Déclaration Parfum (2018)

Déclaration Parfum by Cartier
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Déclaration Parfum is a new perfume by Cartier for men and was released in 2018. The scent is woody-spicy. It is still in production.

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Bergamot, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Oriental notes, Leather



8.2 (82 Ratings)


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Sweet and spicy leather to conquer the night
Here we are in front of one of my favourite perfumes. The notes that i feel the most innthis perfume are the cardamom, which gives to the perfume a very spicy character; bitter orange, not listed here but something which gives to the fragance a semi-sweet and fruity vibe; and leather, which gives to the perfume his sexy and masculine parte... I LOVE wearing this perfume when i meet with Friends for dinner or ti go to events at early night (like going to the cinema or to the theather), combining It with a leather jscket and jeans. I think this scent gives the final touch to this kind of casual look. During daytime It could be a bit too intense and for night out i thing we can loose parte of his character. For me the best creation of cartier...
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Greatly helpful Review    17
Why always so much cashmere, Mrs. Laurent?
Yeah, the scent's great.
Déclartion' has always been a great fragrance (at least in my opinion) and Mathilde Laurent, the head perfumer of Cartier, obviously doesn't see it any differently, otherwise she wouldn't pay so much attention to the DNA of the original fragrance in all the flanks she created.
The creator of the fragrance, which was launched more than 20 years ago, also considers it to be one of his best, according to his own statements.

A homage to 'Eau d'Hermès', the early masterpiece of Edmond Roudnitskas, which his pupil reinterpreted almost half a century later.
Unlike his teacher, Jean-Claude Ellena placed the basic character of his new fragrance more in the direction of a semi-oriental chypre fragrance and let the clear leather nuances of the Roudnitska fragrance take a back seat.
Mathilde Laurent now makes sure that exactly these leather notes appear more strongly again, which does not lead, however, to the fact that the new smell would change back a piece in the direction of 'Eau d'Hermès', no, she develops it further in the direction of her own fragrance fingerprint, and this is characterized above all by the frequent one of a fragrance, by Cashmeran.
Mathilde Laurent loves Cashmeran. In many of her creations it can be experienced in a rare quantity and unfolds beside all its wonderfully fragrant aspects unfortunately also its - at least for me - unpleasant sides.
But Mme Laurent is not the only one who enriches her formulas with an excess of cashmeran: François Demachy, for example, has also delighted his all-sided applauded 'Eau Sauvage Parfum' (also originally a Roudnitska fragrance) with it, as has Maurice Roucel his 'Dans tes bras'.
Mathilde Laurent herself has overloaded her own 'Roadster' with it, as well as the wonderful patchouli scent 'L'Heure Mysterieuse'.

Cashmeran can now be found quite wonderful, especially if you appreciate sweetish light woodsy nuances in combination with a distant musk-like skin note, but you can also quickly get annoyed by it - annoyed by all the synthetic caramel woodsy baby skin fluffiness.
Strangely enough, the cashmeran in 'Déclaration Parfum' doesn't bother me as much as in the Dior fragrance or in 'Roadster', because the base notes keep its light beige sweetness quite well in check. Nevertheless it is there, and unfortunately clearly recognizable. Especially the comparison with Ellena's 'Déclaration' makes it stand out.
At the moment I have his scent on the back of one hand and Mme Laurent's version on the other.

In itself, the perfume version is not bad: it is full-sounding, unfolds volume and a richly orchestrated depth, all pervaded by the familiar 'Déclaration' sound, but tuned darker, richer. The brighter sounding brilliance, the steel power and refinement of the original, however, she does not achieve.
That's no big deal, since 'Déclaration' perfume is in quite respectable company here: because similar to this supposed 'perfume' (probably an EdP) it's the same with other heavyweights like the already mentioned 'Eau Sauvage Parfum', but also 'Hèritage Eau de Parfum', 'Dior Homme Parfum', 'Fahrenheit Parfum', or 'PuH de Caron Impact' - all of them don't reach the class of their EdT-representatives.

Of course, it's all a matter of taste. Some prefer rather scent bolides in modernistic bloated style (Cashmeran, Ambroxan & Co...), but it's too loud for me, too SUV-like, too much sound generator pose.....
The original 'Déclaration' on the back of my other hand simply smells better: fresher, brighter, more refined. The for many so precarious spices, cardamom and a hint of cumin, come to better effect and the orange ripened to full beauty later in the 'Cologne Bigarade' can already be experienced here. Everything in a wonderful balance and not yet following Ellena's later minimalism command, evaporated beyond measure.
But also not disguised and glued by Mathilde Laurent's beloved Cashmeran. I must be glad that Mr Demachy didn't get his hands on the scent - probably he would have added more cashmeran and ambroxan to the formula and pumped it up to a farce of his own.
No, luckily 'Déclaration Parfum' is not a farce, but can be really seen.

So far, so la la...
A good fragrance, but not a superior one.
Outstanding is and remains the old 'Déclaration'.

Durability and projection are good, but no better than the original.
And the bottle is just as ugly...
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8.0 8.0 8.0 10.0/10

320 Reviews
Declaration...of love!
I'd never smelled before this fragrance , but this morining, while I was in one of my favourites drugstores of my town, I looked at this simple and very refined bottle recalling a gem or a watch signed Cartier and mainly to the colour of the scent: light brown and cloudy . On the bottle there was the writing "parfum" and I said to myself: this could be a bomb! I was right! I sprayed the scent and suddenly I was involved by a wonderful and intoxicating spicy cloud : the cardamom notes were so strong , harmonized with other oriental touches and a leathery base, so warm and sensual. I couldn't understand if it was a feminine or masculine scent because it was the perfect scent to share. On my skin I smelled all the range of oriental notes and the sillage was really divine.
i'm surprised to see that the bouquet is quite simple and not so rich, but the result is a true spicy bomb which last on teh skin for hours and hours. A true fall-winter delight .The price for a 100ml size is high but not impossible (Chanel's creations are more expensive, for example),perhaps also smaller sizes are available, but I usually recommend to buy the big bottle. This scent is a thue gem worthy of the Maison Cartier! I love it.


Emorandeira 120 days ago
Cardamom, bitter Orange and leather, goodconcentration and mixed with lot of taste to make a perfume unique and with a very good performance
SmellGoodGuy 9 months ago
Very nice so far. I’ve only spritzed it on the back of my hand, so will have to delve further later. Was hooked up with the 18ml sample :)
JoaoMartins 10 months ago
The best from the line! Beautiful and unique in the designer realm+1
Jazzy76 11 months ago
Love at first smell!Deeep, spicy, round, intoxicating. Wonderful for Heim and Her. Strong sillage and very refined bottle. A true gem.+2
Fqjcior 22 months ago
Signature Declaration accord wrapped in balsamic ambery tones similar to L'Envol EDP. Very nice varation on the classic theme. Good job!+4

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