Violette Précieuse 1913

Version from 1913
Violette Précieuse (1913) by Caron
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Violette Précieuse (1913) is a popular perfume by Caron for women and was released in 1913. The scent is floral-powdery. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
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Ernest Daltroff



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Melodious, soft violet on a lime green meadow
At the edge of the path is a small dark blue spot
I bend over to him and recognize a purple-blue flower A violet crouching unnoticed on the ground
Loosely coated with brown-golden earth crumbs
Fits quietly and modestly into his ancestral bed

It will receive rather little attention from passers-by
But on closer inspection it unfolds its beauty
Five-petalled, deep purple and with a bright yellow centre
Does it remind you of the fate of small, simple flowers
Completely underestimated, they quietly suffer from a lack of appreciation

But they never give up and can be an example to others
They bloom lavishly long and defy all weather conditions
Who bends down to the silent flowers and looks at them
Is rewarded with amazement and a little luck
As if painted by an artist's hand, the blossom has a little beard running through it
Lines appearing in black and spreading radially in the calyx
Give the 'pansies' their special charm

Carried by green, fringed foliage and a fine stem
Decorate purple, yellow or white violets garden, park and even roadsides
I have never been able to detect any particular smell except earthy green tones
In the viola perfume, however, there is a velvety powdery and graceful scent
The one like a light and airy blanket of filigree fabric loosely envelops


I like the venerable violet in the garden and I especially like it in perfumes, for example in Balenciaga Paris, in Guerlain's Insolence and L'Erbolario's Accordo Viola. It comes across wonderfully in these, which is why these fragrances are among my favorite perfumes. And so it is here in Caron's Violette Précieuse. This viola blossom is truly exquisite, and it behaves in this perfume just like the modest, easily overlooked violet by the wayside. At first I feel a herbaceous, tart acridity that could lead to a negative attitude. But it is worthwhile to linger and take a closer look. The sharpness fades quickly and thus gives a false impression. Only then, after the first fleeting impression, the Caron's violet unfolds its inner, hidden beauty:
In the colours lilac, deep blue and with a black-looking beard, the smell of a wonderful green landscape shining golden in the evening sun emanates from it. I feel it is an evening violet. The dew, freshly sparkling through the humidity in the evening, settles on everything that is green: on deciduous trees, on ferns, on pastures and meadows, on wild flowers and meadowgrounds.
The proximity of the forest with its dark earth, numerous melodious beech trees and tall fir trees is also noticeable in the gentle, quiet aura of Violette Précieuse.

If I wanted to express it in music, I hear the flageolet notes of a viola: dark, rich and yet velvety and muted in sound, a soft melody unfolds in partials, just as on the viola - which, by the way, is called a 'viola' among musicians - when one skilfully and virtuosically makes the open strings sound. The scent is soft and flowery, like a sweet impression on an unforgettable walk, which is nevertheless virtuoso music-making through inconspicuous smells, through soft light and muted colours.

In my statement about this perfume, which our dear treasure hunter temporarily sent me together with the bottle, I tried to say:

# Melodious viola
# Natural flageolet
# Earthy partials
# Green herbs gentleness
# Harmonic-silky soft lilac
# Bedded on lime green

I would like to thank you very much for reading and especially Sven, who gave me this fragrance pleasure from the original bottle.
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"...lead crystal berries rang out..."
Like when at a
summer green day
shortly after seventeen,
by a
hardly noticeable draught
the candles
on the candelabra
and then also
the little
Lead crystal berries rang,
so that you can
turn the head slightly,
to listen carefully.

What's that blowing,
a mild breeze,
a cool,
even cold breath,
behind that curtain
which bulges,
gently ?

you're back,
finally back again,
is it you -
answer me..."

Then follow that breeze
one more,
that you not only
in your neck
and in the visual field,
but also -
like a slight quake -
on the left side
yours (usually)

at the very back,
in the rooms,
in all rooms,
the goblins play music,
and it sounds
at this hour,
like every day
at this time ,
the harp,
the mandolin,
and singing voices as clear as bells:

"Do you hear the south wind,
he whispers to you,
Tammy, Tammy my happiness is you."

And every time
if you're listening to this,
you break -
straight up -
in tears.

otherwise everything is fine.
otherwise all is clear,
thanks for asking."

Only sometimes,
if you
loud swaggering
through the shopping zone
of your West German city
and any slogans
from you,
which are neither part of the
Sense of home
nor your inner
Take into account,
do you think so,
you'd have "Tourette's".

However: what do you make
not even
all in.

Do you know what a br /> where this comes from,
who you got that from -
did you 'mal
...thought about... ?

The big room,
almost a hall,
in decreasing light
of the day
darker and darker,
and you can
just barely
the blue veining
on the back of your hand

That's all there is to do,
not now,
not equal,
not later.

The goblins disappear.
The rain is falling.

The knowing smile
of the loved one
to you
seems safe to you.

And so dark
it can't be at all,
that you are afraid
before any
House spirits
could get.

Even if the rooms
are very large.

Also the spaces inside you
are large
and you can fight it.

Everything's grown up.
Every day,
big and bigger.
And builds up mountain high:

- the question of what is permanent,

- who is causing the whistling in the forest,

- who the golden threads from the circus jacket
around zero thirty-two,

- why the calories at night unnoticed
sew the dresses tighter,
so that in the morning they can
no longer fit,
all at once-
"Come on, stop it."

- whether the iridescence of the fish
is a real one,

- whether the good Lord
at really EVERY flower
has his hands in it,

- whether it's not just phantom limb pain,
but also gives phantom love,

- why a light blue eye-blow
can make you sad,

- whether it is after the seventh bridge,
that you had to go through,
there's also an eighth...

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________br />
This older version
of the precious violet
differs slightly
from the from 2017.

( for a touch )
more herbaceous and fresh
and has not the oily,
a little stuck-up
and sovereign elegance
the new formulation.

my goodness !,
another beauty,
on this planet
could really become.

sometimes you wish you had "Tourette's"
and wants to be able to choose,
whether you either constantly
"Instant Karma"
"Yours is all my heart"

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das bescheidene, anmutige und sehr liebenswerte Veilchen in diesem Vintage-Flacon duftet vorzüglich; es lebt von den leuchtend grüngelben Nuancen und seinen lila Büten • für Sven
by Santalwalti
...Im Viola-Parfum findet sich eine sammetpudrige, anmutige Blüte. Ein Duft wie eine luftig-leichte Stola aus filigran gewebtem Blütenflor. Man wird grün umhüllt und fühlt sich geborgen...
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