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Carat is a popular perfume by Cartier for women and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-fresh. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Violet, Iris, Hyacinth, Ylang-ylang, Jonquil, Honeysuckle, Tulip



7.5 (73 Ratings)


7.0 (60 Ratings)


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8.0 (73 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 15.02.2020.
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8.0 7.0 8.0 7.5/10

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Very helpful Review    10
Is a female supporting role in the book Krabat by Otfried Preußler. Although Kantorka, as it is always called, is a minor role, it is still incredibly important for the progress of the novel.
She is depicted as a young, calm, light-haired and gentle being. With dark serious eyes and an incredibly clear, full-sounding voice.
Kantorka, means lead she sings to...only where?
Ah yes in the Easter night; when the girls armed with lights go to the well to draw water. There they sing Easter songs in several voices. And Kantorka is the lead singer.
That's where you get to know Kantorka.
What about the leading actor? The Krabat is sitting with a apprentice boy colleague under Bäumel's death (someone probably took his own life there) in order to dedicate his soul ignorantly to the miller in whose apprenticeship he is going.
So he sits there, at the fire and gets bored, he hears this incredibly clear voice
Zack...Bang.... in love.
And now that he's in love, he wants out of teaching, but he can't. Contractually regulated. But the black book says that through a woman's love...
Well? You know where this is going...
Isn't it? Read the book. It's exciting. Isn't it? Okay, watch the movie. That's good too.
The scent:
As soon as I spray it on, a gentle, wonderfully ripe, fruity pear appears from the spray head (I know it's not in the pyramid, but my nose says Is Abba So! And I certainly don't want to argue with my nose)
Green cute she is. By green I mean the colour of the fruit, certainly not the scent.
On my skin this smell develops so gaaaanz differently than others have described it. It is neither green nor fresh, nor woody or serious, let alone cool and distant.
He's clear and very gentle. Creamy and very flowery. In white and a little silvery it gently lies on the skin and caresses the wearer.
It starts as said fruity and sweet, then a soft clear cream is added in the background. (But the jams kind of cream.)
It smells slightly of the sea and blooming flowers. After wind and spring. After white lilac and actually also after hyacinth. (Imagination? Possible. Still good the smell)

A very linear fragrance, with little change in fragrance. It doesn't matter. But so nothing at all. He's got enough change. Fruity, sweet, creamy, watery, slightly stuffy but discreet.

A fragrance that does not kill immediately, but can still be smelled well. After 1 hour only as a skin softener, but ok. It lasts 8 hours, but under reserve. I tested him at 25, 30 and 40 degrees, he was really present. And I was sweating all the time, practically reactivating the scent molecules. It would be better to wear it in spring or autumn, because it is not refreshing. But to wear it every day. Work, at home, school, university, in bed -rausper, cough- while sleeping. Always even.
As a teen rather necessary, but from 25 plus and so really beautiful.

A scent written on the body of a Kantorka. Gentle, sweet, clear, full, confident and valuable.
A fragrance for women who like fruity sweet cream fragrances. Who just want to underline their way of being, not cover it up. Simply appreciate a fragrance in a valuable bottle
3 Replies
10.0 6.0 6.0 7.5/10

3 Reviews
Beautiful bright bottle contains a matching scent
Cartier Carat opens on me with lots of aldehydes and a blast of spring flowers. This part does evoke the diamonds in their marketing imagery. The mid notes are fruity floral. It envelopes me in the sparkly scent with a medium sillage.

It is a very pretty and feminine skin scent at seven hours.

The packaging is an understated beauty. Overall I enjoy this fragrance, but it will not be a hero in my collection. For me, it feels a bit more elegant than a work scent. It could be a great bottle for someone who wants to feel confident and bright.
10.0 8.0 10.0 10.0/10

21 Reviews
If you don't like crisp florals, stay away friend.
An unusual floral, very pleasant.

First spray: hyacint and lime march forward at full force, with pear following them a step behind. Mimosa takes its time to reach them, a few minutes after, to soften the trio crispness. It's like a lady joining three gentlemen in conversation: suave, enchanting, delicate in her approach.

