myself wear the fragrance mainly in the evening, it is also a wonderful companion for the day - and certainly also for ladies! So let's get on with this perfect lavender, ladies!
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Helpful Review    5
The gentleman classic with special features
Not much needs to be said about the history of this classic - it's a reissue of one of the first men's fragrances in perfume history. The Millesime version is intended to be particularly close to the original version.

Compared to the original (CaronPourUnHomme) the Millesime smells for me more lavender and also in the other notes more intensive and somehow "higher quality". I can't say anything about the exact differences now, because I never had the two scents at the same time. Nevertheless I find the durability of the Millesime much better. I don't use the CPUH anymore because of its moderate durability.

This perfume consists of only 4 notes and all these notes are needed at all times in the course of the fragrance in order not to make the performance too simple. You could also say that Millesime is a perfume without head notes. It begins in the heart and slowly glides into the base. Why also head notes, which have anyway vanished within minutes ? ;)

The use is quite universal, but I see the fragrance rather suitable for the gentleman from 30, whenever a well-groomed gentleman is needed. During the day with a tie in the office or in the evening, well dressed, at the opera. I find "casual" and "athletic" not the right choice for Millesime. As suitable seasons I find autumn to spring ideal, thus the cooler season. For the midsummer there is perhaps a little freshness missing and the smell itself is rather "warm".

But now for use and my special observations.

During the first tests on the skin, I immediately noticed the initially strong lavender note. It's a real lavender storm that's gonna whirl you around. The lavender in Millesime is very herbaceous, male, clearly French with, I suppose, a high proportion of camphor (theoretically up to 8% for French lavender). The first few times it was too much for me - eyes and nose were irritated; I thought it would be nothing with me and the Millesime. Am I perhaps allergic to it - that would be a pity, it is overall, nevertheless, such a beautiful smell? It wasn't that bad after all. After 10 to 15 minutes, the lavender storm sets in and the other notes begin to mix in. Meanwhile I got used to the lavender start and don't find it so unpleasant anymore.

But what comes after the first 15 minutes? For me this is the beginning of the most beautiful phase of the millesime. The lavender still provides the fresh component, but now the warm amber comes through, mixed with a tasty vanilla and the musk rounds the whole thing off.

During my first tests on the skin, I was disappointed after about one hour. What happened to the beautiful scent? The lavender is fizzled out and what remains is a soft vanilla cream that comes across very warm and gourmandig and smells like a chocolate-vanilla pudding. I don't really want to smell that way. I tried again and again and was always disappointed. I sprayed the Millesime on the back of the hand, the forearm, the chest - and always the same result. I was disappointed.

But then a new observation. The spray head of the flacon always smells good. Even days after the last spraying it still smells like lavender and the other notes are all there ! Objects that had come into contact with the Millesime still smell very good for days afterwards: a measuring spoon, a transfer funnel, the shelf surface smells as I would like the Millesime to smell.

So it must be the skin or especially my skin! I tried it immediately and sprayed the Millesime no longer on the skin but on my clothes and there the new realization: it works! The lavender storm at the beginning is not as violent as on the skin. The fragrance remains homogeneous and harmonious for a very long time. The lavender note, which holds everything together, lingers for a very long time and this beautiful fragrance remains for many hours. Even on the next day everything is still there and it does not come to the expression of the less great "Vanilleamber" as on the skin. The Sillage is not the very best, especially not on the clothes. The scent always remains rather reserved.

My hypothesis: The millesime remains more harmonious on clothing and objects than on the skin. Of course, it can also be due to MY skin, but my skin is not that special. I suspect that the lavender on warm skin evaporates too quickly and then one of the main components of this composition is missing. If you are disappointed by the performance of the Millesime, try it on your clothes!
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