Mediterraneo (Eau de Toilette) by Carthusia

Mediterraneo 2003 Eau de Toilette

25.01.2015 - 05:36 PM

Oceanfront Nectarine Stand

Meditteraneo begins life on the skin as a sharp, nectarine aroma, mingled with notes that remind me of a sunny ocean. Over six hours, it fades to a rather clean skin scent. The projection never exceeds a foot and quickly dwindles to much less. However, reapplying brings out a different side to the scent -- an almost aggressive, aromatic orange oil. Here it becomes like Silver, but dirtier and not musky. I did enjoy this scent, but like many orange-based compositions, my skin simply devours it. I'm loathe to reapply, so I cannot give Meditteraneo the rating I would like. However, if an oceanfront nectarine stand sounds good to you, this scent is worth sampling, and one of the few from Carthusia that shows some hints of mastery.
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