Cerruti Image pour Homme (Eau de Toilette) by Cerruti

Cerruti Image pour Homme 1998 Eau de Toilette

17.01.2012 - 01:07 AM
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Relaxed and approachable

The fragrance begins with fresh and fruity notes, but it is not cool. Even though there is no citrus note mentioned, I'm sure it contains some. It's of a moist and juicy freshness that's only partly stemming from pear. I detect a light overtone of aquatic freshness oszillating over the top note, too.
Banana leaf? What does that smell like? I perceive a hint of banana, nurticious and sweetish. Some green is in there as well, but whether that's banana or fig leaf I can't tell. There's woods as well, but I have to believe the composition listed as I can't verify.
Image is a rather warm scent that becomes drier and warmer towards the base. It is fruity and fresh, and even though the floral part is very much subdued, this fragrance reminds me of "Obsession Night for Women". This here too lets me think of nocturnal entertainments more than of a day scent.
There is nothing against using it during the day, mind. It's not intrusive, yet a bit unusual, and it has a friendly, relaxed and very much approachable vibrancy.
The bottle with its little lever to press down the nozzle is an amusing mechanical little gimmick which doesn't (noticeably) reduce its operability.

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