31 Rue Cambon (2007) Eau de Toilette

31 Rue Cambon (Eau de Toilette) by Chanel
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31 Rue Cambon (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Chanel for women and was released in 2007. The scent is chypre-floral. The production was apparently discontinued.


Jacques Polge

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Green notes, Black pepper
Heart Notes Heart NotesIris, Rose, Ylang-ylang
Base Notes Base NotesPatchouli, Cistus



8.3 (249 Ratings)


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9.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    33
A guest commentary.
That I can get out through the little window to the roof,
from there to the next and from there down into the streets -
he probably doesn't even know that. Or he'll tolerate it,
because he won't take away my little bit of freedom.
In fact, he treats me very well. Three issues of
"Hangover Murr" he gave me, a beautiful and valuable
than the other. And in my bowl always comes the very good
Sushi from Divellec, which I love so much.
During my trips over the roofs I have some friends
with which... But no - I want to start with the
which will surely interest you more:
31 Rue Cambon.
I can get both here by the way - Eau de Toilette like
Eau de Parfum. I compared them. (You love this)
Right paw the one, left paw the other.
They're like two sisters with the same character,
but a little different temper.
The EdT (so you say?) jumps at me pretty lively,
with claws extended. I like this kind - am it of
i used to live with some friends. The EdP prefers to nestle to
and is a little cuddlier. With time,
resemble each other but then their beings more and more.
First of all there is a soft floweriness, mixed
with a delicate fruit sweetener. Or first is this light
Spice there, with a pinch of mild fine pepper? Never mind.
Now it gets a little powdery, a nice iris shows up,
elegant and not at all lip-sticky or even a little bit apathetic.
(I know some aunts who smell differently.)
It also does not remain so, because now comes the cigarette
box. Yeah, there's something for me that would put me on a
just opened pack of cigarettes. Not only
smells like light, fresh tobacco, but also
for cellophane. A typical new smell.
And finally everything becomes very soft, ambered, with the
best cistus I've ever sniffed. So graceful
between resinous-tobacco-tart-bitter, slightly fruity
and a fine blossom honey.
Beautiful to purr.

By the way, hangovers can also wear it. Francois I
on the roofs, that says anyway.
He's very, very educated, even more than I am. And he knows
a lot more people than me. Besides, he's got one of those
sweet white spot in his elegant grey fur.
I admit it - I'm a little in love with him.
I also told him about another scent,
who is always at my disposal and whom I like very much.
Because I love everything that has to do with balls.
When I'm alone - I am quite often -
i like to play with one of the balls from my collection.
The fragrance is appropriately called Bal d'Afrique.
Francois said I was a little fool,
because a completely different kind of ball is meant.
Francois is just an intellectual.

When I'm out with him and his friends,
then I'm always kind of... a completely different one.
Then I want to be like him and his friends -
like Filou, the dog of Thierry, like Maurice, the one-eyed
or like the brave, wild Anouschka with the mangy fur.
Wants to improve the world, change something, for justice
fight. Instead of being left in a luxury ghetto like this.
But then I remember the sushi from Divellec again.
Oh, it's not easy for an animal that only has such a small
Heart has.
Maybe sometimes you guys feel that way Merci for your time and feel delicately scratched.

Your Choupette
21 Replies
5.0 7.5 10.0/10

25 Reviews
Scent of a Woman
He is blind, and offers Donna a tango. She smells divine, and her smile comes from the inner pleasure lit by the passion that man discloses. He can't see the happiness in her eyes, but can feel her scent. She wears 31 Rue Cambon. And everything conjures: her voice and her movements, in the generosity of her loving surrender along the dance.
Now close your eyes. Sniff your wrist. And you'll know. Women are perfection and there is a bottle that can deliver you their perfection.

(inspired by Gabrielle Anwar and Al Pacino's performance on "Scent of a Woman", directed by Martin Brest, 1992, and also by Fanny's review below mine)
2 Replies
9.0 5.0 5.0 9.0/10

62 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Ceci n'est pas un parfum
There are perfumes, splendid perfumes, which can be analysed, explained and deduced.
And there are perfumes where something magical happens.
The combination of notes in 31RC causes my senses to purr from excitement.
A semi skinscent with a capital S. A tempting impression of chic elegance, returning again and again. An allusion almost of sweat, but not quite.

This is how I want perfume to be: indescribable.

