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1445 is a popular perfume by Castle Forbes for men and was released in 1997. The scent is green-fresh. It is still in production.

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Andrew French

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPetitgrain, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesTarragon, Lavender
Base Notes Base NotesVetiver, Clove, Patchouli



7.6 (24 Ratings)


6.6 (20 Ratings)


6.5 (23 Ratings)


7.6 (29 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    22
Lavender Innovations No 1: Tarragon.
Lavender is a fragrance that we all, more or less rightly, believe we know well. But you probably don't have to be Yatagan (who has published encyclopedias on lavender scents here on Parfumo) to suspect that you can not only compose the most different scents from and with lavender, but that lavender soliflores can also smell very different. So far I have had three reference lavender scents that have become firmly engraved as cornerstones of my scent map: Island Lavender by Caldey, a wonderfully crystalline, bright, transparent fragrance created by English monks, Lavender Water by Harry Lehmann, the warm herbaceous counterpart (I spontaneously gave my bottle to someone who liked the fragrance about a year ago, now the stuff has probably fallen victim to some new guidelines and I'm afraid I won't get it anymore), and of course the ingenious vanilla-lavender composition "Caron pour un homme", one of my very first bought fragrances since I've been dealing with perfumes a bit more deeply.

But lavender can always be quite different! You can see that in this - as Apicius correctly wrote - very unusual, unique scent (I can't think of any that smells even close to it) from the friendly little Scottish house "Castle Forbes". 1445 is very green, natural, not only in colour, and moreover a bright, ascending, clear, precise and distinct fragrance. Perhaps even better meets "slim": it is anything but pompous and opulent, appears concentrated, straightforward and wiry. When I first encountered it two years ago on one of the "Berlin fragrance walks" in a perfumery shelf and it immediately catapulted itself into my nose, my heart and my wish list, I also found it warm, as my spontaneously formed statement at the time proves; I wouldn't put it that way today, but I would still describe it as soft and delicate in a very masculine and unplush sense (after it fell from the wish list into my perfume cabinet at Christmas).

I mean (without it being possible to prove it, or that it matters) that I would recognize lavender today even without looking into the pyramid of scents, and I would recognize it very clearly. Its striking, often described as powdery, business card is not to be misjudged. Knowing the declared ingredients I would reconstruct the (ingeniously simple and clear) basic idea of the composition like this:

The heart of the fragrance is lavender, but it is married to a fragrance companion that is just as distinctive (but much less common in perfumery), and that is tarragon. This dream partnership is just as distinctive as the lavender-vanilla wedding in 1932 and conveys a very unconventional, almost crazy, but very beautiful kind of green, bright, slightly bitter herbal freshness that you don't know how or where to classify, in the meadow, in the forest, in the kitchen - cunningly, tarragon is not such a popular herb as basil, Thyme or rosemary (and probably not a sooo typical Scottish one either, by the way), but chervil is one of those of which you always don't know exactly how they actually smell and taste and where you always look particularly carefully at the expiry date of the spice jars in the kitchen because they are used so rarely.

If you like, you can also count the clove as part of this heart and interpret 1445 as a three-poled fragrance instead of a two-poled one. For me, however, it is a duality, just like with the Caron: if we don't want to ignore the clove for the sake of simplicity, I would see it as an extension and addition to the tarragon: Lavender, the well-known beau and gentleman, in an amour fou with the tart beauty, the wall herb from the herb garden.

The rest is quickly told: After such a stroke of genius, less is more and least is most: a fine citric top note and a firm vet-pat base, both of which are not meant to attract attention but merely give the picture a frame. Perfect. Vive l'Écosse!
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Very helpful Review    9
Signature scent
First of all, I have to say that I'm not the great writer. Basically I keep it rather simple with the smells, either something pleases me, or not. But now that I have defined a signature scent for myself for the first time, I also lose a few words about it.

Handcrafted in a small factory with selected natural ingredients. The brand Castle Forbes conveys this impression. The bottle and also the packaging/design look high quality to me and look really chic, especially for the price! Such a deer head just works ;)

I am very much of the opinion that after spraying on something natural, pure to perceive. Grasses, moss, forest, just beautiful green. Somehow it also has something of After Shave (in the positive sense).
Especially on a warmer or hotter day, it acts like a refreshment on the skin. It's like enjoying the lower temperatures in the forest on a summer's day.

I bought the 1445 perfume blind, because I liked the appearance very much. I find the price/performance very good
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Azzaro pour Homme goes Scot!
1445 by Castle Forbes is among the nicest alternatives to vintage Azzaro pour Homme which I’ve ever tried so far. While current Azzaro is still great, but – like pretty much any contemporary designer fougère – feeling a bit flat, tame and washed-down, 1445 brings back quite the same mossy-herbal-woody round richness of the vintage, even replicating the same sage-lavender anisic trademark of Azzaro. The differences are subtle, but remarkable enough to make it not too redundant if you already own Azzaro: a muskier, “grayer” base with a sort of “damp stones” feel, some more citrus, a bitter herbal side of tarragon, more cloves (especially on the drydown) and overall, sort of a simpler, more artisanal, and more natural feel, also with a drier, smokier drydown. Castle Forbes’s products are allegedly made in some small countryside in Scotland, and whether that’s true or not, 1445 does indeed smell somehow “simpler”, but rawer at the same time, if compared to the products of a major corporate like Azzaro. I mean – just as you would imagine something manufactured in a small workshop on the Scottish hills would smell. Old-school, natural, foggy and grassy, kind of damp and dark, classy yet straightforward and easy-going. The evolution has some interesting, pleasantly natural transitions; the smell remains herbal and woody, just becoming drier, smokier, darker, spicier (cloves) and with a prominent camphorous feel of mossy-earthy ambergris, with a sort of light metallic aftertaste.

Overall a really traditional, mature, completely uncreative yet very pleasant aromatic fougère. Nothing astonishing, but it smells really good (isn’t that the most important thing, in the end?). The only “unique” feature being that sort of countryside-artisanal feel which makes 1445 smell more easy-going, more natural, somehow more breezy than a proper vintage fougère. Very solid and fine for the price. By the way the bottle I based my review on is a bit older than the ones which are sold today (tartan motif, no allergens listed, I guess it dates back to a dozen years ago at least), so I don’t know if it’s still that good.


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