Étoile de Lune

Étoile de Lune by Chabaud
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Étoile de Lune is a perfume by Chabaud for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-powdery. It is still in production.

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Sophie Chabaud

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot
Heart Notes Heart NotesTurkish rose absolute, Jasmine, Orange blossom
Base Notes Base NotesAmbergris, Musk



6.4 (36 Ratings)


6.4 (25 Ratings)


5.5 (26 Ratings)


6.9 (26 Ratings)
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JbellsJbells 5 years ago

„Musky, floral, tangy, balsamic.”

Etoile de Lune was love at first try for me. My eyes widened upon application - a wonderful blast of musky purplish red rose, and while this isn't...
FlavoriteFlavorite 5 years ago

„If I Could put Pretentiousness in a Bottle”

Everyonce in a great while, I come across a fragrance that embodies the definition of "Perfumes" and I call these "Pretty...

240 Reviews
If I Could put Pretentiousness in a Bottle
Everyonce in a great while, I come across a fragrance that embodies the definition of "Perfumes" and I call these "Pretty Fumes" that is what Étoile de Lune is to me. This is not a collection of notes, it is a single suggestion and that suggestion speaks to me and says "I am wearing a perfume- whatever...". And that is all I get from this- it is an artifical perfumey smell without much else to offer- sweet, golden amber & powdery soft Rose, Jasmine are all discernable and they colminate in a solid well contructed scent. However, my praise stops there, because I sense the souless wind of generic fowers-amber-musc without even a second thought on originality or uniqueness.Thes is a fragrance that smells like so many Department store standards, I am totally unimpressed. Yawn. If I had to choose between this and wearing nothing ....it would be nothing. Aptly named Stars and Moon, they really couldn't even spend more than a few minutes on the name. I think this scent should be called 'Whatever'. That is all that comes to my mind- unexceptional stuff.
5.0 7.5 5.0 4.0/10

679 Reviews
Buy The Johnson's & Johnson's...
Etoile de Lune opens with moderately powdery ambergris rising from the base, infused with dull rose and orange blossom. As the composition moves to its early heart the extremely linear progression builds on the powdery facets of the ambergris as clean musk joins with the mild dull florals remaining in support. During the late dry down the powder and floral aspects fade leaving faint traces of the relatively clean musk through the finish. Projection is above average and longevity average at about 8 hours on skin.

I am afraid there is not much to say about Etoile de Lune. It starts off with powdery ambergris and soft florals, and stays very linear through the finish with only a slight twist at the end as the powder and florals recede. So what does it smell like?... In a couple words, "baby oil". Yes, despite the impressive list of official notes, this disappointing composition really just emulates good ole' reliable Johnson's & Johnson's. The main difference is Etoile de Lune costs a gob more than that stuff, but until the late dry down there really is not much difference between the two... Come to think of it, this also is similar to the heart accord of the equally terrible smelling Noir by Tom Ford. I'll save you some money and you can thank me later.... Buy the baby oil if you must smell like this, and just reapply often. You can get a large bottle for $2-3. I dare say J&J's is a much better value than either. The bottom line is Etoile de Lune sounds good on paper, but ends up as just over-priced baby oil, earning a "poor" 2 stars out of 5 and a big avoid recommendation.
2.5 5.0 7.0/10

46 Reviews
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Musky, floral, tangy, balsamic.
Etoile de Lune was love at first try for me. My eyes widened upon application - a wonderful blast of musky purplish red rose, and while this isn't listed in the notes, I feel like there's something like a violet in this.

Out of nowhere, it takes a turn and becomes primarily citric, which lends some light freshness to this. A little sour and tangy, keeping it grounded and exchanging some of the initial light-hearted frolicking with a more sober disposition. It is still enjoyable though.

It progresses to a more balsamic jasmine rose. Something that you would inhale and just drift away on the fumes. And then it slowly fades into a musky skin scent that is reminiscent of a star-studded velvet sky.

I'm rather impressed at how well everything is leveled in Etoile de Lune! The balance between florals, greens, citric notes, musk, and balsamic notes is fairly remarkable. At times, one aspect may take center-stage, but it never overpowers the entire perfume. It's not a powerful fume by any means, or terribly original, but it's also not a run-of-the-mill floral - feminine but not girly; mature but also projects youthfulness.

Projection could have been better as it mostly sat close to the skin. Lasted about 5-6 hours on me.

94 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Sitting in clouds eating lokum
A fleeting citrus tea melds straight into a tangerine softness like a cloud of powdery rose petals. These have a slightly darker edge possibly an iris nuance or a jasmine sambac. Just enough to stop the fluffy bunny syndrome.

It leads to an Alice in Wonderland shrinking moment. The tiny bite of the 'eat me' square of newly made Turkish Lokum leads to shrinking fast at the edge of it. To teetering precariously on the edge .... and then falling in. The gentle sugary talcum powder growing larger in intensity to a huge, slightly smoky rose that you are standing in the middle of. The pollen bringing a welcome edge to this fat powdery Turkish rose cloud.

Something stronger and musky is holding this composition up and keeping it from being a vapid floral. It has the feeling of the old school perfumery in the days of Blue Grass. In a nice and kind way, like bending down to kiss your grandmother and catching the soft powdery face powder that she wears.

This never overpowers or is harsh. It is like stepping onto a soft cloud and being enveloped by the softness. This is very suitable for a young girls first perfume. Probably unchallenging for niche seekers but nice for those who just wish to smell pretty and innocent.
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