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L'Envol (Eau de Toilette) by Cartier
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L'Envol (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Cartier for men and was released in 2017. The scent is spicy-woody. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Citric notes, Gaiac wood, Honey



7.3 (56 Ratings)


7.3 (47 Ratings)


6.8 (45 Ratings)


7.8 (54 Ratings)
Submitted by OPomone, last update on 24.01.2020.
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Greatly helpful Review    18
In the forest
What is that?! ...

Saturday morning, during the purchases on Friday, the espresso beans had been left on the shelf of the market. There was nothing left for me to do but to set off once more.

The way passed Douglas, to make the way not only for a few bags of coffee beans, I made a stopover. L'Envol' - after the success of the EdP, the EdT was on my list. Two or three strong blows from the test bottle on the forearm.

Mmph! I did not want to inspect what was in the air. The overpowering citrus breeze in the air was enough for me. I'd rather not. Traded in lemons. Due to the weakness of the sage, the scent was quickly forgotten.

A few hours went by. The hot espresso in the glass went to the mouth ...!

... I stood in the extensive beech forest, where I always loved to play with my friends in my childhood days. The dense, green leaves of the forest hardly let any light through. Where a sunbeam reached the ground a few ferns and a little undergrowth grew. The beeches kept to themselves. Their smooth trunks protruded from the mossy ground like columns supporting a green roof. From the edge of the forest, bright light penetrates into this dome of trees, as if through a window.

It has become autumn, on the harvested field in front of the field we wanted to fly our kites. But the wind had let us down. The forest was clearer. The trees had lost their leaves. So we shuffled through the thick layer of leaves at the bottom of the forest. The leaves rushed and crackled. Here we romped, the brown leaves rose once more and whirled around us.

A forest path appeared, on the edge of which the trunks of recently felled trees were resting. The woody-mossy smell of the forest was intensified by the scent of these trunks. We had let off steam and one or the other was plagued by thirst and thought of the way home.

Jörg came a little later, as almost always. His parents had a small grocery store where he often had to work with his hands, child labour! On the luggage carrier of his bike an octagonal box was stuck, out of this box some of the Sunkist triangles went on to us. Lemon or orange, there were only the two varieties. The drinking straws penetrated the Sunkistchen. We sat on the trunks of the felled beeches and enjoyed the last bright hour of the day ...
Like probably many others here, I don't know exactly what guaiac wood smells like. If the only wood note indicated is "guaiac", it must be this note. I have a strong association with the fine smell of beech wood
After the mighty citric notes fade away and are only a hint away, the EdT of 'L'Envol' becomes a very pleasant woody scent. The missing iris compared to the EdP gives this wood more space. The unsweet honey completes this impression very nicely.

Musk is not included in the list of ingredients. The fragrance is nevertheless very "fluffy". The last hint of citrus notes, carries this fragrance into the world. But it takes a little longer before this final fragrance image is achieved.

The fragrance is, around the dominant wood note, very simply structured. L'Envol EdT' is not a sillage cracker, but when applied straight to the neck, it can be heard well over a long period of time.

As with the EdP, the thick glass base makes the bottle very heavy and valuable in the hand. The spraying mechanism is accessible by turning the "crown" slightly. The content is very easy to dose, but is distributed at a wide angle. When applying to the wrist, it is recommended that you keep a slightly smaller distance, otherwise much of the fragrance fluid will go off.

For the big gigs the scent is rather nothing. It is suitable for the quieter times in life and that, at any time of the year.

My initial 'Mmph' has turned into an 'Mm' and he moved in.
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9.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    8
Felt 120 years too late ...
or why Cartier seems to have a deep longing for the Belle Époque. At the beginning I would like to make it clear that I am a fan of Cartier fragrances. According to my nose, Cartier hasn't made a mistake in the men's segment yet. For me, Pasha, Santos and Déclaration are fragrances that are "safe" more than just to say "New German". In my opinion, L'Envol also joins the ranks of Cartier's great fragrances. I would also like to say in advance that I do not know the Eau de Parfum variant and so I cannot make a comparison between the two concentrations.

