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Santal Précieux by Caron
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Santal Précieux is a new perfume by Caron for women and was released in 2020. The scent is woody-spicy. It is being marketed by Cattleya Finance.
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Jean Jacques

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Australian sandalwood, New Caledonian sandalwood, Labdanum, Milk, Rose, Elemi resin, Pink pepper



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Submitted by MonsieurZolo, last update on 09.01.2021.
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A certain type...
I was very happy when I received mail from Paris today. Two samples from CARON. And it's special, when the envelope says "Madame" - gives you a little bit of shine ;-)
The envelope contains the samples "Santal Précieux" and "TABAC BLOND". And for me, SP puts the TB in the shade but tastes are different but SP has for me an absolute "I would like to order it now" character.

Sprayed on, maintained, worked. Sprayed on, waited on, worked on.
And every time I spray it on, a certain type of woman appears immediately. Such a fragile, slightly tanned type of woman, long brunette hair of course, well-groomed long fingers, a delicate neck, but an obvious carotid artery that shows that it is not a fragile woman. Dressed cool and figure-hugging, maybe with blue jeans and a white plain shirt and of course with an inconspicuous Hermés belt and maybe even Hogan sneakers or maybe rather high heels.
In any case, you can see the prosperity, only little jewellery but expensive. She does not look at other people, because she knows that it is she who is being watched stealthily and is not impressed by it in any way.
It's someone you just have to look at and if I were to sit next to her at the airport, for example, and I could guess Santal Précieux by the wings of my nose - it would just make this picture of this woman perfect.

Even if it does not appear in the description and is not mentioned on the homepage of CARON, I could swear there is a touch of leather in it. It smells very soft, feminine and self-confident and there is this one of sandalwood with its earthy-woody note in combination with leather(?!) and what does the milk do? Is it the milk that puts this softness over all components? Can milk actually be extracted in a fragrance? Is that possible? If you could answer me this question, I would be very grateful!

Santal Précieux is so balanced in its composition, nothing stands out unpleasantly or disturbs my perception. After 4 hours and twice sprayed on, it is rather close to the body.
In the store of The Merchant of Venice in Sienna, a salesman once told me to spray some of my fragrance on a cloth and put it in my handbag, so that when I open the bag, the noble note of my perfume is released. I don't follow this advice with all of my fragrances, but it would fit to Santal Précieux.

So and the end of my song today is that I now sit back at my desk and relax and have to google a bit ;-)...

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