The fragrance mellows rather slowly, developing into a comforting, soft white floral, soapish scent.
Not particularly impressed by it, but I would most definitely wear it this summer.
Very pleased overall, it's a "well done" Cartier for bringing out there something completely different from the trendy.

Update: it's been 30 minutes since I sprayed on Carat... NOW I'm truly impressed! 10/10 from me!!!!

2nd Update: ... and it keeps going! After a few hours, Carat unleashes its primal, magical spell. Could anyone wish for more? No.

I should add that I have a slightly alkaline PH, which makes my skin rather dry and cold compared to the average PH. This type of perfume works better on alkaline, it needs a "colder" and dryer skin to fully release the bottom notes. I noticed this in years of scent addictions: what works wonders on me, doesn't work at all on others.

9.0 8.0 7.0 7.5/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    6
It's so green
I must admit, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful bottle. I hadn't tested it; I wanted to be surprised.
Ordered, delivered and first admired this sparkling gem.
Sprayed and serviced. Well, he smells fresh green. I strongly perceived the hyacinth and something harbes, I suppose the honeysuckle.
The honeysuckle and I become in this life no friends, it is on my skin to herb.
After a quarter of an hour it became more lovely, finer and somehow "aristocratic". I felt elegant and elegant.
I suppose it was violet and iris. Very fine. I like it subtle and not intrusive and feel very comfortable with my new darling.
Now in winter it's too fresh, too fine, too lovely. I'm waiting for spring!
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8.0 6.0 6.0 7.5/10

320 Reviews
Light and bright daily scent (...but without base)
You think of the Maison Cartier and you immediately imagine important and opulent classics such as Must, Pasha or Declaration, all scents with a strong character and a very noticeable sillage.
This one is a light gem charming mainly for its bright and precious multifaceted bottle recalling the high jewelery.
But let's smell the scent: first of all you smell the springtime flowers bouquet, made of hyacinth and violet, very light and not as penetrating as the Guerlain Insolence's one. You 'll feel a sense of floral freshness, like a "springtime on the skin". The only deeper and warmer note is the Ylang, but it's just suggested and not so vibrant.
But the great awol is the base! No musk, no deep notes, no ingredients giving a certain longevity to this scent. I can't forgive that to a brand like Cartier, mainly because the price is very high and you have to pay only the deluxe bottle in spite of a scent less persistent and lighter than a Zara's fragrance!
Anyway, if you're searching for something bright, light and crystalline, this is your cup of tea: a typical daily fragrance to wear by day and in the hot season and at the office too for its very inoffensive sillage.
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213 Reviews
Sparkling Musky Floral
The opening of Cartier Carat is surprisingly powerful, with a pungent green sappy aroma reminiscent of hyacinth, but not as quite realistically vegetal and somehow shimmering with a metallic sheen of aldehyde, and even mixed with a hit of that cyanide astringency of bitter almond, like an alien plant gilded in silver metal oozing neon green poison.

Carat takes on a more innocent persona with time, when the initial futuristic green aldehyde aspect dissipates to reveal a pristine, dewy, clean abstract musky floral. I'm unable to identify any specific flower in the note list, but the whole effect reminds me mostly of freesia, adorned with tiny sparkles of mineral and aquatic nuances.

The fragrance then remains more or less the same afterwards, only turning more musky and abstract with time until the end. The sillage of Carat is relatively soft, while the longevity is around 8 hours on me.

Although I'm unable to envision all the rainbow colours implied in press release, Carat indeed evokes sparkling diamonds quite well, from the clean, bright, crystalline musky floral to the mineral/metallic accents. The confident, vigorous green aldehydic opening also leaves a strong impression before the perfume falls back to a more familiar, versatile, modern clean musky floral. If you enjoy this type of fragrance in general but would like something with a stronger personality, Carat is worth considering in my opinion.


Jazzy76 14 months ago
In its precious bottle,the newborn of the Maison brights for its lightness.A typical springtime scent not so longlasting for its price

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