Admittedly, at the beginning of my tests (and yes L'Envol needed several tests to understand it) I was a little sceptical, I was told that I couldn't classify the fragrance at all and I wasn't sure what Cartier wanted to tell me with L'Envol. Even now that I am writing the commentary, I cannot say with any certainty that I have fully understood the fragrance. The problem of the most accurate classification of L'Envol begins immediately after spraying. My first, second and also felt tenth thought is still "that smells somehow extremely dignified and fallen out of time" closely followed by an incredulous look at the year of publication. People please don't want to crucify me, but thoughts like "that could also be a Guerlain around 1900" or "that's how the courtiers at Potsdam smelled" came to my mind. Now we have to explain how I came up with these thoughts and impressions.

Immediately after spraying I am struck by a rather strong hint of all kinds of citric notes, but far away from today's cleaning agents and cheap chemistry attitude, but rather in the manner of a fine eau de cologne from Italy or Spain paired with a good portion of powdery musk and fine hedge wood. Admittedly, that didn't impress me very much at first, you really don't reinvent the wheel and you don't need the "nimbus" of a luxury brand like Cartier. In short, the disappointment was great and I was not sure if it was a men's fragrance (which the fragrance simply is not, it is unisex par excellence). But what I smelled just ten minutes later has left me speechless and cannot be understood, measured by the scents mentioned above. I noticed and still perceive a wonderful oakmoss note on application, which reminds me (may I not be crucified) of the one in Mitsouko (Eau de Toilette). Immediately L'Envol put a broad smile on my face, a fragrance from 2017 with such a great oakmoss note, actually a thing of impossibility. Fortunately, this oakmoss note remains subliminal on my skin over the entire course of the fragrance and is alternately accompanied by shining citrus notes, fine woody notes and a light beeswax note similar to that of high-quality beeswax candles.

Immediately thoughts and pictures from the time of the Belle Époque come to my mind again. I smell and see large old building villas with wood panelled rooms in the ottoman, heavy curtains and candlesticks standing. The war still seems to be far away and yet the first bad signs are glowing on the horizon, while the hautevolee of the aristocracy and the upper middle classes devote themselves to the pleasure of big evening parties and kill time by parrying about the latest fashions and fragrances from Paris and Milan. Nevertheless L'Envol is for me less a scent for the big appearance, but rather a "quiet scent" for my own pleasure,
preferably in the fresh season of the year. Personally, I like to wear L'Envol on days that are not filled with appointments or work, but rather with peace and quiet, on days when you once again have time to play two or three hours of Bach at the piano, take an extensive walk through the city park, visit a good cafe or simply spend the day with a good book. However, one should not expect L'Envol to have a great fragrance, because after about twenty to thirty minutes the fragrance has settled on an aroma of citrus notes with fresh woody notes, beeswax candles and oak moss. However, the durability and Sillage is astonishing. L'Envol lasts on my skin more than eight hours and this with a pleasant immediately present Sillage.

Cartier and Madame Laurent deserve my respect for the courage with L'Envol to create a fragrance that is completely out of time with a clear retrospective attitude. Chapeau
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Fine water for our best piece, whoever it is
At first tangy and fresh, it quickly becomes heavier, sweeter and more oriental. The honey has such a wonderfully pompous and sticky adherence, holds mega well. But do not misunderstand it is never unpleasant but always fine. It becomes body-hugging after an hour and no longer occupies such a large space. I like it well, it has something noble and fine, like a young as well as a mature man picture. I'm just saying, we girls like him. Wood and honey is a wonderful combination, each emphasizing the other which is the depth and good durability. It suits the best friend as a birthday present, the loveliest as a sexy cuddly scent, the mature gentleman as an underscore of a well-groomed and experienced personality or the brother who goes to a rock concert. For me a successful, warm scent which gives me the feeling of security, closeness and security. Cartier just makes beautiful scents
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6.0 6.0 6.0 7.5/10

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Less helpful Review    3
So woman can be wrong
I had a vial of Cartier L'envol with me when I bought it. Just the vial. I tried it today. It smells a bit sour fresh but somehow I have to sniff it again and again. Tempting! Now I thought I'd take a look at what the little scent costs, I see that it's actually a men's scent! Actually not bad, but my innermost ego then struggles with me to wear a men's scent. Now I will "bathe" my Menne in it if he smells so well with him, then I have the smell but somehow ;-)
It is an edt. and now still smells really intense.
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Itchynose 12 months ago
Bitter artemisia and sweet honey just don't get along in my book. To my nose this one is a "try before you buy" kind of scent.+2

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