Baiser Volé (Essence de Parfum) by Cartier

Baiser Volé 2013 Essence de Parfum

31.03.2014 - 11:57 AM
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baiser volè essence

this is heaven in a bottle ,a precious lily flower enriched with a soft vanillic touch ,one of the best feminine fragrance in the last months

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Oberon21Oberon21 8 years ago
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Africa africa
if you used to like the original pre reformulation le male jpg let's try this very cheap but good quality frag you won't be disappointed at all

Oberon21Oberon21 8 years ago
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unfortunately another precious discontinued stone in perfumery world and this one smell elegance ,allure and class in all his forms .what a man can ask more in a fragrance born to make him feel sexier than ever .. absolutely fantastic Mar 22 2014