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Baiser Fou by Cartier
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Baiser Fou is a perfume by Cartier for women and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-fruity. It is still in production.

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Orchid, Lily



7.3 (56 Ratings)


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Those the Only Notes?
I find it difficult to believe that those are the only notes in this. But then, what is °orchid° anyway? I have read that if real orchid were in a 'fume it would cost, like, a £squillion per bottle! & that orchid is a °fantasy note°, as they call it in perfumery. I was drawn to this by something odd & compelling in the aroma of this - something leaning, but ever-so gently leaning, a litlet skanky. Maybe it was just the °orchid° note, whatever that actually is.

Just gotten it out of the box & had a little go on it. Think I'll appoint this unto my next wearing. I remember now why I got it - I ^would^ say it is a bit of an outlier, in terms of sheer content. Seems to me to inhabit the centre of a wide space well away fræ other 'fumes. In fact it'd puzzling me greatly that there aren't more 'fumes that smell somewhat like this, as I do think the idiom of this is a mighty viable one. Don't know that 'skanky' is the right word, even with the 'gently leaning' qualification; but whatever is in it that gives it that distinction is at least a little °naughty° or a little °rude°.

And as for the ubiquitous muskiness that I'm never done going-on about (but it ^really is^ that important to me!) ... well ... I am thoroughly excruciated at this very moment!

Brings to mind Ærin's ~Lilac Path~, as that also is an outlier content-wise. Obviously I don't mean it's actually ^like^ it, forthat that would be an utter contradiction of what I've just said.

I'm having trouble being through with coming back to this: there seems to me something perhaps even a tad sinister in the almost juvenile innocence of it - perhaps a little like the sinistry of the sweet voice wherewithal, according to myths & legends & various stories of the supernatural, a conjured diabolickal spirit is wont to speak upon appearance at the sorcer's bidding. Or perhaps, is it that it is exciting a forebodeful thread of déja-vu in my mind, that always just fails to anchor itself, and of the anchoring of which I am a little afraid for some reason?

You know, I think I'm going to seriously enjoy this 'fume when I get round to wearing it; and that is likely to be soon, I do deem! Never thought I would be impatient for Kurkdjians ~Petit Matin~ to wear-off!

Yet another thing I'm beginning to wonder now: ^is^ it, perhaps, ^a little^ like ~Lilac Path~ in °a certain way°?

I also wonder why the shelf-life symbol on this says only 18 month, rather than the usual (and indeed even default) 36.

... the following morning ...
The Kurkdjian's wearing-off at last! Actually, I ^seriously^ enjoyed wearing it - it's a mickle-mighty good 'fume, that ~Petit Matin~. We 'fume heads of course, whatever we might say about layering, practise a °quasilayering° in that there is inevitably an overlap between consecutively worn 'fumes (kindlily refrain fræ admonishments as to showering insufficiently frequently or thoroughly!). I think the initial flourish of this one is conforming well with the parting gasps of that.

It could be mistaken superficially for a cloyingly sweet fruity, particularly rasberryish 'fume. If you're getting that, & especially if you're thinking with "not another sweet fuity ... ", then I would urge you to take stock & think again!

No, this is strange, strange. That °naughti- rude-ness°, perhaps bordering on the most discrete kind of skankiness, that I mention above, is flourishing amply. It's even, perhaps, beginning to take-on a certain ... °oiliness°, perhaps.

I'm looking forward avidly to the full deveiopment of this: reckon it's going to be seriously good.

... couple of hours later ...
It's settling down & maturing ^very^ nicely. Would say there is a ... perhaps °woodi- ambri-ness° coming through - but, I cannot fully confidently call it that as it just is never through with its being so ^mysterious^!

... a few hours later ...
Can't fault this, performance-wise. It's quite a powerhouse, in fact! Would say it's quite linear: such apparent changes in it are just a case of my °learning° it with time, I think: sometimes there's a flash of green, sometimes of amber; you know, the usual kind of thing: but on the whole it stays prett-much basically the same; which is fine by me! I'm not atall weary of it. Bring it on yet more!


Blkbrd 18 days ago
Powdery, makeuppy orchid, drier than most orchid scents - a treatment more usually given to violets or roses. Fun but potent. Spray lightly!+3
Jazzy76 17 months ago
Only a couple of flowers for an intoxicating and almostFruity acchord very vibrant and feminin. Average sillage. Good for the warm season.

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