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Capri Forget Me Not (Profumo) by Carthusia
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Capri Forget Me Not (Profumo) is a perfume by Carthusia for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is fresh-citrusy. It is still in production.
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Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Capri Forget Me Not (Eau de Parfum) by Carthusia, which differs in concentration.
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Cooling composition of the perfume "Charterhouse" of Capri
Already in the Middle Ages the monks of the Carthusian monastery "Certosa di San Giacomo" on Capri produced fragrances. When in 1948 the prior of the monastery found old perfume recipes, these were the basis for the first fragrances of the brand "Carthusia", which are no longer produced in the monastery, which has been a museum since 1974. Instead, the perfumes are developed in a perfume laboratory that the perfumer of the time called "Carthusia".
Initially, the fragrance products were sold exclusively on Capri, only since 2002 have they been available nationally and internationally.

All the fragrances still have a reference to Capri and thematise the herbs, flowers and scents of the island. The compositions of the perfumer Laura Tonatto are probably still based on the medieval formulas, which were adapted to the current perfume taste. Whether this also applies to the fragrances created by Luca Maffei, I couldn't find anything about that.
Further information on the history of the brand can also be found here on Parfumo under Infos & Facts.

What does "Capri Forget Me Not (Profumo)" smell like?
Wonderfully fresh, cool and herbaceous. That's how I feel about him. Above all it is a fig scent, but it does not trigger any coconut associations in me, which is often the case.

Together with citrus fruits, eucalyptus and a little mint, the fig provides a cheerful, juicy and refreshing start. I cannot separate the citrus notes exactly. I rather smell lemon and lime, less or no tangerine and also no orange. The South African Buchu bush (maybe some grow on Capri after all?) is said to smell like blackcurrant. No wonder I like that. But I wouldn't have come across cassis in this fragrance on my own, and even supported, I can only perceive something indefinably herbaceous, which without the pyramid I would have attributed to the slightly bitter Mediterranean herbs. But which are probably not in here. All right, Buchu. Or Davana
Flowery notes are added in the further course of the piece. Again, my nose is not much help here. I smell neither jasmine nor hyacinth and have forgotten how cyclamen smells. Not sweet, I think I remember, rather harsh. That may be true.

The flowers are not that important anyway, as the fragrance remains mainly a fig scent with eucalyptus, whose freshness slightly decreases and herbaceousness slightly increases.

The fragrance lasts for 4 hours, with a decreasing sillage and then can be perceived very closely with a pleasant drydown, in which I smell a bit of vanilla for the first time. Does not bother me in this case, I even find it suitable. I also believe in vetiver.

All in all, very nice. I'll test him against philosophers next. If I like him better, I'll raise the rating a bit more
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