L'Eau Intense (2016) Eau de Toilette

L'Eau Intense (Eau de Toilette) by Carven
Bottle Design: Thierry de Bashmakoff
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7.2 / 10     41 RatingsRatingsRatings
L'Eau Intense (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Carven for men and was released in 2016. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is being marketed by Groupe Bogart.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGrapefruit, Italian lemon, Mint
Heart Notes Heart NotesBirch leaf, Lavender
Base Notes Base NotesAmbery woods, Ginger, Cardamom, Cedarwood



7.2 (41 Ratings)


7.1 (35 Ratings)


6.7 (35 Ratings)


7.5 (48 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 08.06.2019
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8.0 8.0 7.0 9.0/10

240 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Do you want to smell elegant, clean, fresh and sexy in the Summer?
Today I was desperate to make a wrotten vegetables sickly smell disappear. I caught it on the sidewalk as I was about to get into my office. The smell was so bad that my stomach was totally upset. What a giant nausea!
I remembered then that I had left my summer Carven in the office.
As soon as I reached my space, I picked up the white bottle of L'Eau Intense and applied 2 sprays on my chest and one into the air that formed a cloud of droplets around me.
........ inbreathe fresh air ........
Wow! A fizzy, bubbling, minty, citrusy, fresh and clean burst. It did work, and a lot better and faster than rolaids. Suddenly a sentence arised to my mind: "Carven!.... that's how you spell relief!" (N)
Of course I don't advise you to use L'Eau Intense as an air freshner, nor rolaids to cure bad scents!

Carven L'Eau Intense is positioned in the same BLUE market segment as Invictus Aqua, Legend Spirit, Hawas, Dylan Blue, Bleu de Chanel, Sauvage, Eros, Mr Burberry, Icon Racing, Mauboussin Private Club, Oxford Bleu and Bentley Black Edition. Nevertheless it's not similar to any of them except Bentley Black Edition. L'Eau Intense is woodier (deep forest scent), fresher, less sweet and a bit greener. The initial clean scent gets a little dirtier later on, probably due to the birch note. The lavender you get during the development is nice and strong as well.
The drydown it's rather common and you get some cardamom with amber, and unidentified woods. Its greeness endures in all development stages.
It's a very nice scent but with a polarity of the hate/love kind. i like very much to use it with warm weather when I am in the mood of using a lesser sweet scent. Longevity and Sillage are a bit above average for this type of fresh fragrance.

How does L'Eau Intense copes with ratings?
- Scent opening............8.75
- Scent Dry Down.........8.25
- Longevity....................8.0 (up to 7 hours on my skin, with 3 sprays)
- Sillage..........................8.0 (sillage peaks up to 5 feet; projects heavily for 2.0 hours)
- Versatility....................7.5 (avoid any type of cold temperatures)
- Usability......................7.0 (ideal for open air activities and gym; Fantastic for informal gatherings, dates and intimacy)
- Compliments..............8.5 (This scent competes with other alluring BLUE fragrances and may be a compliment magnet. You will smell elegant, clean, fresh and sexy, but not cute due to the lower sugar level of the fragrance)
- Uniqueness.................9.0 (I believe it's not a unique scent but I don't make any associations with other fragrances, except Colonia Club by Acqua di Parma. People claim it's similar to Creed Himalaya but I never tried that one. I have some doubts about that association due to the different notes listing.
EDIT: Recently I found a remarkable similarity with the just launched Bentley Black Edition which has a different set of notes as well)
- Quality.........................9.0 (High quality ingredients; gorgeous heavy glass bottle, great spray and cap)
- Presentation...............9.0 (really beautifully shaped bottle, extremely well designed details)
- Price.............................8.5 (€ 21 + taxes for a 100 ml tester flask)

- Average:......................8.32/10.00
between 7 and 8 => above average;
between 8 and 9 => recommended;
equal or bigger than 9 => don't miss it;

Opinion on "L'Eau Intense":
Fresh, clean and blue! I find L'Eau Intense as a less sweet but very interesting member of the BLUE family group. Other members include Invictus Aqua, Legend Spirit, Hawas, Dylan Blue, Bleu de Chanel, Sauvage, Eros, Mr Burberry, Icon Racing, Mauboussin Private Club, Oxford Bleu and Bentley Black Edition (and their clones as well).
Blind buy worthy? No! Do try it before.

Music: Green Day - "Wake Me Up When September Ends"

(N) note: Allusion to the Rolaid commercial in the U.S.A.
8.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

10 Reviews
Helpful Review    1
Clean Shower Feel
This is a refreshing burst of energy out of the shower in a bottle. It's bright and inoffensive. If I could compare it to anything I would say it's like lemon-mint bubblegum. There's nothing special that pops out from the notes aside from the mint and cardamom which probably give it that strong projection. Yes its a projection bomb(on my skin at least) that cast its cloud for no less than 6 hours on my skin and is a decent minty skin scent for a few hours after that. Whatever they did to concoct this lovely fragrance and give it this much depth should be echoed in my other favorites in this same vein. This is sure to please the the veterans or casual users alike. The only reason it doesn't get a higher mark from me is that it's not unique in the slightest but with price point, performance, and likability- I give this one the green light in my book.

8.0 6.0 7.0 6.5/10

143 Reviews
Very helpful Review    5
So fresh, So Clean
Madonna - Holiday

Carven l’Eau Intense is a summer brother of Mr. Burberry, also composed the same year by Francis Kurkdjian. The opening of l’Eau Intense is much brighter and sunnier compared to Burberry, but from mid notes to drydown they are more and more similar. Like Mr. Burberry meets some aspects of Fleur de Male. Carven opens with strong and fresh mint note, accompanied by a hefty dose of bright grapefruit which I personally like, ginger and something like bright aldehydes. Somewhere beneath all those fresh layers I can detect some dirty white flowers, like orange or lemon flowers. As the composition evolves, the lavender becomes stronger and some woody aspects are more pronounced. It reminds me of powdered detergent, but in a good way. The birch leaf, also known from Mr. Burberry, gives some dirty touch to the otherwise extremely clean composition. The base is usual for this kind of fragrances, unidentified woods, with some pale amber aspects and a touch of Iso E Super.

Rating: 6.5/10

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Carlitos01 19 months ago
A gem better than the ressembling scents like Invictus Aqua, Eros, Legend Spirit, Icon Racing or Hawas.
Less expensive than those as well.+7

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