35 Reviews
Very helpful Review    6
The essence of chic, or the chypre that wasn't
I had read some reviews a while back describing this as one of the more "mature" Chanel perfumes, and like Dulcemio, I can recognize the classic touches in 31RC. I just fell in love instantly with it, even with all its kinda-dated sophistication and aldehydes (I'm sure they're there, but for some reason just not listed in the notes).

31RC lacks the oakmoss required of a true chypre, but Jacques Polge does a really good job in evoking the character of chypre even without it. Along with the oakmoss, it lacks the piercing sharpness, but it does pack a punch of its own -- for some reason, it just hits some receptors in my head really hard and make me love it even more for it. I thought I could never love a classic floral, but I do love this one, and 31 rue Cambon has definitely opened my nose to appreciate some other classic perfumes I thought I would hate.

This is definitely one of those perfumes you really have to test before buying, because I can see it is somewhat polarizing -- however for me, it is totally worth the full-bottle even at the Les Exclusifs prices. I am seriously considering going for the big flask.
2 Replies

34 Reviews
a work of art, "classic" in the extreme
I agree with Miaw2's take on this one. I too find it very aldehydic and, like aoe, it also reminds me of withered flowers. There is something sharp and punishing here that sort of assaults my nasal membranes and makes me tense up.
I do recognize, however, the artistry in 31 rue Cambon. A work of art, a "classic" fragrance, well, yes, and perhaps too classic for my taste.
5.0 5.0 5.0 7.0/10

339 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
Great aldehydic patch!
Very different take on patchouli and iris surrounded by great florals.

Not easy to use, the opening is very aldehydic but the drydown is powedery and sweet.

Unisex for sure.

Sillage, lasting power and projection are average.
2 Replies

24 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
Withered Flowers
When I visited the Chanel shop in the city they were fresh out of samples, so amongst testing a few other scents I sprayed my right wrist and a card with 31 Rue Cambon. Both seemed to lose any recognizable scent quickly.

Due to a sample request for 31 Rue Cambon I remembered I had obtained a sample from the sharing in July, so I tried it again. It does indeed have a fruity note besides the bergamot in the top notes, somewhat peachy - then it tastes of dead flowers. My untrained nose couldn't directly find patchouli but I suppose it just vanished below the flower bouquet. I won't deny that it has the morbidity of a Gothic festival and I don't particularly mind the cemetery smell but I'll have to think hard whether I want to perfume myself in that.

Interestingly about an hour in I got somewhat sour fruit punch wearing which I'd probably got thrown out of any Goth event. It reminds me of Burberry Weekend for Women and B de Boucheron where I'm hard-pressed to detect the patchouli as well. However the fruity notes vanish as quickly as they have come and leave the morbid bouquet that stays for many hours.

Maybe I just don't get the fragrance, but at least now I know the difference between rockrose oil and resin (labdanum) ;-)

484 Reviews
Very helpful Review    9
Steal This Perfume
31 Rue Cambon does actually conjure the shape of a chypre. I appreciate the way it redefines the olfactory geometry that makes a chypre so compelling and I love the way it smells. There is a notable lack of bitterness without the oakmoss, but there is a dirtyness/skinness/nuttiness that melds with the buttery amber and just slides along from top through drydown.

Fruit? I actually don’t see it. More of an ambery woodiness infused with a classic Chanel approach to singing florals, all iris and aldehydes. 31 is effectively a floral oriental folded into the shape of a chypre. Light? Delicate? With its oriental DNA, I find 31 both emphatic and durable.

A fantastically successful stab at the contemporary chypre dilemma. I’m surprised it’s not more emulated.
7.5 7.5 8.0/10

1165 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Dry, dusty books have never smelt so good
Before I fell head-over-heels in love with 31 Rue Cambon, the Chanel sales assistant likened this fragrance to the scent of old bookshops and museums. At first my response was, "who would want to smell like that?" Well, let me tell you, smelling like ancient manuscripts has never been so appealing.

The old, musty smell comes from the complex blend of dry, dusty woods, earthy patchouli and subtle, soapy iris. I cannot find a better way of describing this fragrance's beauty.

Perhaps a year ago, when I was mostly into florals and gourmands, I may have passed this fragrance by, however making a discovery of the whole Les Exclusifs range has opened up a whole new world of fragrances for me.

Thankfully, this fragrance works well with my chemistry, hence the reason why it made it to my wishlist. Every few seconds I manage to discover something new about this fragrance. One second it smells nutty the next it's smokey and woodsy. There's a touch of pepper in there too, maybe even incense, amber and spices.

