Paris São Paulo by Carven

Paris São Paulo 2017

14.09.2021 - 07:40 PM

Real hidden gem

To start with: Imo this is not a women-perfume!
Its more unisex than women/men fragrance. I am not good in describing notes, you can find everything about the few notes in descryption. The most dominant for me are Cinnamon, Rum, Vanille, Cardamon. You can easy imagine the smell: warm, spicy, for me fantastic, even for such big Kouros-addict as me ;-)
Now something about emotions: when I smelled a sample for the first time I fell in love, I had to buy a bottle. I did it, the bottle came first to a good friend of mine, she felt also in love and bought directly a bottle :-)))
Not many people know this fragrance but everyone who smells it wants to buy a bottle.
Best time to wear it seems to be outside, in windy weather.
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