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Caudalie's skin care products are based on nothing but uniqueness. The brand relies on vinotherapy - which uses grapes and vines as the basis for its entire collection.

Caudalie was launched in 1993 when Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas coincidentally met Professor Joseph Vercauteren, laboratory director of the Pharmacy University of Bordeaux, on a trip. It turned out that the professor had achieved promising results with grapes. After two years of research, the Thomas couple launched the first products with this background in 1995. Caudalie refers to a “unit of measurement for the time the flavors of a wine linger on the palate after tasting it.”

A research contract in Bordeaux (1996) and several patents enabled Caudalie to expand and develop the concept of comprehensive vinotherapy. These include, for example, a vinotherapy spa (hot water source with grape extracts, 1999) and several boutiques from 2013. Caudalie's many milestones included a hyaluronic acid-based anti-aging skincare line in 2015, skincare for different skin types in 2018, and eco-friendly sunscreen in 2019.

Caudalie's entire range (body, skin, hair and face care, fragrances) is based on the addition of grape extracts. Science proved that vinotherapy strengthens the circulatory and immune systems, in addition to stimulating metabolism and blood circulation. Therefore, this approach is considered a rejuvenating wellness program.

Caudalie supports organizations such as the "WWF", "Surfrider", "Nordesta" and "1% for the Planet". Therefore, the ingredients used are natural, renewable and environmentally friendly.

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