Fleur de Figuier

Fleur de Figuier by Chabaud
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Fleur de Figuier is a perfume by Chabaud for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is green-fresh. It is still in production.

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Sophie Chabaud

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGreen notes
Heart Notes Heart NotesFig, Pine, Lavender
Base Notes Base NotesCedarwood, Sandalwood



6.7 (35 Ratings)


6.3 (27 Ratings)


5.3 (29 Ratings)


6.7 (27 Ratings)
Submitted by Apicius, last update on 06.04.2018.
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240 Reviews
Bitter Twig
Fleur de Figuier is the most unisex and herbaceous of the fig fragrances I have encountered thus far. The marriage of pine with green notes in this formulation results in a woodsy experience akin to a romp through the tall trees adjacent to a fig tree grove. To my nose this is significantly more masculine leaning that L'Artisan "Premier Figuier", Ava Luxe "Figuer" or even Diptyque "Philosykos". I find this formulation has some similarities with Aqua Di Parma "Blu Mediterraneo Fico" which also has fig in the top and some cedarwood in the base. However, Fleur de Figuier is a little bit too astringent and bitter on my skin. It never did settle down into that lazy warm rich fig mixture that both Premier Figuier and CBIHATEPERFUME "Revelation" provide. On me this fragrance was not inviting and rather aggressive, eventually just stomping off and slamming the door shut behind itself. I would describe this as a daytime/business/office appropriate scent for a Stockbroker/Lawyer type in a crisp suit and no time for idle chitchat. Fresh-Confident-Sharp-Bracing.
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679 Reviews
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Pleasant Fruity Fig
Fleur de Figuier opens with a moderately sweet lush fruity fig with an almond-like aroma. As the composition transitions to its early heart the relatively sweet aromatic fruity fig remains, adding a very slight dirty peach undertone to the mix. In the latter mid-section things remain quite linear but the sweetness level wanes and the composition gradually incorporates a green tinge to the fruity fig. During the late dry-down the fig gives way to a stark cedar woody finish. Projection is average and longevity excellent at about 12 hours on skin.

Fleur de Figuier is a pretty easy composition to like. It is pleasant smelling, easy to wear and showcases some very smooth transitions. No, you are not going to find any innovation to speak of as the composition is pretty classically structured and relatively safe, but there is just enough of a slightly dirty undertone resembling aromatic peach to keep things interesting. What can I say...? I like it. The bottom line is Fleur de Figuier while a tad safe and linear is a fine easy to wear presentation of fruity fig, earning a "very good" 3.5 stars out of 5 rating. Recommended.
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5.0 5.0 6.0/10

46 Reviews
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Green, green fig
Fleur de Figuier is, I believe, the first fig perfume I have tried, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. It opens very, very green, transporting me to the woods in the morning after a light night-time rain. It smells a little juicy, and as green as it is, I keep thinking of the colour purple, for some unknown reason.

2 hours in, I smell beautiful lavender! I like how lavender smells in sachets, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it in perfumes. This one isn't overpowering though. It's nicely rolled in leaves and wood. Fig still hogs the spotlight.

Towards the end, it retains some floral and tons of green notes, with fig still being the star player. Woody notes become a tad more prominent as it warms up and dies down into a skin scent.

Overall, as I've reiterated many a time throughout this review, Fig Flower is definitely a green fig scent with floral and wood notes backing it. It's a little sweet, but not overly so, with the tiniest hint of wanting to be sour, but never quite reaching that. Do I love it? No, but that's simply because I'm not the biggest fan of green frags. Does this have character? I'd say it does and it is nice in its own way, so definitely worth a try if you're looking for a take on fresh frags.

Projection was not too much, about arm's length for the most part. Lasted about 4 hours on me, with the final hour sitting incredibly close to the skin.

94 Reviews
Photorealism in perfume. A fig is a scrubby field of trees in the evening sun.
A blast of green fig. Fresh and light. The nuance of green citrus reminding me of unripe tangerines or mandarins. A pretty flower note not really like a flower, but along the lines of a powdery, faded, dried rose. A very, very well balanced blend. A slight warmth to the fig like a Mediterranean evening in the waning sunset when the light still has that particular orange glow and the ground is still warm. Something ever so slightly resinous in the background holding it up but not poking through, like the rising sap of the tree and the woody bark too. A sweeter woodsy hint of fruit emerges as if the figs just ripened in front of you whilst you stood in the sun. Extremely pretty, extremely wearable, and thankfully well out of this perfumers cute sweetie department.

This is like a photorealist enterpretation of a fig. Sophie is another Demeter candidate with this. Her playful attitude to perfumery merely displays her incredible skill, which cannot be denied whether you like her perfumes or not. This is my favourite so far. There is no denying her perfumers blending skills. I see this perfumer going the whole way. My only reservation overall is that her volume is on a permanent no.3 and I would very much like to smell this as a ramped up perfume strength of about no.6. Wanting more is a good thing.
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