I am hopelessly devoted to this fragrance, just like when I discovered Coromandel, it was instantaneous love. I don't admire 31 Rue Cambon because it's sexy (although it is in a nerdy librarian way), bold or feminine, I love it because it's like nothing I've ever experienced before.

Unlike most reviewers of this particular fragrance, I didn't have an issue with its longevity. It lasted perfectly well on my skin, it almost pained me to wash it off in the shower the next morning.

Mellow, soothing and dry, there is no doubt in my mind that this fragrance will be gracing my collection come next Winter.

247 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
A Chanel melange or just Mitsy?
This is a lovely scent. Sniffing out of the bottle, 31 rue Cambon smells like a melange of Chanel scents, none of which I can put my finger on but all of which I recognize. If Guerlain has a guerlinade, does Chanel have it's own signature accord? Because, that is exactly what I get out of the bottle.

On the skin, 31 rue Cambon seems very Mitsouko-like. Formulated or reformulated? Don't know. What I do know is that I recognize the Mitsouko elements from a recently purchased bottle (from Target!) and an early 1990 bottle (from Barneys), but it smells most like the 20-year old version. Moreover, 31 rue Cambon smells nothing like the wee bit of "vintage" Mitsy that I've put aside and find terribly unwearable. Perhaps it's the dreaded oakmoss that, yes, aggravates the allergies of some, moi included. If this is a modern chypre, then I'll have more of it. ;)

The first two hours of wear are lovely and sing with florals & fruits -- perhaps peach -- buttressed by aldehydes that don't get in the way of enjoying the fragrance. After that, the scent lingers in the background as a gentle woody, lasts a long time (8+ hours), but has no throw. I've read several reviews that note a citrusy aspect, perhaps bergamot or citrus. But I don't get citrus in such force to say that it's the dominant aspect of this perfume -- it's not.

I like 31 rue Cambon enough to have a good size decant that I wear when I want to feel a bit more formal, proper. However, I don't love it enough to own a full bottle. I'd rather buy another bottle of that 1990s Mitsy, which is just right for me, rather than a fragrance like 31 rue Cambon that smells like 1990s Mitsy for 2 hours.

Marked femme but 31 rue Cambon is a fragrance which most men could safely sample and many men could safely wear.
7.5 7.5 8.0/10

1239 Reviews
A Smooth and Compelling Chypre
Chanel 31 RUE CAMBON is a fine, smooth and compelling chypre with great staying power and sillage in the edt.

In thinking about other favorite chypres, this Chanel creation may come closest to Yves Saint Laurent YVRESSE, but it is less wet and a bit smoother to my nose. The citrus is just right: not acrid, not too sharp, just a perfect dose to complement the grassiness (which I assume is vetiver...) and patchouli, which is woven symphonically into the composition, rather than serving as a dominant note (à la Thierry Mugler).

The only other chypre which I find quite so compelling is (unreformulated) Guerlain MITSOUKO, but 31 RUE CAMBON is a bit less intense, perhaps more modern, and possibly easier to wear without being constantly distracted by its opulent beauty. Yet it is beautiful, and a real wristsniffer, as odd as that may sound for a nongourmand. I would love to have a bottle of this!
5.0 7.5 7.5 10.0/10

362 Reviews
31 rue Cambon
A black leather glove a lit cigarette
between the fingers a bony spinx-like
face ala garbo with thin red lips a scarf around her blonde hair huge black
sunglasses covering the eyes to make it more androgynous in a 1930's black V-12
cadilliac when she get out.
her outfit is a black botero a gold blouse the most form fitting skintight
black leather pants with 5 inch heels
this is a very sexy perfume i can pick up Leather in this then dries down to
an orris root scent the early chanel perfumes before the girlish coco mademoiselle or the allures had more
of a masculine feel chanel was ahead of her time with fashion on perfumery.
at a time when stiff rigid corset gowns
where in vogue chanel broke that rule
she taliored more simple less restrictive clothing for women and it was a hit.

and perfumery before chanel it was cloyish girlish and naive when chanel no 5 was introduced aldehydes where the rage finaly they had a fragrance that
was going on in women sociality at the time women where voting smoking in public wearing shorter more revealing
attire chanel was cought up in that.

this is a perfume that if you what to think outside the box don't follow
convertional life and be androgymous
this is the perfume.

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